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  1. That's a good idea. When I leave the place in CA vacant for a couple of weeks at a time, I always switch the water heater to vacation mode and that's made a big difference on the gas bill there on a percentage basis. I'll look at wraps... thank you.
  2. Whoa, I'm catching up on bills and found a rather unpleasant surprise. Our most recent natural gas bill is $200.65. Neither of us was here for about half of November. Last November's was $113.60. The first day I would characterize as "cold" was Monday of this week, so this doesn't bode well for the next bill.
  3. I was in a grocery store I don't patronize very often the other day picking up a prescription for T, and chicken wings were $3.49 a pound, so I left them in the store. Next day I was at the place I usually shop and they were $4.29 a pound. So I checked the family pack. $4.29 a pound.
  4. @MarvBear Did you ever find the thread? Or is it locked away in your crawlspace forever?
  5. Sir, I'm just saying, your ad says, "Bad credit, no problem." So can you define "no problem"? Because me not getting this loan is a problem. ... Aren't you supposed to be a predatory lender? Then prey on me! Okay? You're a lion, I'm a gazelle.
  6. I've been kicking around options for replacing my car when the lease is up early next summer. ... but unless the market changes considerably, I think I'll just buy the car for RV and wait it out for a while. The reason I'm thinking about this now is because generally speaking the most appealing deals are on ordered units, and the lead time on the main contender is about 6 months. We can get by with one Mudmobile for a while with little inconvenience, so I can always turn the current car in and order something then. T's car also should be replaced. I suggested replacing both with one we'd both really enjoy, but apparently there isn't such a thing.
  7. It's about time FHFA did something to prop up sagging real estate prices.
  8. Constructive suggestion: The Delta cards with AFs have 40,000+ mile sign-up bonuses, and at least one of them would have yielded multiples in terms of value relative to the first-year AF (and you could downgrade later). (EDIT: Looks like the Gold has a 50,000-mile bonus offer and the AF is waived in year one). As you transition into the prime credit mindset, I would encourage you to elevate your expectations about what prime rewards cards can do for you month in, month out, indefinitely. (There are simple ways of hitting the minimum spending requirements -- like buying gift cards for Costco or your local grocery store or [pick any retailer where you regularly spend money] -- if your normal expenses don't naturally reach the required heights in the required timeframe). I just picked up $800 from Citi (less the $95 AF) for paying for insurance renewals with my new Premier. I timed the application for a new rewards card to align with the renewal date.
  9. There's always Affirm if you want to split your leotard purchases into 4 E-Z payments.
  10. Charge-offs, paid or not, will significantly depress your FICO scores and otherwise damage your creditworthiness for as long as they report.
  11. Have you ever noticed that ALDI is an anagram of LAID? (and DIAL)
  12. Congratulations!! Great to read about your success this morning.
  13. With great credit and decreasing credit balances, have you looked into opening up a new balance-transfer card (low or 0% APR for 12-20+ months) and parking the remaining balance on it? I don't know if you mean this literally, but it's unlikely that you'll settle this for less than the full balance and still be able to say this:
  14. I had the same experience with Capital One several years ago. It's annoying, but tbh it didn't create any obstacles that wouldn't have been encountered due to other things going on with my report. The big spike in your FICO scores won't occur until the last CO drops (assuming there isn't also something worse on there somewhere). Note that regardless of your FICO score, though, you are always more creditworthy, if only modestly/moderately, with fewer COs reporting, as most credit decisions are not exclusively FICO-score based.
  15. I just ran a 25% LTV $100,000 refi through Zillow Mortgage rates (I had to pick a random zip code and guess at the LTV) and in 25 seconds I found a 10 year rate of 2.0% (and a 15-year at 2.1%). If you continue paying the same amount you are paying now (including the extra) you would drag the effective interest rate down to 1.x% and your mortgage will be paid in full even sooner. There are some upfront fees but I don't see how that would dramatically change the value proposition, and given how uncomfortable you with your current mortgage situation, even if you went backward a few hundred dollars over the next decade, that would still be inexpensive for the tranquility it would seemingly restore to your life.
  16. fwiw, since my first mortgage in 2004 I've dealt with probably a dozen different servicers, some with sterling reputations and some with an obviously higher frequency of complaints. [If you read the complaints, you'll find that no one is satisfied with the foreclosure process, nor when they receive multiple contacts regarding their defaulted mortgage account.] For the most part, no one chooses who services or owns their mortgage*, and I've had some change servicing hands 3 or 4 times in the first year. Sometimes there would be no open mortgages reporting for months. But this presented zero practical obstacles because I have a thick, positive file full of trade lines that I've managed responsibly month after month, year after year. Save one (where I helped them identify that the entire portfolio that included my mortgage wasn't reporting to Experian), the servicer has just been the place where my payment goes. I'm sorry you've taken so many of the observations that were offered so personally. I've been here for almost 10 years because the people here offer unvarnished feedback, and have a way of putting things into perspective that you won't find anywhere else. I hope this works out for you. * I have seen numerous posts over the years where someone has chosen a mortgage lender specifically because the lender planned to keep the loan in its portfolio and retain servicing, but I would never make a mortgage decision this way because the likelihood that this matters is extremely remote. The most important attribute of a mortgage, to me, is how much it's going to suck out of my wallet from the time I sign the papers until the day I pay it off.
  17. I think I more recently admitted to ordering a single item from Macy's for store pickup and charging the item to my Macy's store card, and then never picking the item up. This results in one purchase followed by a return posting to my account. Saves me the hassle of the return, and resets whatever duration they use for closing inactive accounts.
  18. This is a guess, but services like Cash work with debit cards, so they may be preparing to launch a similar service (in addition to Zelle, or perhaps Zelle is switching to debit-based and this is part of the rollout plan). T is on an inexpensive grandfathered 10-line T-Mobile plan that one of his grad school friends still manages (why this guy wants to split the bill 10 ways and then collect payments from 9 people every month is an open question that we do not ask). He prefers to be paid via the Cash app, which is the only red hot action our debit card ever sees. (It's also one of the reasons I don't keep much extra money in this checking account). 👆 That's a month of unlimited talk / text / data. Occasionally there are some nominal additional charges when the phone has been used outside the US.
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