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  1. What's the difference? Separate your bill money from your spending money.
  2. You're post is already well-researched and well-reasoned. Revolving accounts are much more important than installments, so focus there. Those can remain open indefinitely, if well chosen, and you can take steps up in quality with subsequent new cards. I would do a couple of secured cards now, and in six months hit the Capital One prequalifier and see if they'll give you an unsecured card. You want to arrive at five cards, but be methodical and take steps up as you can. Congrats for resisting the urge to gravitate toward easy approvals, which can be expensive and are really the "empty calories" of credit. I definitely wouldn't do a second secured installment loan; there really isn't a point. You can always open up another one when the first one runs its term and is paid off.
  3. I've had to join conference calls that have 10+ digit pass codes. Switching back and forth multiple times between the calendar and the keypad is so very convenient (and safe!) while driving...
  4. Under any circumstances it's fun to see a celebratory post like this, but it's especially exciting given its stark contrast with the thread title!! Great work!
  5. Ah, that would explain it. If you aren't on the lease, it won't report on your credit. Next lease (in your name) would report. Sounds like this "problem" will solve itself in time. With your high scores (make sure you're looking at FICO scores), you're already in great shape. I wouldn't waste the time / energy / money on an installment loan hack at this point. You're already super-prime.
  6. They're also really annoying because they're way too many digits to be convenient.
  7. For $449 a month it just needs to outperform a curling iron.
  8. It may take persistence and a sympathetic store manager at the retail point(s) of purchase, but it's worth a shot. At minimum I would also have an initial consultation with a real estate attorney. For me, the money order research would be secondary in priority, although there's probably no reason you can't pursue both at the same time.
  9. Here's an example. MSRP mid-$70,000s and up. Lease for $449 + taxes / inceptions, so probably shy of ~$20k OOP over 36 months. A one-pay lease would shave off a bit more. https://forum.leasehackr.com/t/449-a-month-audi-e-tron-ca-only/271476
  10. No idea if this is helpful or not, but it's worth a thought (even if this specific link isn't the silver bullet). https://www.thebalance.com/track-a-money-order-315482 Where did you buy the MOs? How did you pay for them? Can you backtrack through old bank statements/records to determine dates of cash withdrawals (if you paid that way)? Not looking for specific answers to these questions, just suggesting a thought process.
  11. https://www.realtor.com/news/unique-homes/why-hasnt-florida-historic-kellogg-mansion-sold/
  12. Yes, you need a new direction. I know it's premature, but they're practically giving away e-trons right now. One dealer in Southern California I checked recently had 130+ 2019s in stock.
  13. Purely a science question. Which study concluded that gathering at the beach is dangerous, but gathering to protest is not? https://www.latimes.com/california/story/2020-07-02/southern-california-beaches-closed-for-july-4th http://publichealth.lacounty.gov/media/Coronavirus/docs/service/GuidanceLawEnforcementProtest.pdf
  14. Remind me what you're driving, because I don't want one. Separately, I don't know what you look like so the face is completely blurred out, but I'm picturing you next in one of these.

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