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  1. Drippy morning. Even more annoying is the design flaw in this room. The bathroom door closes automatically unless you prop it open.
  2. The first time I read the thread title I thought this involved a bottle of Axe.
  3. Tonight: Courtyard Santa Ana Orange County. I'm paying with my US Bank Altitude Reserve for 4.5% back toward future personal travel. I have a meeting nearby for most of the day tomorrow. After I arrived I decided that I couldn't bear the thought of eating dinner with some work people who are also staying here, so I'm currently eating a two-day-old bagel from Vons that I had the wisdom to shove into my bag before I left San Diego...
  4. I haven't read anywhere that tax returns were part of the underwriting process, nor bank account balances. So most of this is a red herring. ...wives were given significantly lower limits on their Apple Cards, despite sharing finances and filing joint tax returns. Wozniak said he and his wife report the same income and have a joint bank account, which should mean that lenders view them as equals.
  5. The premise of the headline is flawed. You can still get cheap cars. More and more people just won't settle for one. I love the brain donors in the article who are curtailing other expenses in order to make their $900/month car payment. This is more than the lease payment on my 750i, which I did with $0 capital cost reduction (no down payment).
  6. The indefensible $49 AF posted to my Flagship card, so I just called to cancel. Among the tactics to convince me to keep the card, the phone rep indicated that closing my account was going to hurt my credit. Another spectacular encounter with Enneffseeyou to remind me why people love this place.
  7. It's about time we had a good victim story about this card.
  8. I have to disagree with @CTSoxFan on this place. The food was pretty unmemorable. I'm not even sure I've listed everything we ordered since it all kind of ran together. The potatoes that were served with the strip steak were the lone standout. They were like a smashed baked potato covered with mushrooms and drizzled with a light gravy. Outstanding. Aside from the items listed below, we also had a pasta dish with poached lobster, and a pork loin creation that was served on top of oatmeal. There was also something with poached pears in there somewhere. SQUASH BLOSSOM OAXACA CHEESE / CILANTRO CREMA SHORT RIB ARANCINI SWISS CHEESE / KIMCHI AIOLI GRILLED PEACHES WHIPPED RICOTTA / LEMON VERBENA HONEY / PEANUTS LEMON & BASIL MADELEINE CORN SALAD DRY-AGED NEW YORK STRIP CRISPY ALASKAN POTATOES / BONE MARROW RANCH / CONFIT MUSHROOMS / STEAK SAUCE
  9. Who the f would voluntarily consume chocolate that's had someone else's infected ingrown fingernail dragged through it? Why not serve ice cream in a urinal?
  10. Read your note. You are considered delinquent once you are 30 days past due on a single payment. Many mortgage notes have acceleration clauses that allow them to make the entire remaining balance payable immediately when you default. Sample I found on the Information Superhighway (but read your note as mentioned above, because it may contain other provisions in the event of default): If any monthly installment under this Note is not paid when due and remains unpaid after a date specified by a notice to Borrower, the entire principal amount outstanding and accrued interest thereon shall at once become due and payable at the option of the Note holder. The date specified shall not be less than thirty days from the date suchnotice is mailed. The Note holder may exercise this option to accelerate during any default by Borrower regardless of any prior forbearance. Foreclosure is a slow and expensive process, but servicing an account that is non-performing/perpetually delinquent is also very expensive. Unfortunately, it appears that you found the tipping point where Wells Fargo no longer wanted the losing asset on its books. The new servicer probably specializes in non-performing loans, which is why you're seeing more aggressive action now. Sorry you're going through this, and I hope it works out.
  11. Wheel alignment... I need to have this done. Is this a high-precision operation that is only really done correctly by a limited number of places, or do I just pick a place because the price seems fair and the location is decent?
  12. That would be Coco's here... Coco's: Where Southern California takes its elderly to lunch.™

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