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  1. Not enough info in your post to offer an opinion. Where did you see this on your account? While I was stabbing around, I did find my FICO Score back (and it's pretty fresh). The Print link may even be an enhancement. 😛
  2. On paper, this looks like a terrible idea. With a little sriracha, though... breakfast! 🐔
  3. For one thing, Capital One doesn't have surveillance cameras in every store that accepts credit cards.
  4. Why would you even consider trying to base what you can afford to pay every month for 15-30 years on a one-time windfall from 2020? Add this money to your down payment.
  5. This isn't a hypothetical scenario that gets debated in a 100-level business ethics class. This is governed by the contract you have with Chase. Read your account agreement.
  6. Thankfully I don't have to check my accounts to see if they're connected. I know they aren't connected. Because I can't connect them.
  7. Another batch of mismatched hangers is leaving California today, along with an accumulation of oversized plastic shopping bags.
  8. I'm down to my last 5 Tide pods ever. (No, I'm not eating them.)
  9. They can attempt to collect forever.
  10. Please, I'm begging you for some variety. I'm really tired of seeing the same people every time I log in.

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