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  1. What is Eastern European prison food?
  2. Almost every month, yes. Still doesn't explain how $35 in rewards I earned on the August statement ended up to be $11, or why their spreadsheets aren't compatible with any operating system invented since the personal computer achieved ubiquity.
  3. It looks like SDG&E uses a third-party service for credit card transactions, which doesn't appear to be tied to SDG&E's billing system. As such, it appears that I can specify any payment amount. Since Utilities as a 5% category will not be active until 10/1 I'm going to wait before attempting to do this, but if I make one payment that covers the current bill plus the estimated total on the next five statements, I could pay this bill only twice a year and just pay two credit card fees.
  4. Celebrating Mom's birthday today at Jake's Del Mar. https://jakesdelmar.com/menus/dining-room/ Next month will be 20 years since I moved to San Diego, and I've somehow never made it to Jake's.
  5. Whether it's a credit union or a buy-here/pay-here car lot, you can be sure that you're getting the very best if the company puts people in military uniforms in its marketing messages.
  6. I went into full vagrant mode, and took several garbage bags full of aluminum cans (that were cluttering the garage) to the recycling center. No plans (currently) to sell plasma to bring down the mortgage balance, but never say never. Since I had already pretty much hit rock bottom, while I was out I also picked up some groceries at ALDI and bought four wire whisks at a 99 Cents Only store.
  7. He's still traumatized from losing everything in the Equifax breach.
  8. Thanks. I found the form... we'll fill it out and mail it in today, and I'll cancel the insurance.
  9. No, this is a simple private party sale from my spouse to a married couple. He owns the car/has the title. The buyers are withdrawing the money from their bank account this morning. Everyone is meeting at their bank, where they need to go anyway to get the cash, to sign the papers and trade the title/keys for the money.
  10. As I type this, the title for the Prius is being exchanged for a stack of $100s at the buyer's bank. When is it safe to cancel the insurance on the vehicle? In addition to the state paperwork we also prepared a simple sales contract which will have TAD's and the buyers' original signatures, and of course we're keeping the plates and registration form. We'll obviously have the cash and we don't want the car back... so I'm not concerned about collision or vandalism, I'm concerned about liability.
  11. This would have been a fun purchase. Looking at the specs, I'm not sure this would fit in our garage. The car is 231.1 inches long.
  12. OK, rewards for this statement should be easy. Exactly one purchase for 714.87 in the 5% category. No other purchases or returns. $714.87 * 5% = $35.74.

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