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  1. Got it - I will let him know. Thank you both!
  2. Has anyone had luck getting a pay for delete from Tri-State Adjustments? Am asking for a cousin who received not one but two separate collections on his credit reports for a doctor bill and a piece of medical equipment that he was billed for years ago. Oddly, the amounts on the two collection entries are much less than the original amounts he owed to the medical company. He is willing to pay the full lower amounts if he can get a pay for delete. But maybe he should try disputing it because the amounts are not accurate? Please let me know if anyone has had dealings with this collection agency. TIA!
  3. Update: In the mail yesterday, I received a $0 balance statement from CA, with a letter saying they also sent it to the CRAs and requested that they remove the collection entry from my reports. I am cautiously optimistic that since they put it in writing, that they will probably remove it but I won't truly believe it until I see it!
  4. Possibly. I didn't think of that, but it is worth a try. So far, I have not received a response from anyone. Will try -- thanks!
  5. Thanks ubercat. I didn't think of that. I hope they will remove it. Otherwise, I will dispute it with the CRAs and add a note that I paid OC before the collection posted.
  6. Payment for medical equipment: My insurance company and the provider told me different amounts that I owed and I could not afford the higher amount. So as soon as I got the money together, I called the OC to pay it. They accepted my payment, sent me a receipt and told me they would notify the CA that the debt was paid. Two days later, the CA placed the collection account on my CR. I wrote letters to the execs of both the OC and CA, asking for a good will removal of the entry since I paid it before it was posted. I did not even have the chance to negotiate a PFD. To me it looks like the OC told the CA I paid it, and they posted the collection out of retaliation or spite. Should I also dispute with the CRAs just to be on the safe side? Right now, it is listed incorrectly. I don't owe the money anymore and their balance is off by a few cents (to be picky), so I could say the posting is inaccurate. Once the dispute is noted, the CA would probably just correct it to paid collection and forget about it. Worst case scenario is that I wait for it to drop off. I do have a BK7 that will be on my report for another several years, but I had worked so hard to avoid any lates and this collection was put on after I was clearly trying to work something out. Now this happens! Any advice greatly appreciated! TIA.
  7. Game of Thrones has no problem killing off major characters, often leaving the most evil of people alive and well. If Kurt Sutter finally killed off Clay, then there is a glimmer of hope that Gemma might be killed off, too. She is a walking black hole for the men in her life...even Nero found that out. I just wish Tara had told Jax that his mother had been involved in his father's death, and that she was driving under the influence when she crashed with the babies in the car. She keeps getting away unscathed and she always gets her way. I understand that KS really loves his wife, but enough is enough! If she doesn't get killed off, then at least I hope she is made to suffer for all the misery she has caused other people. But it would be better if Juice, Gemma and Unser get on a boat that sinks in the middle of the ocean.
  8. I haven't been so disturbed since Game of Thrones killed Ned, Cat and Robb Stark (along with Lady and Grey Wind) but left Joffrey, Cersi and Littlefinger alive. I told DH to watch it next season and tell me when/if Gemma dies so I can watch just that episode. It's just a show...just a show...
  9. I should have turned it off when I saw the dove at the beginning!
  10. Gemma...ugh!! Juice...ugh!! Unser...ugh!!! WTF!!!
  11. In the meantime, you might try looking in a couple of local pawn shops to see if you can find your stuff. May not pay off, but you never know... Just my .02. I've been there and it sucks!!
  12. Thanks. I don't know how soon it would sell. She was trying to sell it for years before she died, and just didn't want to let it go for the taxes. So she left it to me! I can't really do anything with it...except pretend to go camping! (I hate bugs and snakes...!) I was trying to get rid of it and do a good thing at the same time. I have contacted a realtor and he is working on it. Just don't know how soon we will get any nibbles, so I wanted to have a Plan B.
  13. My aunt left me a small piece of property in her Will. It is undeveloped, deeply sloped and in a little cul-de-sac with other lots that are not developed. However, it is in a gated golf and retirement community on a lake. The property itself is not lakefront property, but it is a short walk to the water. It is not in the state where I live, and there is no reason for me to build a house and go there. Instead of selling it, I was thinking of donating it to Habitat for Humanity or another charity for a tax write-off. Has anyone done this? Was it worth it? TIA!
  14. We have a big, strong Mastiff that we walk twice a day. He is almost 5 years old and weighs 150 pounds. A couple of weeks ago, he started limping in the house. But when he went out for his walks, he was as energetic as always without any limp. DH tried to examine his paw, thinking he might have stepped on something but he would not let him touch it (he growled and snapped at him, which is very unusual). We took him to the vet, they did x-rays and they discovered that his ACL had completely ruptured! He told us that no matter what treatment we decided on, he would have to lose weight. So we have some prescription reduced-calorie food that he has adjusted to already. We were given two surgical options: 1) the traditional replacement of the tendon with synthetic material; or 2) a TTA or TPLO, which involves cutting into the bone and putting in screws and plates. The second option is more than double the price of the first procedure. But he could not really give me any significant differences between the outcomes. Dogs who had both procedure were likely to have arthritis eventually. The second procedure is more invasive and I would think more painful. Has anyone had to make a decision like this? If so, which treatment did you choose and what happened with your dog? Thanks in advance!
