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  1. cv91915

    mortgage payment v. impound amount reported to CB

    In addition to your monthly payment a mortgage trade line also reports the outstanding balance, so it's obvious how much debt you actually have.
  2. What about other redemption options?
  3. cv91915

    What to pay off before applying for a mortgage?

    Won't matter.
  4. cv91915

    What to pay off before applying for a mortgage?

    If you need to improve your DTI you need to reduce/eliminate monthly payments. If you are concerned about something else, what is that concern?
  5. Here is the final 2018 spending tally and corresponding rewards that would have been earned with the Sapphire Reserve or the Amex Platinum. These summaries compare the value of the rewards if all of the Sapphire + Platinum spending was put on one card or the other. Neither card saw much routine spending after the SUBs were earned. In a separate exercise I may try to reinterpret the rewards potential using a bigger sample of my spending data (from other cards), but for now this is the best measure I have.
  6. cv91915

    one of these things is NOT like the other...

    They held signs denouncing the government's closure
  7. Most people also don't know that an auto insurance policy won't pay for a flu shot.
  8. cv91915

    Does Discover have any prestige?

  9. I really miss the days when flights were so expensive that most people couldn't afford them.
  10. I don't have anything better for groceries than 4.5% back with the same combo. Finding places beyond chain grocery stores that accept Apple Pay is still a struggle.
  11. Because there were no redemption options or some other reason?
  12. What do you do with the Trunow rewards? There are zero redemption options in either of our zip codes.

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