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  1. Got it - I will let him know. Thank you both!
  2. Has anyone had luck getting a pay for delete from Tri-State Adjustments? Am asking for a cousin who received not one but two separate collections on his credit reports for a doctor bill and a piece of medical equipment that he was billed for years ago. Oddly, the amounts on the two collection entries are much less than the original amounts he owed to the medical company. He is willing to pay the full lower amounts if he can get a pay for delete. But maybe he should try disputing it because the amounts are not accurate? Please let me know if anyone has had dealings with this collection agency. TIA!
  3. Update: In the mail yesterday, I received a $0 balance statement from CA, with a letter saying they also sent it to the CRAs and requested that they remove the collection entry from my reports. I am cautiously optimistic that since they put it in writing, that they will probably remove it but I won't truly believe it until I see it!
  4. Possibly. I didn't think of that, but it is worth a try. So far, I have not received a response from anyone. Will try -- thanks!
  5. Thanks ubercat. I didn't think of that. I hope they will remove it. Otherwise, I will dispute it with the CRAs and add a note that I paid OC before the collection posted.
  6. Payment for medical equipment: My insurance company and the provider told me different amounts that I owed and I could not afford the higher amount. So as soon as I got the money together, I called the OC to pay it. They accepted my payment, sent me a receipt and told me they would notify the CA that the debt was paid. Two days later, the CA placed the collection account on my CR. I wrote letters to the execs of both the OC and CA, asking for a good will removal of the entry since I paid it before it was posted. I did not even have the chance to negotiate a PFD. To me it looks like the OC told the CA I paid it, and they posted the collection out of retaliation or spite. Should I also dispute with the CRAs just to be on the safe side? Right now, it is listed incorrectly. I don't owe the money anymore and their balance is off by a few cents (to be picky), so I could say the posting is inaccurate. Once the dispute is noted, the CA would probably just correct it to paid collection and forget about it. Worst case scenario is that I wait for it to drop off. I do have a BK7 that will be on my report for another several years, but I had worked so hard to avoid any lates and this collection was put on after I was clearly trying to work something out. Now this happens! Any advice greatly appreciated! TIA.
  7. Game of Thrones has no problem killing off major characters, often leaving the most evil of people alive and well. If Kurt Sutter finally killed off Clay, then there is a glimmer of hope that Gemma might be killed off, too. She is a walking black hole for the men in her life...even Nero found that out. I just wish Tara had told Jax that his mother had been involved in his father's death, and that she was driving under the influence when she crashed with the babies in the car. She keeps getting away unscathed and she always gets her way. I understand that KS really loves his wife, but enough is enough! If she doesn't get killed off, then at least I hope she is made to suffer for all the misery she has caused other people. But it would be better if Juice, Gemma and Unser get on a boat that sinks in the middle of the ocean.
  8. I haven't been so disturbed since Game of Thrones killed Ned, Cat and Robb Stark (along with Lady and Grey Wind) but left Joffrey, Cersi and Littlefinger alive. I told DH to watch it next season and tell me when/if Gemma dies so I can watch just that episode. It's just a show...just a show...
  9. I should have turned it off when I saw the dove at the beginning!
  10. Gemma...ugh!! Juice...ugh!! Unser...ugh!!! WTF!!!
  11. In the meantime, you might try looking in a couple of local pawn shops to see if you can find your stuff. May not pay off, but you never know... Just my .02. I've been there and it sucks!!
  12. Thanks. I don't know how soon it would sell. She was trying to sell it for years before she died, and just didn't want to let it go for the taxes. So she left it to me! I can't really do anything with it...except pretend to go camping! (I hate bugs and snakes...!) I was trying to get rid of it and do a good thing at the same time. I have contacted a realtor and he is working on it. Just don't know how soon we will get any nibbles, so I wanted to have a Plan B.
  13. My aunt left me a small piece of property in her Will. It is undeveloped, deeply sloped and in a little cul-de-sac with other lots that are not developed. However, it is in a gated golf and retirement community on a lake. The property itself is not lakefront property, but it is a short walk to the water. It is not in the state where I live, and there is no reason for me to build a house and go there. Instead of selling it, I was thinking of donating it to Habitat for Humanity or another charity for a tax write-off. Has anyone done this? Was it worth it? TIA!
  14. We have a big, strong Mastiff that we walk twice a day. He is almost 5 years old and weighs 150 pounds. A couple of weeks ago, he started limping in the house. But when he went out for his walks, he was as energetic as always without any limp. DH tried to examine his paw, thinking he might have stepped on something but he would not let him touch it (he growled and snapped at him, which is very unusual). We took him to the vet, they did x-rays and they discovered that his ACL had completely ruptured! He told us that no matter what treatment we decided on, he would have to lose weight. So we have some prescription reduced-calorie food that he has adjusted to already. We were given two surgical options: 1) the traditional replacement of the tendon with synthetic material; or 2) a TTA or TPLO, which involves cutting into the bone and putting in screws and plates. The second option is more than double the price of the first procedure. But he could not really give me any significant differences between the outcomes. Dogs who had both procedure were likely to have arthritis eventually. The second procedure is more invasive and I would think more painful. Has anyone had to make a decision like this? If so, which treatment did you choose and what happened with your dog? Thanks in advance!
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