  15. What is the next step up from an Ipod Classic for transferring lots of music? What tablet is best for storing a complete music library??
  16. I just wanted to add my well wishes and prayers to you and your doggie. It is so hard to watch any pet go through an illness. How is he doing? Just remember...you are not alone!
  17. Poor little guy! That's a lot of pressure on him, to get just one shot a year to get the weather right. And he gets threatened with the death penalty if he's wrong. While weather people everywhere get the weather reports wrong everyday, and they don't get threatened! Not fair...
  18. Just my two cents... But I have never worn scent to attract the opposite sex; I wear it because I like the way it smells personally. I think your scent falls into the same category with fashion style, hair style, make up, etc. It becomes a part of who you are, your personality, your preferences, your chemistry, etc. Of course, there are some people out there who wear a scent because their significant other likes it, or buys it for them. And some who wear something that they "think" the opposite sex likes, so they wear it to get their attention. But for me, it is a personal choice. And everyone is different. Getting back to your question, I don't think many men would feel comfortable wearing a "girly" scent; I am much more attracted to a man wearing a manly scent. I love Chanel No. 5, but I don't want to smell it on DH.
  19. Has anyone successfully been able to work out a "silent second" mortgage with Bank of America? I have been trying to get a modification on a severely underwater property that is still in my name after BK 7 discharge. If the bank will reduce the principal or give me the option to do a forbearance with a silent second, I might be interested. If anyone has been through this before, please let me know how you handled it. TIA!
  20. So glad that is over...Russell finally killed by Eric. And that horrible Rosalyn killed. Sam always gets incredible kills on this show. Don't understand why we saw every other vampire in the Authority get killed except the baby-eater. I hope he met a terrible true death. Also, I can't imagine what happened to Steve. I hope Luna doesn't die, now that she finally got Emma back. That would be too tragic... The multiple births at Merlotte's were strangely entertaining. Where did Jane Bodehouse come from??!! Poor Andy will need a lot of help raising 4 fae girls. I had a feeling that there was a spark between Tara and Pam...(sigh). And I am glad Alcide killed JD and took the pack from him. I hope Martha and Alcide's dad hook up. They make a nice couple. And Bill...there is no hope for him anymore. I guess Warlow will continue to be a mystery into Season 6.
  21. Yes...I was shocked by that, too! Now I don't feel too bad about what Margaret did deeding that land over to the church. But poor little orphan Tommy now has to deal with creepy Grandma Jillian!!! And Treme will be starting up again, soon. Getting back to TB, though, I can't believe that those fairies let Russell get to the elder like that. Why weren't they at least trying to help her while he was draining her??!! They could have zapped him while he was busy with his sucking, but they just stood there watching. Too bad Jason could not have waited another 5 seconds to call out for Sookie, just as elder fairy was telling Sookie more about Warlow. And Bill can go meet the true death anytime now, after what he has done. And enough with all the nudity! I admit that I enjoy seeing certain guys shirtless and occasionally naked (yes, I'm looking at you, Alcide), but it has gotten to where nobody keeps their clothes on anymore...except maybe Sookie, for obvious reasons! Pam and Tara are continuing to grow on me, and Jessica seems to be fitting in with them nicely too. Did not realize that Tara now has special feelings for Pam, which came out when Jessica was asking her questions. Interesting... Now if we could just get rid of the vampire authority, and especially Russell for good this time, they might get some relief. It is funny that even the fairies knew that Bill and Eric screwed up by letting Russell live. I knew Andy's little dalliance would come back to bite him in the butt. Poor Holly... And we did not see enough Lala this week. I feel sorry for the general. I wish Eric had figured out another way for him and Nora to leave the premises. The vampires actually looked a little alarmed by the evidence against them...but then they did not care, especially Rosalyn. I hope Sam and Luna can get Emma out of there before baby-eater finds her. Can't wait for the finale this Sunday...
  22. I thought I would be sad, too -- but I just want Salome and Nora gone. Also, Boardwalk Empire starts up again in September...AND Sons of Anarchy on FX. I'm afraid Tara might get in trouble for killing the new sheriff, too. The magister isn't around anymore to come punish vampires who kill other vampires, but the Authority might not like it very much.
  23. So glad only two more episodes to go... Can't wait until Salome and Nora meet the true death. I thought surely either Russell or Salome would end up dead after their little conflict. So sad that Molly gets the e-stake, but Nigel gets to continue eating babies and small children -- so wrong! I was happy to see Tara kick some butt. Nice to see Ginger again, screaming as usual. I think Pam was pleased. Hope Hoyt makes it safely and happily to Alaska. It is time for Jessica to shake some sense into Bill...unless he is bluffing. I'm tired of both Eric and Bill. Russell needs to be stopped from eating his way through Louisiana! I was horrified that Emma ended up with Steve. But at least he has enough sense to worry about the baby-eater. That was mean to tell her that Luna doesn't want her anymore. I hope Sam and Luna rescue her soon. Poor kid will need some serious therapy when this is over. Missed Alcide this week, but did not miss Terry and Arlene at all. Andy was so cute with Holly...too bad his world is going to change when he finds out he is going to be a daddy. Good to see Lala being his old self again. Poor Jason! Good riddance to creepy Mike Spencer!
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