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  1. http://www.baxterlaw...perian-disputes Lets get them what they deserve
  2. Sorry to neco this but I have 5 credit cards in good standing. Only negative thing on my credit report is a late payment on my student loan from 2008 and 2011. I am in the process of suing Complete Credit Solutions for violation of C & D. Evergreen Professional Recoveries Inc ended up paying me 1k in court + attorney fees, Forced to drop their lawsuit and agree they would never add that crap on my credit report. Everything has been deleted but student loans
  3. For HSBC I emailed the president of capital one. Telling them to prove the account is mine or I will sue.
  4. Hello everyone Question I have 3 student loans that went 90 days past due in feb/march2009 and another two that went 60 days past due in 2011. I have no other negative marks on my credit. How bad would these hurt my score?
  5. sent em a 623 dispute letter they are removing the account
  6. HSBC Charge off -removed Only bad things on my credit now are 90 days late on 3 student loans in 2009 and 60 days late on one student loan in 2011.
  7. Working as of yesterday BoardCommunications@wellsfargo.com
  8. All oh these emails are working as of yesterday. Richard.fairbank@capitalone.com Peter.schnall@capitalone.com Robert.alexander@capitalone.com Shelley.solheim@capitalone.com Gary.perlin@capitalone.com
  9. Well Experian They verfied it. The funny thing is HSBC does not seem to have many records on the account but Experian claims they can not investigate it even tho it is the wrong charge off date wrong date of first delinquency and well no payment history other than charge off. Experian told me to contact the JDB holding the account get the records of the account and send it to Experian so they can fix it. LOL that was the best thing i heard all day
  10. So these clowns filed a law suit against me for the wrong amount in Oct 2012 I put in a written defense and it is still just siting there. in Dec 2012 The lawyer filed a suit against the collection agency, The Lawyer the collection agency hired to sue me and the CEO of the collection agency him self a nice 12 page complaint . Today They offered to settle to my attorney. My attorney said this is just the first offer. Their offer is they will pay me $883 but I have to pay the oc the $383 back. and 2500 dollars for the attorney to my attorney Funny how much 382 bucks is going to cost them
  11. Has anyone had any luck getting a HSBC charge off removed? its for the old orchard bank form from 2008. They are listing no payment history and have the Charge off date of 2009 which is wrong but experian keeps verifying it. When I spoke to Cap one who owns HSBC now. They said they could not remove it blah blah call the JDB that has it. So anyone got any ideas how to get rid of this baddie?
  12. looks like my Student loans that were market late when I was in school might get fixed. The school refuses to give a verification letter but I have the Dept of Ed. involved at this point. So we will see where it goes
  13. update Todd Bremer and Lawson - removed from credit report Wells Fargo Student loan - Went 90 days late a few years ago sad thing I was in school at the time still trying to get it fixed. They said they would remove the late payments if I can get a letter from the school HSBC Charge off - Only reporting to Experian but has the Wrong date of the first Delinquency and wrong charge off date. this account is from 2007-2008 anyways. Still trying to get it removed or fixedDirect Loans - Went 60 days late last year when I should have had a in school deferment. Working with the ombudsman to get it fixed.So Only bad things on my credit now are 1 charge off from 2007/2008, 90 days late on 3 student loans in 2009 and 60 days late on one student loan in 2011. Was a long hard fight but it is almost over
  14. Would you mind to pm me the process of Midland BBB complain and AG ? I need to get rid of it on my credit report... Sorry I have not been on in a while. Midland did not budge till a suit was filed.

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