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  1. What's still true, though, is that inquiries don't matter. If they did, you wouldn't have a vacation home or a couple of new credit cards.
  2. Who else is going to jump in while Barclays is still ?
  3. Thanks. Now I regret not asking for $77,777.
  4. I got six emails from monitoring services almost immediately after I submitted the request, so they did a fresh pull. I just looked more closely now, and it was TU.
  5. Speaking of Chase and high limits... TAD just got approved for the Amazon Prime card, issued by Chase. Limit: $5,000. This is his only Chase card. We closed his Marriott card earlier this year (had been in the $60k range thanks to combos, but they cut the limit in half in a pandemic-fueled credit panic).
  6. Wells Fargo must not be spending much ad money with The Carma.
  7. Issued by Cross River Bank. Categories appear to be pretty broad. https://www.upgrade.com/upgrade-card/triple-cash/categories/
  8. Barclays Aviator Silver +$25,000 to $75,000 This is now my second-highest single-card limit.
  9. I can go pick it up at their house tomorrow. The annoying part is choosing the delivery address based on the delivery date that was estimated at the time of order, and then having it change this significantly. I should have had it shipped to the closest HD store, with my mother as the alternate pick-up person. That would have given me the most flexibility.
  10. You can try some of the "preselector" sites. https://www.creditcards.com/cardmatch/ , for example, may yield some offers. If you find a match using something like this, we're more than happy to offer our opinions on a card before you apply for it. There are a lot of garbage cards out there. At this point I would be looking for V/MC/AE cards from major issuers. You may not get their most exciting product now, but you may be able to PC a card you get today to something more useful down the road (vs. closing the card when it no longer provides you with any value).
  11. I don't see where they display a separate cash advance limit. This is what the transfer process looks like when I attempt to dump the proceeds into a savings account. There is no notation that suggests that I can't transfer the entire limit. I do not trust PennFedd's technology at all, so I was unwilling to click Continue to see what happens next.
  12. This item was estimated to arrive on 6/29 when I ordered it yesterday. I had it shipped to my parents' house since I don't know where I'll be next week. But it's arriving tomorrow, and there won't be anyone at my parents' house until Monday.
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