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  1. I'm enjoying the dearth of breathless individual threads announcing approvals for Paul's Pipes & Plungers via the SCT. Perhaps this is a sign we've all grown up. With that said, approvals will always be important milestones for people in earlier stages of credit evolution, and they're always welcome in the master thread, where they continue to be celebrated. .
  2. I added 300 minutes to my AEBN account with my Quicksilver just last week. Charge went through like poop through a goose.
  3. Our Prius ad will be live on AutoTrader tomorrow. TAD asked for my help writing the ad, and then refused to take my suggestion to use commas with certain numbers ("10000" vs. "10,000"). To follow that up, he accused me of using improper English. He is on his own from here.
  4. Placing the blame on student loan debt is comical. Student loan debt is voluntary. It doesn't just show up like a tumor.
  5. I have a Staples spending offer on my Greenie ($10 back on $40). This is the most excitement I've had with the card in 2019.
  6. After I made this large payment I had the remaining balance recast again (reamortized over the remaining ~27 years). As of today the recast is complete, and as of 8/1 our mortgage payment (P+I) is $LOL.61.
  7. Thanks for the prompt to check my cards. I'm going to grab the $5 version of this offer 2x for BB&B gift cards. While I was checking I also found $10 back on $40 at Staples that I can use 3x. I haven't been in a Staples for a while, but I believe they still sell non-competing retailers' gift cards.
  8. It's really nice of you to want to help friends like this, but I think your time will be wasted. Serious delinquencies going back to at least 2014 + recent lates + currently maxed cards = you care about this more than they do. I wouldn't recommend doing much more than getting them oriented in the right direction. Encourage them to create an account here and tackle these themselves. I don't see the pattern of behavior changing because someone else mopped things up.
  9. Never-ending series of FOADs from Synchrony for me.
  10. It's been forever since I've tasted cow milk by itself. Tonight I took a sip before mashing potatoes with it to make sure it wasn't spoiled, and I honestly couldn't tell. Who drinks this crap?
  11. I just booked three nights at the Ritz-Carlton Tysons Corner in suburban DC for three nights in September. Conference rate is $249. I reserved with my Amex SPG/Vonboy, but I will probably pay with my US Bank Altitude Reserve for 4.5% back.
  12. Are you getting a financial incentive to use Lennar's captive mortgage company? If not, you should be able to close with anyone (many builders require loan approval [or at least preapproval] through their preferred lender, but that generally doesn't mean you have to close with them). Assuming I am correct and the builder is in the Lennar family, I'd be shocked if delaying closing by two months is an option.

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