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  1. [I ended up returning the one I got from Crate & Barrel]
  2. I just ordered a Proform high back with diamond stitching, in black. When purchased from a local retailer, these are usually custom-configured at the time of order, but Amazon and Wayfair each had pre-configured versions that I liked. I have an Amazon offer on my Amex Platinum for +8x MRs/$ (up to 3,000 MRs), so I ordered from there and maxed the offer. This also finished off the $2k in spending needed to get the 25,000-MR bonus for upgrading from the Greenie. These are amazing chairs (3 year warranty on the upholstery and 12 on everything else). I hope I love this one as much as the one I have in CA.
  3. Welcome. Best practice for paying for a toy is saving and paying cash. If you are hellbent on making years of installment payments on your recreational activities, you might also check Lending Club, Prosper, Lightstream and other places that do personal loans. The fact that a boat is involved doesn't mean you should limit your options to "boat loans." Make sure you pay close attention to any origination fees in addition to whatever exorbitant interest rate you'll be charged. If your scores are in the 6s (FICO, as asked above?), it's unlikely that it's JUST the lack of installment history that's holding you back, it's also everything else that's depressing your scores.
  4. TADism of the day: "Askim, it's my birthday. For breakfast I'd like a cheese disc, a mushroom and feta omelette, one of those things you make when you weave bacon pieces together, and those potatoes that take you forever to make. And don't cook the potatoes in a sh!tty air dryer [sic]."
  5. The CDC prohibition on certain types of evictions doesn't apply to people who simply believe preposterous things.
  6. How about instead of making generous assumptions, we look at facts? Aside from all of the other nonsense, the low temperature on the evening of November 4 / morning of November 5 at a weather station near Rural Hall, NC, was ~40 degrees. https://www.wunderground.com/history/daily/us/nc/greensboro/KGSO/date/2020-11-5 No one gets charged with animal cruelty for leaving a dog outside in 40-degree weather. Please don't misunderstand, I'm sorry she's in this predicament, but the entire story is dishonest. Again.
  7. Song parodies* * There is a carve-out for certain works by Weird Al.
  8. I haven't been able to squeeze an extra $1 out of them in years. It's always "not enough usage," no matter how much or little I put on my card.
  9. [with aPologies for the capitaLization and other issues; no one seems to proofread any mOre]
  10. Citi may be using a custom score model that uses bureau data and their own in-house data, and they may have outsourced the function of acquiring, merging and scoring data from numerous sources (including TU credit data and Citi's own internal records) to TU. It's also quite possible that the score is proprietary and generated internally by Citi (or by a third party) using a similar mix of data, and that Citi's interpretation of FCRA and other laws and regulations causes them to reference TU in an adverse action letter if TU credit data was an input into a custom or proprietary score, even if the credit file data wasn't the main or only reason for denial (or even directly related).
  11. They aren't anywhere near that one between early October and late April. Did your roommate's aunt drink Tang?
  12. Next order is going to be delivery by Amazon Fresh.
  13. To my knowledge, WM is the only "grocery" store near my parents' house that has online ordering/pickup available, and I'd rather not have them weaving through grocery stores... so last week when I was in town I showed Mom how to place an order for pickup (don't worry, they only buy meat from a butcher or from Costco). This morning they arrived precisely at the pickup time they'd reserved two days ago, checked in per the instructions, and it took almost an hour for their groceries to be brought out to their car.

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