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  1. cv91915

    How much CLI to ask for, NFCU?

    Congrats on your progress. Don't sweat the old inquiries. If you need credit to refinance something to save money, get a great rewards card, pick up an extended 0% offer, etc., by all means, use your good credit to your advantage.
  2. cv91915

    599 score, need advice.

    Disputes should be done in writing and sent CMRRR for all legitimate disputes except old addresses/phone numbers or early obsolete disputes (you can do these over the phone). For everything else a documented paper trail is essential if you ever need to prove that you took certain actions in order to assert your rights.
  3. cv91915

    Chase Offers - Auto Loan Offers Showing Up Now.

    If you take the offer for 75,000 URs for doing a mortgage, and the "underwriting fees" (undefined term) for the mortgage are less than the value of the URs, they will give you a 1099 for the difference between the UR value and the underwriting fees. You'd be taxed on the difference as if that amount was regular income. New bank account bonuses result in 1099s also, which is why I don't bother with those any more. Credit card bonuses on personal cards are not taxable.
  4. cv91915

    Ax credit limit decrease

    Are you familiar with PDFs?
  5. Are you going to The Dells again this year?
  6. cv91915

    Chase Offers - Auto Loan Offers Showing Up Now.

    Does the mortgage offer require you to keep the mortgage open for X amount of time to collect the 75,000 URs? If yes, what is X?
  7. cv91915

    From 10,5 % to 2.99 %

    I'm saying that you should refinance and save money on interest and not worry about any minor short-term score hit... An exception might be if you're in the middle of getting a mortgage and your scores are right on the edge of qualifying (or not) for the best terms, in which case I'd say wait and refinance the car after you close on the mortgage. Other than that, it's time for you to take charge and leverage your great credit for the financial gains you earned. You can't add someone to a car loan.
  8. https://www.teslarati.com/porsche-opens-taycan-mission-e-orders/
  9. http://bworldonline.com/porsche-mission-e-concept-becomes-the-taycan-road-car/
  10. Have you ever licked a dirty penny?
  11. Not the most constructive or appreciative thing I've read all day.
  12. cv91915

    From 10,5 % to 2.99 %

    Don't perpetuate high-interest debt for short-term score impact without an overwhelming reason. As importantly, CONGRATS. The benefits of great credit will continue to cascade to other parts of your life!!
  13. cv91915


    I just made another small (< $40) Zelle transfer from WF to B of A. Same 3-day message from B of A, and the money is already gone from my WF account (as expected). This service is useless to me if it's degenerating to the tortoise-like speed of ACHs between these two large banks. I'm not going to place my next call to B of A to ask about this until tomorrow. I'm hoping to get an invitation for a satisfaction survey for the witch that took my call earlier today, and often they only reference the date of the phone call in the survey invitation. If the next agent is helpful I don't want negative feedback stuck to him/her.
  14. cv91915


    I just called to find out why Bank of America sometimes doesn't instantly credit Zelle transfers. I got the first clueless Bank of America Preferred Rewards rep ever. She tried to tell me that because the inbound Zelle transfer was from another bank they won't process the transaction until the other bank actually sends the funds. I explained to her that that's how ACHs work. This is Zelle. Instant is the whole point, and that's how it usually works between these two accounts. Then she tried to give me some nonsense about the delay being caused by the weekend. HELLO. Yesterday was a Monday and you didn't process it either!! She couldn't provide a reasonable answer to any of my questions. Delayed processing is not normal for Zelle, and this only happens sometimes on my WF-BOA Zelle transfers. I'm going to call back later and talk to another rep.

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