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  1. The pricing and descriptions are currently on their front page. You need Advanced or Premier to get all three. If you bought one of these but couldn't get one or more of the bureaus, contact myFICO for assistance to get the other two.
  2. Their subscriptions include mortgage FICOs. Make sure you order a three-bureau product.
  3. Call and ask someone else. When is the last time a late fee was waived on any of your Citi cards?
  4. PenFed Useless Rewards (tires/auto service to use $50/$1,000 spending offer) Citi Expedia (~$2,000 in insurance and misc non-category household purchases to get SUB valued at $500-710) US Bank Altitude Reserve (misc travel and Apple Pay purchases, including Auntie's new TV, all for 4.5% back) Amex EveryDay (Best Buy purchases for us [chest freezer, eBay gift cards] and Auntie [$300 of her new iPad] for $30 and 3,000 MR offers) Chase Freedom (misc PayPal purchases for 5 URs/$) Citi AA Executive (misc international purchases [no FTF] by TAD on the AU card while he's in Turkey) Citi TYP AU (misc purchases by TAD, PC to Double Cash in process) Amex SPG (Sherwin Williams purchase for $25/$100 offer) Amex Greenie (misc restaurant purchases) PayPal Extras (misc household purchases for $10/$100 spending offer) Bank of America Cash Rewards (misc household purchases, mainly online shopping and warehouse clubs for 5.25% / $3.5% back respectively) Capital One Quicksilver (free BT of misc travel expenses from Altitude Reserve) Bank of America Travel Rewards (remainder of non-category spending for 2.625% back) US Bank Cash+ (ISP bills and prepaid utilities to max $2k quarterly 5% cap) Discovery IT ($2 residual balance) Honorable mention: TAD's new Amex Greenie (property tax payment to get SUB and $3.32 for my Away order) TAD's BoA Premium Rewards (AF, to be refunded when PC to World Wildlife Fund 3/2/1 card is complete)
  5. Sorry about the decline. I think we're back to paying down your utilization until you can get a couple of solid BT cards. You might also look at some of the online personal loan companies, but most of them charge a hefty origination fee that may make it not worthwhile... depends on how much time you need to pay everything off.
  6. As you can see, I ordered these items on 12/3. It looks like the garment bag will finally be delivered today, and the luggage tag should arrive tomorrow.
  7. This will be a big help for the unbanked and underserved.
  8. First of all, congratulations for staying focused and for all of your progress! I'm bumping this to get some more eyes on your student loan question.
  9. Then you're set as far as account mix and oldest account age. Things to work on: - Utilization (which you already know) - Number of cards with balances Unless you have one or more individual cards with high utilization I'm surprised that your scores aren't higher. Are these FICO 8s that you're referencing?
  10. Capacity controls between 2 and 3 pm local time are preventing him from using the lounge (LoungeBuddy won't sell him a pass). This one-hour window is right in the middle of his layover, so he's sauntering to his departure terminal/gate now.
  11. I've said this 100 times. Do not eat merchandise.
  12. TAD just left for Turkey (MUD-ORD-MUC-ESB and ESB-MUC-IAD-MUD). Over the weekend I put the LoungeBuddy app on his phone and loaded our two Greenies as payment methods. Both MUC layovers are ~3 hours, and while the Lufthansa Business Lounge is the only network lounge at MUC, it's perfect because, well, he'll be on Lufthansa. Pricing for a single Lufthansa Business Lounge visit appears to be dynamic, but I'm expecting somewhere around $60-70 per visit, which will easily be covered in both directions by the annual $100 LoungeBuddy credit on each of our two Greenies.
  13. In addition to this month's two ISP bills, I also just prepaid the Mudland electric and gas bills right up to the $2,000 quarterly 5% category cap. The gas company has a $750/payment maximum for the $1.75 credit card fee, so I did the full $750 and then used the remainder of the $2k quarterly cap to prepay the electric bill.
  14. I returned some unused items, but I kept a roll of blue masking tape that we do not need. If I had returned the ~$6 roll of tape too, the net purchase amount would have dipped below $100... and the $25 credit would have been reversed.
  15. My parents spent a week with us at the Mudhut. I gave them my Aviator to use on their trip home. This was one sandwich, one wrap, and two cans of Pringles.
  16. I used the $100 Away credit from TAD's new Greenie (plus $3.32 OOP) for a garment bag insert for a carry-on bag and a luggage tag with a Tile locator. That specific luggage tag appears to be OOS at the moment.

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