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  1. Post yours here, and we'll fawn over you. Good luck, and happy 2019!
  2. Feel free to post where you're planning to eat, what you're planning to eat, what you're currently eating, photos of what you've eaten... anything related to food. I'm meeting a friend for dinner tonight at The Crack Shack near the airport before I catch my redeye to MIA.
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    The Car Thread

  4. cv91915

    The Car Thread

    This morning I decided to get a different car for the Mud Hut. When it comes to picking out cars I am both methodical and indecisive, which is a bad combo. This means that I just started a ~12 month process before I will decide what to get. I will look at sedans and sports cars, crossovers and convertibles. I will test drive cars I have no intention of buying to prove to myself that I really don't want one. I will start to make a decision and then second guess myself. Over and over. It'll be a mess. So far we have decided that the Prius will go, and the RX350 Sport Utility Coffin will become TAD's car. This will rid us of the indignity of owning a car that's shaped like a suppository, and will allow me to get out from under this depressing, boring Lexus, which I was barely lukewarm about when we bought it three years ago. ... but his thread isn't just about me and my next car purchase. Any car discussion is welcome.
  5. https://www.edutopia.org/article/6-tips-teaching-poetry-writing-teens
  6. I've seen on this board and reflexively repeated the sentence, "Freezing your credit file automatically opts you out," dozens or hundreds of times. This Credit Freeze FAQ from the Federal Trade Commission says the opposite. https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0497-credit-freeze-faqs Did this change when legislation passed which required credit file freezes to be free? Or at some other point? Or have we been wrong all along?
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    The Dining and Food Thread

    Weenie Queen
  8. cv91915

    Form Letter/Planet Feedback question

    DIY with the Twitter Machine.
  9. I have no firsthand knowledge of what is correct in 2019, The FTC article I linked unequivocally says that freezing does not opt you out. It doesn't say whether it's a regulation, subject to the whim of a junior business analyst at the bureau, changes quarterly like Chase Freedom categories, etc. I want to make sure that we aren't dispensing bad or outdated information. I'd welcome links from authoritative sources (not anecdotes) that contradict what is presented as fact by the FTC.
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    The Car Thread

    Last night I got sucked into the leasehackr forums, and now I want a Tiguan for $202 a month.
  11. cv91915

    So what did you get in the mail today?

    Mailer from the local Lexus dealer. They can lower our interest rate from 2.39% to 0% if we buy a new Lexus. They also estimate that we would have $5,674 in equity after they pay off our current loan, which we paid off 3-4 years ago.
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    The Dining and Food Thread

    One of our favorite restaurants has a grilled avocado appetizer that we love (it's the only way I enjoy avocado). They cut the avocado in half, remove the pit, grill the avocado until it's warm, fill the cavity with goat cheese and drizzle it with balsamic vinegar. Simple and exquisite. I have everything in the house except the balsamic vinegar... and I don't know my vinegar so I have no idea what to buy. Suggestions?
  13. My point was that freeze = opt out has been stated here as fact a number of times. I didn't say that we've cited authoritative sources. The entire reason for this thread was to correct the erroneous info that was posted before, and to bump in the future in case this comes up again.
  14. At some point when you want additional revolving credit with American Express they will request/require tax return verification. Aside from getting a legitimate credit inquiry, getting a 4506-T from Amex in response to a CLI request, while often annoying, is probably the most irrationally feared event discussed on CB. I have gone through this process with Amex three times in the past few years, and twice the process was a complete disaster (multiple delays, lost forms, escalations to supervisors and managers that yielded no results, etc). I've noted other recent anecdotes here that suggest that my experiences are not uncommon. I've even joked that Amex must have outsourced their tax return verifications to the Enneffseeyou membership department, because it's that much of a mess. This thread is to discuss and track current experiences with the Amex tax return verification process. I initiated a 3x CLI request on my EveryDay card this morning and got the 4506-T responses, as I expected. I'll track the process with timelines beginning with my next post in this thread. Here is how the process is supposed to work: 1 - Request CLI online; 2 - Fill out IRS form 4506-T immediately, online, which allows Amex to verify your stated income with the most recent Federal tax return filed with the IRS; 3 - Receive CLI in a couple of weeks. Here are some facts about the Amex 4506-T process: The 4506-T process is different from a financial review. Failure to provide the requested form simply results in no CLI. Please discuss the FR process elsewhere. Unless you've lied about your income, in my experience and observations you are unlikely to NOT receive a CLI as a result of tax return verification. Amex pays a fee for verifying your income, so when they present you with a 4506-T they genuinely want to extend more credit to you. I have more revolving credit with Amex than any other issuer as a result of CLIs that have come from this process. I currently have $97,000 on three revolvers, plus $35,000 revolving on my Platinum (the "pay over time" feature), and this revolving credit is on top of whatever else they'd approve on the NPSL basis on the Platinum. You are NOT providing your tax return to Amex, you are authorizing them to review a transcript of your tax return to verify your income. There has been a lot of debate about what appears on the transcript. Here is one sample of a transcript I found. Here is another. I don't know which one Amex gets, or if it's either of these. The $25,000 trigger for the 4506-T request is fiction. I didn't get my first 4506-T request until ~2x that. The threshold varies with your income, creditworthiness, and probably 400 other things in Amex's algorithm. The most recent available tax year is what Amex will verify. As a general rule, your previous year's tax return will not be available for verification until August of the current year, so, for example, if you provide the form in May of 2017, make sure you specify tax year 2015 on the form. If you do your CLI request online and the 4506-T is required, the form is now presented to you immediately on the Amex Web site, and can be completed/submitted instantly online. You will still receive one in the mail, even if you submit the form online. There is a lot of discussion about when you are eligible for CLIs from Amex under the standard rules, but after a 4506-T the rules are relaxed. Earlier this year I got two 3x CLIs in 18 days. Multiple CLI requests in the same year may require redundant 4506-T requests. For the two CLIs mentioned immediately above, I had to provide the form to verify the identical tax year for both. Current/future experiences with the 4506-T process will be most helpful, but feel free to rant (or rave) about a past experience as well.
  15. cv91915

