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  1. You're definitely making progress!! May I suggest redefining this goal? I almost never use my highest limit card (Amex Hilton) because it doesn't do much for me. If it wasn't my highest-limit card, I'd close it. It's mostly a burden to have, since I have to put occasional use on it to keep it active, and I have to check on it every month. SUBs aside, I'm always looking for opportunities to maximize the rewards and benefits I get from my cards. Is the Freedom really going to fill a meaningful void?
  2. https://www.dansdeals.com/credit-cards/us-bank-altitude-connect-visa-signature-intro-bonus-50000-points-waived-annual-fee-plus-global-entry-streaming-credit/ Current SUB is worth $500. $95 AF is waived the first year. Click the link to see the reward structure and card benefits.
  3. I'm happy to comment if you post what concerns you (or PM it to me). Most often the surprises are with prepaids (if the new mortgage requires an escrow account to pay taxes and insurance, plus there's prepaid interest in there. If you are in New York, the government fees will eat you alive, even on a refi.
  4. All of the bureaus use proprietary report formats and information architecture. TU shows the entire payment history graphically. Just find the month with the first 30 DL that was never followed by a month where the account was current. That's DOFD. I believe Experian is the only one that puts address IDs on the report. That doesn't mean you can't dispute old addresses on the others.
  5. Move the limits around as you wish. I ended up with some strange Chase limits as a result of moving limits at the time of closure when there's an AF posted on the donor card. My Freedom limit is $58,015.
  6. I would have paid cash, but there was a $500 incentive to finance with BMWFS. I had to keep the loan open for 3 months, or the incentive would have been charged back to the dealer.
  7. When I had to cover all of the windows at this newly-constructed place, Mom had not yet retired so all of mine were purchased at wholesale (about 60% off retail). It was still more than I wanted spend. If you chose quality items in neutral colors, you'll probably not have to replace them for 20 years.
  8. To say that this photo is flattering to the actual product is an extreme understatement. It looks cheap and feels unsubstantial, and it's going back.
  9. OP has been a member here for a while; I'm assuming that he has verified that these are outside of SOL. Just double checking... have you confirmed this, @darrin73 ?
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