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  1. PG-13. If in doubt, don't click.
  2. Countrywide didn't go out of business, it merged with Bank of America. When you say where is this company "listed"?
  3. Penn Fedd wants me to know that their Premium Savings account pays an APY that is 6x the national average, or 20-31% less than I'm currently getting at bloodthirsty for-profit banks that put profits before people.
  4. It would take effort to try either of those options, so I 100% guarantee that the answer is no.
  5. I have no idea what this is for. I hate Lowe's. The last thing I bought there was a squeegee for my car, in January. I haven't returned anything there in months years.
  6. Since I posted that I've been ignoring this BCP upgrade offer, content with getting 4.5% back (uncapped) on groceries when using Apple Pay/Altitude Reserve (which has a negative $25 AF for this year because of a retention bonus). But then I read the BCP upgrade terms. This time they're waiving the AF for the entire year, rather than charging a prorated AF shortly after conversion.
  7. Love's Travel Stop #445, near the airport in Sioux Falls. I attempted to use Apple Pay and my US Bank Altitude Reserve to fill up the rental car before I returned it.
  8. Isn't Hobby the airport in Houston that's served by SWA and the other subprime airlines? https://www.khou.com/article/news/crime/tsa-lump-of-crystal-meth-found-in-travelers-breakfast-burrito-at-hobby-airport/285-29f2bfe4-98d9-4d3d-81fe-a7cae048a83c
  9. Kredit Camry wants me to know that I'm on a hot streak.
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