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  1. Would something like this require a lot of maintenance/repairs? I am completely bored with the SUV I have at the Mud Hut, and I have fond memories of Grandma driving me to school from time to time in her white Imperial from this era. The car would only be driven 2-3,000 miles a year, but whatever I drive has to start every time when I need to get to the butcher shop or to HomeGoods. This car is just so different ... and it's priced under $13,000. https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/dealer/chrysler/imperial-lebaron/1628958.html#&gid=1&pid=14 PS: I am aware that it will handle like a bucket of snot. I already have a Lexus SUV, so there is precedent for accepting this limitation.
  2. Post yours here, and we'll fawn over you. Good luck, and happy 2019!
  3. cv91915

    USAA CLI strategic guidance

    Because you asked them to.
  4. https://www.brondell.com/healthy-living-blog/clearing-up-the-top-10-misconceptions-about-bidets/
  5. cv91915

    USAA CLI strategic guidance

    "Suffer"? Good lord. They looked at your credit report.
  6. Apple Pay launched in October 2014. I still have no use for it in my everyday life. I used Apple Pay during the 10% Discovery promotion, and found to be extremely annoying, mainly because of how few places accepted it. I used it mostly for electronics purchases made in person at Best Buy. Normally I would have made these purchases online with my credit card, and had the items delivered for free to my house. I also would have gotten money back from Ebates, or miles from AAdvantage eShopping, for ordering online. I hadn't tried Apple Pay since, until today. I recently responded to a US Bank promotion to get $10 back on the first $10+ Apple Pay purchase on my FlexPerks Amex. After I added the card to my Wallet, I had to call in and verify my identity. Then I got a letter sent to me via USPS confirming that my card was approved for use with Apple Pay. I know that this part is on US Bank. Today I made the qualifying purchase for the US Bank promotion at Sprout's. I still had to select "Credit" on the terminal and sign my name, even though I had already approved the transaction on my iPhone with my thumbprint. What exactly is the point of this?
  7. cv91915

    Dispute Strategy - Settled Chase CO

    If you mail that letter to a credit bureau you are basically saying, "That debt you are reporting as a charge-off? It's definitely mine!"
  8. cv91915

    USAA CLI strategic guidance

    It's unfortunate that there are legitimate credit resources that add fuel to this fire. I'm sure this kind of messaging from Experian unnecessarily freaks out plenty of people. This is what my Experian FICO 8 says about the matter: And my Experian FICO 9:
  9. cv91915

    is tearing down a house violation of a mortgage?

    This is why I suggested going back to the source document that created the security interest in the property. While the one I provided is common for conventional mortgages, no one here knows what this particular one says.
  10. cv91915

    "Shop Though Chase" Shopping Portal Question

    I check Cashbackmonitor consistently before making purchases, so I'll continue to look at what Chase offers, but for an equal payback (or close) I'll take a path of less resistance. Your assumption is correct that 99.79% of the shopping portal cash back is from my exploits, and that's unlikely to change. TAD was unimpressed with my 2 x $0.50 and 2 x $0.25 I got last week for launching the Lyft app from the Ebates app every time I needed a ride, but when I realized this was possible I got so excited I peed a little.
  11. Ebates consistently pays comparatively poorly on a percentage basis relative to other shopping portals, but in my experience they are the least likely to disallow rebates for using rogue promo codes, paying with gift cards, etc., so I use them when I'm in doubt of being paid for one of these reasons. How is Chase's shopping portal with these types of purchases? I am about to place an order with Best Buy using a $15 reward certificate and I would rather have 1 UR/dollar than 1 cent. Experiences? I know what the terms say...* I'm asking about real life. * Note on combining offers: You cannot combine Shop through Chase® offers with coupons or discount codes. You may not earn bonus points on the purchase of gift cards, gift certificates or other similar cash equivalents at certain merchants.
  12. cv91915

    1974 Imperial -- Good Daily Driver?

    I have no idea what it's actually worth... I am assuming there's some room to negotiate. Assume I can get a fair price. $13k is within the realm of "fun money" anyway, and I'd be willing to pay a small premium for an excellent example. No idea if the one I linked is exactly the right car. I am testing the concept. I know that I'd need a mechanic, but the main question is how often. I know that no one knows exactly how often, but I'm wondering how reliable this model would be, assuming it was well cared for, had an independent inspection, and saw light regular use.
  13. cv91915

    1974 Imperial -- Good Daily Driver?

    I almost never drive in the dark, and this wouldn't be our only vehicle.
  14. cv91915

    Card recommendations

    Open a couple more carefully-chosen cards from prime issuers. What is your intended use for the additional credit?
  15. cv91915

    USAA CLI strategic guidance

    The purpose of an inquiry is allow a company to view your credit report so they can grant you more credit. I will never understand why it gives people a seizure when an inquiry is used for what it was designed.
  16. This is a debit card chargeback? What was the reason for the denial of your claim? I would definitely ask for copies of documents that were used in making the original decision. Is it common for insurance companies to be billed directly by a car rental company? Were you supposed to pay the bill and then receive reimbursement after submitting receipts?
  17. cv91915

    OMG Do I Hate Discover

    My first Shop Discover purchase failed to give me cash back credit: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=518247. So far I haven't had the strength to try to contact them about this and track down an amount less than three dollars. This should just work... Now I've taken the damn card out of the sock drawer one more time to get 5% for online shopping. YES, I registered for the 5% promotion. So far: Amazon.com gift card, purchased directly from Amazon - Qualified Chefs.com purchase - Does not qualfiy Soap.com purchase - Does not qualify Overstock.com purchase - Does not qualify Amazon Payments (for purchase made from Amazon.com) - Does not qualify. This card is a #@$^@%^$ joke.
  18. cv91915

    1974 Imperial -- Good Daily Driver?

    Here is a white one, just like Grandma's.
  19. cv91915

    OMG Do I Hate Discover

    Looks okay to me.
  20. Here is the final 2018 lounge usage recap. Instinctively I knew that I wasn't getting much value out of Priority Pass or the Centurion Lounge, but having a year's worth of data allows me to quantify it. If I had to decide on just one card with a $400+ AF for lounge access the choice is obvious... Citi AA Executive. The Admirals Club network is by far the most useful for my travel needs, plus my three AUs also get access to these lounges when they travel. If my only "lounge card" was with Citi, the $450 AF and 50 Admirals Club uses would have made the average cost just $9/visit, and that doesn't include what my AUs did. Note that the American Express Global Lounge Collection includes Airspace Lounges (there are two in the world; one in Cleveland and one in San Diego, the latter of which is one of my home airports). The one at SAN doubles as an Admirals Club, so nearly all of the cells in the Amex columns that are shaded in green in the detail below are for SAN Airspace visits that were also possible with the Citi card. The Platinum does offer a $10 food/beverage credit per Airspace visit, so I got some additional value from that, however on all but the shortest of flights I get a meal on the plane (in First Class, or comped from the food cart in Economy). 2018 Travel/Lounge Usage Summary 80 departures (78 on American Airlines, 1 on Japan Airlines and 1 on Jetstar) 20 unique departure airports in 3 countries (USA, Japan, UK) 50 visits/viable opportunities to use Admirals Club (63% of departures) 3 Priority Pass uses where Priority Pass was the best option (4% of the departures) 7 total viable opportunities to use Priority Pass (9% of the departures) 2 Centurion Lounge visits (3% of departures, both at DFW) Detail:

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