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  1. I've never taken Spirit, although there is usually one of their urine-colored planes parked at a gate that's in plain sight from the Airspace Lounge in San Diego. I took Frontier exactly ONCE when I had to go from here to Denver and none of the United non-stops were convenient. There won't be a second time. If Spirit is even worse, I'd rather drive. Or get fired for not showing up for a critical meeting I was supposed to run.
  2. I have a lot of chaps.
  3. I wasn't blessed with restraint like you were. 😛 Have fun, and make sure to take plenty of powder!!
  4. 71 points, but close enough!!
  5. cv91915

    Which is More Exciting? An Amex Gold Poll

    I reported in another thread (which I can't find) that I believe that Amex is manually posting the 20% dining credits for new card holders, and I showed an example. Here is Exhibit B. The $5 is from a "spend $20/get $5" offer on the card, so that one is legit. The other one? Good lord.
  6. > 10 GB of data in a month is a luxury. The $75/month you're paying for Internet service is 75% of your current monthly payment shortfall all by itself. I would recommend an honest assessment of needs vs. wants. It sounds like there's room in the budget to solve most of your immediate-term problem (read books from the library for entertainment instead of whatever you're doing with all that data). I'd be surprised if there isn't another $25 somewhere that isn't going toward absolute necessities. You also said, "we." Who is the rest of "we"? Is there another adult or older kid in the family that can take a part-time job to help? A loan isn't going to help your problem long-term, because taking on debt to repay debt results in ... the same amount of debt as you had before.
  7. cv91915

    Zelle at multiple banks

    Zelle competes with other products like Square Cash and PayPal and Venmo and other instant money transfers. It's owned and funded by a consortium of traditional banks as a defensive offering to the other instant payment services that are out there. The others are free, so Zelle is free. Its intended purchase is to pay other people; we're just not using it as intended. I have just enough direct deposited into the WF and Chase accounts to waive the monthly fees, but I don't use these accounts for much (or any in the case of Chase) actual banking, so on the day that payroll deposits post I wake up and do two Zelle transfers into our household checking account. I am obsessive over tracking actions to completion, so the instant nature of the service avoids me having to drag an ACH transfer confirmation email into my pending folder and then check a day or more later to ensure that is arrives at its intended destination (I've never had an ACH not arrive, btw, but that's another matter 😛 ). We have one other monthly transaction that gets paid via one of Zelle's competitors (Square Cash). A friend manages an old, grandfathered, ridiculously inexpensive 10-line T-Mobile plan that my spouse's phone is on, and we pay our friend for our share of the mobile bill this way because it's his preference).
  8. 14 > 11 > 10 > 9 > 6 Amex EveryDay (offers - Sam's Club and Five Guys) Paid Amex Gold (dining/20% back and trailing general spending for SUB) Amex Hilton (misc for concurrent Amazon and general spending offers) Amex Platinum (incidental travel expenses from a trip last month) Paid Amex SPG (offers - Sam's Club and Etsy) Paid Bank of America Cash Rewards (one recurring charge moved from Aviator) Bank of America Travel Rewards (first two recurring charges moved from Aviator) Barclays Aviator Silver (general spending for final 2018 EQD benefit) Paid Capital One Quicksilver (two no-cost BTs for sport) Chase Marriott Premier Plus (one small charge to earn 50k points for upgrading) Paid Citi Thank You Premier (general spending for SUB) Paid Discovery IT (5% Amazon purchases) Paid Navy Federal Flagship (general purchases for SUB) US Bank Altitude Reserve (4.5% Apple Pay purchases, trailing general spending for SUB) Paid
  9. cv91915

    Zelle at multiple banks

    Both of these worked again today. Perhaps the changes are on a slow rollout.
  10. I haven't gone into an office on a regular basis in over 10 years (I work primarily from home). When I go into a department store to augment my wardrobe I always end up muttering, "Oh, what's the point?"... and I walk out empty handed. You should see some of the items in the closet I still refer to as "clothes."
  11. cv91915

    What did you get in the email today?

    I just got an email from Express (the clothing store) offering me 500 points for ???? Didn't read the rest. I have opted out of their email list about 6,000 times. They still check in with me from time to time to remind me of the one time I felt like such a loser I did the Comenity shopping cart trick and picked up their worthless credit card.
  12. Do you have anything that you've purchased on the credit cards that can be returned? Are you paying for cable, cell phone, a data plan, newspaper delivery, Internet access faster that 5 Mbps? Can you trim your food budget? Do you have an extra room to rent out? Anything you can sell? Car? Are you eligible for any public assistance that you haven't applied for? Do you belong to a church that can help? I am not asking for a detailed response... just offering some ideas.
  13. I thought this was going to be easy.

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