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  1. Price history on the Prince & Spring coffee I've been buying from Boxed: Dec 2020: $8.99 Jun 2021: $9.79 Dec 2021: $9.99 So +11% in one year.
  2. Retail prices of used cars are up 40% since March of 2020, according to a citation in this NYT story (paywall, sorry). Wholesale prices are still setting new records.
  3. Tell us more about the debt (start with the DOFD). If this is a 30-year mortgage that you opened 27 years ago but paid off in 2020, for example, that could easily still be legitimately reporting. I suspect this is something (potentially very) different, but we need more info to understand what's happening.
  4. What score model does the apartment manager use, and what is the minimum score requirement for an apartment?
  5. I was mainly questioning the TransUnion and Equifax scores. Experian is a FICO 8, that's useful. Capital One is a good place to start! Glad you were able to pick that up. If the card has an AF and/or no rewards, you may be able to PC (product change) and take a step up after a year. In general, look for cards that you can keep over the long-term. One of the biggest assets to your credit is longevity of the history, so opening cards now that you have to close and replace later is a bit counterproductive (unless it's your only option, of course) because each new card hits your AAoA (average age of accounts). There are a couple of commonly-recommended secured cards, one from SDFCU and one from Bank of America. They both graduate to unsecured, and the Bank of America one even pays rewards. You could even PC this later. I'm not saying that secured cards are your only option, just one suggestion in the absence of knowing who was IIBd.
  6. I made some dubious choices early on, so the recommendation came from a position of experience. Happy to see your successes, and wish you many, many more to come!
  7. I am certainly not a WF fanboy, but we have never had this problem.
  8. This doesn't address "fees," per se, but it does discuss the interplay between points/lender credits and interest rates. https://www.consumerfinance.gov/ask-cfpb/what-are-discount-points-and-lender-credits-and-how-do-they-work-en-136/ If you want to compare the cost of two mortgages, add up all of upfront the loan-related costs (deposits to escrow do not count, since you have to pay taxes and insurance no matter what, and estimating how much needs to be collected isn't easy when you apply because they don't know exactly when you are going to close). To the upfront costs, add the sum of interest you will pay over the timeframe you intend to keep the loan (30-years are retired in an average of ~7 because people sell or refi or otherwise payoff long before the term ends). A loan amortization calculator with cumulative interest is a handy tool for the calculation. Repeat this for each offer or points/lender credit scenario and you have a valid reference point for cost comparison. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't feel like you've won the lottery when you hear "No closing costs," because that often means they make up for it over and over and over in the form of a higher interest rate.
  9. Gotta watch the words " according to" and then carefully note who's making the claim, because this statement is completely false. In 2021, according to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, a worker needs to earn $20.40 per hour to be able to afford a modest one-bedroom apartment anywhere in the country. It doesn't take (($20.40 * 40 * 52)/12) = $3,536 a month to afford a $636 one-bedroom in Springfield, Missouri, or even $954 in Omaha... and rent is even less in thousands of smaller towns and cities across the U.S. These Cities Have the Cheapest Rent in the U.S. Also, the rents listed in the article linked above are likely median rents for each respective market, and not "modest" one bedrooms which is the reference point in the outlandish claim.
  10. Nothing that can't be fixed with a belt sander and some nipple wax.
  11. 100 times out of 100 I'd rather be rickrolled than clarked.
  12. Hi there, and sorry for the tardy response. Your question sorta got lost in an unrelated thread. A couple of notes about installment loans and their impact to your FICO scores: - If you have dirty reports you may not get much of a bump; - One open installment loan is sufficient for any desired score gains (adding a second could actually hurt because of the new account reporting); - You can ascend to prime (and superprime) territory without any installment loans at all; - The score impact disappears when the installment loan is paid in full and closed. To answer your specific question, the amount isn't important for FICO, but note that as the balance decreases the impact to your score moves in the other direction (up!).
  13. I'm not going to tip someone less than $5 for bringing an apple and some stool softener to my front door on short notice... so I'm imagining breaking even on this $10 back after the tip and whatever premium I have to pay for the items themselves. Of course, I drew these conclusions after spending ~20 seconds on the site. Am I off? Because I can just make a list and go to the store once a week.
  14. It's been six years since my dad retired and it's taken a lot of convincing, but I think 2022 will finally be the year he buys something frivolous just because he can (he wants a Viper ).
  15. I was able to use all of this year's $10/month (Vonboy) and $5/month (Hilton) dining credits, but I'm relieved that I now have two fewer things to track every month and I can start ignoring those two Amices again. 😛
  16. Worth a try, if you haven't already taken a stab at this. It would help others to know the outcome (if you offered less, how much less, and if they countered... details like that).
  17. I would recommend finding a source of FICO scores to know where you actually are. The skores that Kredit Carma gives away have no value. Congrats on emerging from that and into a new chapter (no pun intended ). Is the Capital One card the only one you currently have open? If yes, you definitely want some additional quality cards (go slower to get better cards, vs. hurrying up and taking what you can get). In order to help we'd need to ask who was IIB so we don't bore you with useless suggestions.
  18. Tried the other address. Not in Your Area Yet Enter your email and we’ll let you know as soon as Gopuff is available.
  19. Not in Your Area Yet Enter your email and we’ll let you know as soon as Gopuff is available.
  20. Consider this a (125,000 * 0.01) - 695 = $555 sign-up bonus, and then it's only up from there. Friendly reminder that the ability to claw back your own money is not a credit card benefit. Also, I can't say that I'm dissatisfied with Walmart+ but so far for a hefty $23.90 I've had one "free" delivery (furnace filter and some household cleaner), so make sure you place a realistic value on the perks when you decide if the card is worth keeping.
  21. WalletHub informed me that two accounts have dropped off my (TU) report, and invited me to log in for specifics. There is nothing inside their site that tells me anything more, so I have no idea what dropped.
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