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  1. Did you have a previous negative experience (IIB, CO, etc.) with Citi? I eventually built my largest single-card limit ($81,000) with Citi on one of their Hilton cards, before Amex bought the portfolio.
  2. Yesterday I sent an email to SDFCU and asked them to locate the letter I had uploaded to their web site and then terminate my membership per my 1/7 request. I included the email confirmation that I'd received from them, which shows the date/time I uploaded the document, the file name, and other unique identifiers. The SDFCU agent who responded to my email a few minutes ago said that they couldn't find the letter I emailed to them. Um. I didn't email it. I uploaded it. And I sent you the Q$%^$%^@$ email confirmation from your own @$%^@$&% system when I made my original email inquiry. So I responded and asked them to re-read my original request, locate the letter I uploaded, and terminate my membership. I waited way too long to pull the plug on this sucky kredit younyun.
  3. Up until a few years ago, Amex would use the opening year of your first Amex when they reported any new Amex cards, but that ship has sailed. (I have multiple cards reporting as opened in 1995). They still put your first membership year on the front of new Amices you open, but it's just a cosmetic feature of the card at this point.
  4. It's been two weeks since I uploaded the letter asking for my account to be closed and my membership terminated. And yet when I log into their site, my savings account balance is still staring back at me, defiantly. Until now.
  5. Which memberlicious clown show is this? Do they not accept mailed payments either?
  6. Congrats on your first unsecured card. 👍 That one should grow over time.
  7. I rarely go to a branch, but I can see how this could be important to some people. The only branch-hours limitation I wasn't willing to work around was Citi's, whose nearest branch doesn't open at all on Saturday.
  8. Bank of America. Their Preferred Rewards program is the differentiator, boosting credit card cash back to 2.625% (general spending) to 5.25% (set your own category), along with fee waivers for almost everything (including free shipping on foreign currency, which itself is exchanged at a preferred rate). Negatives: useless for liquid savings, and the branches won't take unrolled coins.
  9. I think it's just you. But it's 4:20 here, so who knows?

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