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  1. I swear to God that was my first naked encounter with a Chinese woman.
  2. It's early. Feel free to check my math. Which results in one turtle with a straw in its nose.
  3. TAD recently started referring to me as his "late husband."
  4. This was on my work-issued Windows 10 laptop using Office 360. I don't recall attempting this with my Mac (which has Office for Mac installed).
  5. From the muffled mumbling coming from the dining room, I'm beginning to think these people are going to buy the Prius. Not sure why they were invited in. I'm in our bedroom with the door closed and the lights off.
  6. I will not be virtue signaling with a "green" Green card.
  7. Max out your lowest limit card and let it report for one month (and then PIF, of course).
  8. Something changed on my account since the last time I looked. Spouse's account (which is substantially how mine used to look... generic): FWIW I'm 7/24.
  9. If you still have an active subscription to CCT I would open a support ticket and see where that gets you. There is no way that your score hasn't moved in two years. I can see this being a huge hassle, though... your ticket will likely get closed and you'll have to repeat this, escalate, etc. and may run in circles for weeks or months. Might be easier to subscribe to myFICO for a couple of months and then open an incident with them. At least you'd be dealing with Fair Isaac directly.
  10. Oh, wait, I think that's team building. You wanted an ice breaker.
  11. I'm at my wit's end with this problem, and as you may have noted in other threads I can't even change a door knob (but I make an incredible roasted tomato sauce with my bare hands!)... so I've given up trying to guess/diagnose. Good news is tomorrow I'm off to DC for some meetings for the rest of the week, and then to San Diego for a couple of weeks, and it's now in a mechanic's hands. I left the mechanic with TAD's number. I'll let you know what they find. Thanks for the comments and advice -- now and previously.
  12. Can't find my own thread back, so I'll post here since it's auto-related. We just took the RX in to an independent mechanic for a third assessment of what's causing the front end to shake. We've had the wheels balanced three times (twice by Discount Tire and once at the Lexus dealer). Each time this temporarily solved the problem, which until recently was only occurring at specific speeds. The problem is now constant, and noticeable almost the minute the car starts moving. Yesterday we inspected the front tires for broken belts, but found nothing obvious. We've been screwing around with this for over a year. Perhaps it's time to get TAD that Velar he's been wanting...
  13. Time to crack open this bottle of ketchup.
  14. I need to backtrack on this one. I recently had a 10% back offer at Lowe's (up to $13 back) from Bank of America, so I went into a nearby Lowe's store and bought $130 in Netflix gift cards and loaded those into our account. It will be well into 2020 before the next Netflix charge.
  15. Dividends from one of my ESPP accounts, queued for 10/1.
  16. Not normal. Do you have access to this score from multiple sources?
  17. Just sent to TAD via PayPal, using my Discovery IT as the payment source: (1500 - (QTD - (((1500 - QTD) * 0.029) + 0.30))) QTD = 5% category spending, this quarter to date
  18. When I signed in today I had an alert next to the flag thingie to go look at my offers. IIRC, there's usually nothing here except generic things like referral bonuses. Are these "pre-approved offers" that are not subject to 5/24? It's been so long since I've considered opening a Chase card I don't remember how any of this works... I'd probably do a CSP and a Vonboy and a United if these are actual offers. 😛
  19. I ended up spending about $700 with Discovery via PayPal last month (for which Discovery paid me $11, using math that only works on their planet). In the morning I'm going to attempt to send the balance of the $1,500 spending cap that remains to TAD using Discovery/PayPal and then sit back and wait for the next inevitable Discovery disappointment. Has anyone successfully gotten 5% back this way, this quarter?
  20. I just slipped (bare feet on carpet) and tumbled down four stairs.
  21. My mother stopped using her Discovery Phony Miles card after the anniversary rewards bonus posted. A month later they bumped her limit by $2k (to an astonishing $8,700). This would have been somewhat useful when I was making multiple mid-cycle payments to keep her under her ridiculously low limit. Discovery can FOAD.

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