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  1. That's a MUCH better card, and it doesn't lock you into a hotel brand for redemptions.
  2. Is this the only negative? It seems unlikely that one 30 over a year ago has your scores in the low 6s on two bureaus.
  3. Either way it's going to report as a charge-off. Paid in full will look better in the future when a human manually reviews your credit report at some future point. The 7 year clock for reporting negative info begins at the DOFD.
  4. I found this page by accident this morning. Looks like you can add some offers to a specific Amex, the way you used to be able to do with Twitter and other platforms. https://www.americanexpress.com/us/network/shopping.html#shopping These look like the type of offers I already have on most of my Amices, but I'll still check from time to time to see if there's anything worthwhile.
  5. I swear on the grave of Liberace, minus a couple of puzzling inclusions, this entire "album" is fantastic. And I do not dance.
  6. Hilton points are worth maybe 1/3 of a cent each, and it seems to go down every year. The only way it would make sense to me is if the $95 card came with a free night that was worth at least double that, and I was absolutely sure I'd use it. I haven't closely studied the benefits, though. What about the $95 card would bring value to you? Needs vary.
  7. Phonetically this sounds like something very different.
  8. The guy sitting next to me from DFW-SAN is wearing a t-shirt from Satin Dolls in Lodi, NJ.
  9. Plastic storage box for AA and AAA batteries, and a bag of habanero sea salt.
  10. Running list of the very best songs to listen to at excruciating volume: Spoonman (Soundgarden) Closer (Nine Inch Nails) - Warning: Video is Rated R American Idiot (Green Day) I'll keep adding. I'm planning my next
  11. I wonder if the rentals include his lower-end brands. I wear Polo underpantslolexclusively. Actually, I don't wonder that much. I wouldn't wear Chaps to a c0ck fight.
  12. The automaker portion of TARP apparently lost some money, but the profit from the financial stocks that the government purchased and later resold more than outweighed that. There are definitely aspects of TARP that make my skin crawl, but injecting money into a bank by buying preferred stock that is later sold as a profit is NOT the same as just handing the automakers and the banks money and then hoping to recoup some of it down the road in indirect ways. In my personal life I would not look at buying $5,000 in Amazon stock that I later resold for $6,000 the same way as
  13. Got another email. for my dad's Altitude this time. One could infer that it's +2% since the credit posts separately later. I wrongfully assumed that the offer was on Cash+, but on the Altitude if any of the flooring or tile stores take Apple Pay, that's 4.5% + 2%, which works for me all day long. 1 To be eligible for this offer that runs through April 30, 2021 (promotion period), you need to enroll by March 31, 2021. You can earn a 2% statement credit per dollar spent, up to $25, on net purchases at Home Improvement Stores, Har
  14. I got the same email a bit ago, but deleted it and can't readily find it in my trash folder. If you still have it, is the 2% in addition to the base rewards, or is is 2% total? I'm having some work done on our place in CA, and I'm mildly interested if it's 3%.
  15. It seems unlikely that they'd accept ~13% of face value on a debt that's so fresh / well within SOL. You might have luck with a more manageable payment plan, but wait for someone else with more direct experience to weigh in.
  16. I beg to differ with your most basic conclusions, especially your assessment that everyone raves about how "awesome" their customer service is. If that were true, you wouldn't have this lingering doubt, and you never would have signed up for an account and asked your question (which we welcome, by the way!). One of the many strange phenomena of credit unions is that people get some weird emotional buzz from consorting financially with people who have nothing in common with them aside from the eligibility criteria. It's the same impulse that kept you with your current credit un
  17. I cannot contrive a set of circumstances that would have made mine a planned encounter.
  18. Sorry, I also meant to add that Midland will delete the entry from your credit files after it's paid (and after two years have elapsed from DOFD).
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