    Starbucks Rewards™ Visa® Prepaid Card

    My most recent Starbucks purchase was two tiny sandwiches at a location near my hotel in Tokyo in October of 2017. It was nighttime and I was in a downpour. I was starving, and I had zero patience to figure out a better option than what was directly in front of me. In retrospect I wish I would have tried a little harder.
  16. cv91915

    Denied BoA

    Get your paper reports before taking further action. Then take another pass at the medical using prescribed methods in the Medical Forum. Goodwill the VS late. Send a letter via USPS to a targeted executive BY NAME at their corporate address. Be brief and contrite. It may take multiple attempts and may/may not work. Pay the balance to $0 before you attempt the goodwill request (do this regardless, and never again pay 30% APR on used panties). I wouldn't bother with the recon while you have an auto repo/charge-off, a collection, and a fresh 30. You aren't in prime territory at this point.
  17. cv91915

    NEW CARD!!!!! (Sharonview Federal Credit Union)

    Spend just $5,361 on this card and get a free $7 power strip!!!!!!!!!!! Also note that this gem is in the "Green products" section of the rewards site, so YOU CAN ALSO SAVE THE PLANET!!!!!!!!!!!!! PS: No idea how I earned 3,052 points without having the card - or even signing in. Awesome card!!
  18. cv91915

    Backdoor Numbers

    AFAIK this is the thread with the most recent info, it just isn't being maintained. The reason I suggested rewriting the initial post and starting over is that the first post of this thread is verbatim (or nearly) what you'll find elsewhere, like the sample dispute letters that are two pages long and make demands that aren't based in law, and use words/terms like "hereby" and "competent evidence." Thanks for volunteering. This would would also be a great job for someone who wants to contribute to the board who already isn't wearing six hats around here. And I don't mean that you wouldn't do a great job.
  19. cv91915

    Denied BoA

    You need to make 100% of your payments on time. 99% doesn't cut it, especially when you have serious derogs like a collection reporting. What happened with the VS account, and have you attempted a goodwill request for the recent 30? A fresh 30 is going to scare away most prime issuers, especially with other seriously negative stuff on your report. It makes you look like you haven't adjusted your behavior and that you're still a bad credit risk. The 5-year-old CO will be an obstacle for as long as it's reporting, but not necessarily insurmountable. With that said, have you gone through the medical dispute process to remove it? If not, read and post about this one in the Medical Forum. This is a specialty area of credit repair and there is a proven template for you to follow. I suspect from your wording that there is also negative info (lates and/or CO/repo status) on the car loan. Some more detail on that might help us give you a more informed decision. Not looking for the back story until you can explain exactly how it's reporting.
  20. All of my recent receipts were rejected. I contacted Trunow customer service and was told that they only allow eight different credit cards to be shown on all of your receipts combined. When I pushed back and told them I had 30 cards, they responded that "30 is unusual." FOAD. App deleted from every device.
  21. cv91915

    NEW CARD!!!!! (Sharonview Federal Credit Union)

    Master of the obvious. President/CEO Bill Partin said. “With the addition of this card, we are able to offer even more options to our wide range of members.”
  22. There is a distinction. https://www.consumerreports.org/credit-protection-monitoring/why-a-free-credit-freeze-is-better-than-a-credit-lock/

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