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  1. Chicago violence: 7 children killed in shootings in last 2 weeks Chicago weekend shootings: 63 shot, 16 fatally, in violence across city
  2. I'm still charging bravely forward. I'll still spend at least $6k on AAirfare this year, and another 3,000 EQDs from my Aviator "spending" will get me 4 more SWUs (9,000 EQDs vs the 15,000 required in each of the last couple of years). Even if all of $50,000 in Aviator "spending" was through Plastiq at 2.85% (which it isn't), $1,425 in fees for 4 SWUs would be completely worth it to me.
  3. Congrats on the removals, and for the creativity. I've also had good luck with @AskAmex on Twitter. Not removing lates, but getting help resolving random non-routine matters that normal customer service channels have no idea how to handle.
  4. And just like that... Sirius presented me with this. Why didn't you d1ld0s tell me there's a MUSICAL?
  5. I'm going to see if my hag is okay with just cashing out the refund. It's hard to get excited about Green Day 2021. 🖖
  6. I wanted to personally reach out and explain some new price changes that are coming to Plastiq. Recently, several major credit card companies announced an upcoming interchange price increase (the cost of processing a credit card), which directly impacts our costs at Plastiq. This third party increase requires our fees to move to 2.85%, effective July 1, 2020 for most transactions. Plastiq has historically absorbed the cost of all interchange increases, and we have kept our fees flat. However, at this time, an increase is necessary. We remain committed to delivering quality tools and features, and we’re still priced lower than our competitors. We continue to improve Plastiq and we’re excited about the launch of Plastiq Accept and our new multi-user feature. Keep an eye out for new Plastiq features and products for your business that are on the way. I know you have choices when it comes to who you do business with. Thanks for choosing Plastiq. If you have more questions, please feel free to reach out. Sincerely, Eliot Buchanan Plastiq CEO
  7. I recently lost 53 fake points on the same fake skore model.
  8. Get an Amex charge card. If your underlying finances support this level of spending, Amex will be glad to have the business run through their network - and they'll do it all on one card.
  9. AAoA includes closed accounts. The right to close an account belongs to both the issuer and the card holder. If you decided to close all 11 accounts, which government agency would you recommend Chase contact in order to force you to keep the accounts open and active?
  10. Manheim's used vehicle price index (adjusted for product mix, seasonality and everything else you can think of) as of mid-June was on target to hit its highest level in history. General demand decrease for new vehicles has been more than offset by inventory constraints, so most manufacturers have eliminated volume incentives for dealers, and dealers are holding onto more gross. The premise of the article in the first post is completely disconnected from the macro trends in the industry right now. There are fewer bargains to be found, not more.
  11. Congrats on passing this milestone! You need to get your mortgage scores to know where you stand (mine are 50-60 points lower than my FICO 8s at the moment). Once you know your mortgage scores, run some scenarios through Zillow Mortgage Rates and see what kind of offers come back. Mortgage credit requirements are tighter than they were 6+ months ago.
  12. Amex prefers customers who PIF every month. Stop carrying balances.
  13. DFW is physically enormous and can swallow up a lot of volume without looking crowded. I try to avoid connecting in CLT because it's such a haul to get to San Diego from there, but most of my itineraries these days are inconvenient in one way or another because there are fewer options. Right now between MUD and SAN I can choose from ORD, DFW or CLT. CLT wasn't even an option for a while. LAX and PHX choices aren't there at all now, nor are MIA or PHL -- which historically were options but only at stupid prices.
  14. On Saturday I got a long hand-written letter from a local Jehovah's Witness. In Spanish. Last time I encountered a troupe of these people at my front door, they asked me in perfect English if I speak Spanish. When I said no, they thanked me for my time and informed me that they were only looking for Spanish-speaking people. There must be some kind of sales quota.
  15. They started opening up the Admirals Clubs last week. I was in the one in Charlotte on Thursday. They practically hose you off with a disinfecting spray when you walk in. No self-service food or beverages. From the reception desk they escort you to a seat, and when you leave briefly to use the restroom they re-disinfect a six-foot radius around where you were sitting. And then you walk to your departure gate...

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