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  1. That's where I was expecting to find it. CLI request isn't one of the available options. Also, attention, US Bank: I would have figured out that this was a list of available options even without the header that says, "List of available options:."
  2. When I navigate using the "Manage My Accounts" link, the destination page doesn't have a CLI request option. Can't find one anywhere. I actually need a CLI. I've started using my Altitude Reserve a lot more, and this $15,000 limit isn't going to cut it.
  3. I will say that my one and only Mercedes cost me more in repairs than all of my Jeeps combined. I think I had four Grand Cherokees in a row before I got the E500.
  4. I am wrapping up a short (4-day) California visit. I didn't even bother getting groceries this trip, so food is a bit random. My pre-airport breakfast today is a bowl of third-hand heirloom tomatoes (from my mother's neighbor's garden). If the tomatoes aren't enough, I may have to toast a couple of hamburger buns from the freezer.
  5. Tonight: Courtyard DFW North. When I booked this our corporate rate was solid ($154) compared to booking direct, but if I reserved the same room now I could stay for $84. I'll pay with my Amex SPG. I still have trouble saying Vonboy.
  6. What did you buy as a replacement vehicle? You'd look stunning in a Jaguar.
  7. Customers. 😛 My grandfather opened a Chrysler dealership in the late 1960s, and my father owned it until he retired a few years ago. I'd like to thank everyone who bought or serviced a used car, or a new Chrysler, Plymouth, Imperial, Dodge, Jeep or Eagle(!) from them between 1968 and 2014, because without you I would never have ended up this spoiled.
  8. If Carvana would approve you, you could order the car online and have it delivered to you.
  9. Any time. It generally makes more sense to prioritize minimizing interest expenses over maximizing scores.
  10. The LOC probably reports as a revolving account, so if you max it out it's going to hurt your FICO scores.
  11. Before I opened the account I verified with two people who make BMW lease payments with their Discovery debit card that they are receiving 1% back on the lease payments.
  12. Since I am a masochist I just opened a Discovery Cashback Debit account. About a week ago I leased a new car, and BMW Financial Services accepts debit cards for lease payments. This debit card pays 1%, so I should get back ~$102 a year for making my lease payments this way. What could go wrong?
  13. Average age of accounts includes closed accounts.
  14. Enjoy the card. I am definitely keeping mine for a second year. Unfortunately, the Gogo passes become worthless to me when AA finishes their switch to Viasat, so we will have to see what year 3 brings.
  15. As of 9/22, all Citi cards (including the premium Premier and Prestige cards!) are losing the following benefits: Car Rental Insurance Trip Cancellation & Interruption Protection Travel Accident Insurance Trip Delay Protection Baggage Delay Protection Lost Baggage Protection Citi Price Rewind Return Protection Roadside Assistance Dispatch Service Travel & Emergency Assistance Medical Evacuation Missed Event Ticket Protection
  16. https://www.dansdeals.com/credit-cards/brutal-citi-will-nuke-credit-card-benefits-protections-will-banks-follow/

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