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  1. If I cancel the card now, would it transfer over on the 18th and would AMEX see any "record" of it?
  2. I wonder if I should try to 1) cancel the card while under Citi or 2) apply for the AMEX version now to get the bonus.
  3. What they are doing is Hilton is having Citi is transferring the card over to AMEX (Article: https://thepointsguy.com/2017/11/citi-hilton-cards-becoming-amex/).So the Citi Hilton will become the AMEX Hilton. Thus having the card already would preclude me from getting the bonus on the AMEX Hilton product.
  4. If you had the Citi version of the card that was transferred, would they know that you've gotten the bonus before? The AMEX card bonus, I think reads, that people that had the card previously..
  5. I have the Citi Hilton, my understanding its moving over to Amex in Jan. That they won't give a bonus to anyone that has the card already, regardless if they got the bonus or not. I was thinking about applying quickly to the Amex Hilton to get the bonus before my Citi one comes over - anyone have experience?
  6. My thought is that if I file a Schedule, I at least have expenses on one card which is solely used for business, so if I get audited ever, I can justify it better. Maybe not as you explained. Maybe the receipt is king.
  7. The latter, I have a ful-time job and a side gig. Not big enough to form an LLC or corporation. But a few thousand here and there. Expenses are about that and used for business purposes. It was never big enough I thought to file a Schedule C. Most years it's a minor loss - except a few years ago where I did well.
  8. isn't everyone allotted a set deductible unless you choose to itemize it?
  9. Haha, meant the general as it was around expenses and taxes. Not sure if a business credit card helps separate those two. Not necessarily a credit report thing. If that makes sense?
  10. If I'm self employed and let's say my business expenses are less than my personal deductions. I figure if my personal deductions for tax purposes are $6,300 then it only makes sense to claim business expenses (as self employed) if my deductions are higher than that, no? If so, then it makes sense to have a business credit card to show the IRS / separate personal from business. Thoughts here?
  11. Expenses? Are you married? Have Kids? Area that you live? Annual Income? Me: $40K annual (monthly break down: $2K rent, $1K misc, $200 food, $200 loans, $100 other) No No CA $145K

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