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  1. I used $40 as an average estimate. Even without data I don't think you'd get much usage for $26 on a cell phone plan in 2001, especially when roaming charges were common. TAD's phone is currently on a friend's grandfathered 10-line unlimited T-Mobile plan that works internationally for < $19 a month. Data is throttled at some point. Not sure what the ceiling is, but I think he's only encountered it once.
  2. Stupid headline. It doesn't cost me anything to have 55% of Americans carry credit card debt.
  3. San Diego County Credit Union is paying actual money to the SAN Airport to advertise that you can use their web site to find surcharge-free ATMs.
  4. My only mobile phone is my work phone. When it breaks, they send me a new one. Best protection plan available. This approach has also saved me roughly $8,640 OOP for the service (18 years x 12 months x $40).
  5. The only thing less important to me in a credit card than the app is the APR.
  6. If I'm going to vlog it's going to be about Credit Gardening!!!
  7. Good lord. This is what happens when I go off-message about credit unions. Sorry about that.
  8. Is this on a leased BMW? I've read that BMWFS includes GAP in all its leases.
  9. BTW, even if you have an irrational fear of inquiries, picking up this Nissan Pathfinder with a softie doesn't change the fact that the card is a turd. The sign-up bonus is also sub-par compared to others out there. Even with the $100 a year air travel benefit it will take you years to get back in cash benefits what a real travel card issued by a real bank would pay you after spending the first $3,000-4,000. Is this the only SUB you can get right now?
  10. It isn't recent news that all an inquiry means to the reviewer is, "I asked someone to look at my credit report, just like you are doing now."
  11. No idea if this reports to the credit bureaus, but it could be a viable option for servicing this private loan. https://www.dcu.org/loans/friends-family.html
  12. I'm so glad to hear that you were able to unwind from that. By itself the $40 a month for GAP almost made me throw up my lunch. Best wishes as you find a more reasonable option.
  13. Yes, but technically only the first snack is free. And I can always buy Pringles for the whole row.
  14. Here is some info on varieties of balsamic vinegar. https://rouxbe.com/tips-techniques/332-how-to-choose-balsamic-vinegar I stopped at Whole Foods today, but they didn't stock any DOP. There is a vinegar and oil store in Coronado where you can taste before you buy. Mom raves about the place. I will be in San Diego again in about week, and I'll try to stop in.
  15. I was going back and forth between the shorts and a Canadian tuxedo.

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