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  1. Seriously? You locked my thread? WTF? A joint account reports as a joint account, right? So why would it be fraud? How could it be construed as lying? I don't know why you are getting your panites in a bunch over a freaking question.
  2. Yes, being added as a joint account holder. I am on my mom's CC and it helps my credit from what I can tell. I just dont know how lenders will look at it. Will it be enough? If so, I my mom can add my husband. But I don't know if it's worth the hassle.
  3. So how do lenders view joint accounts (assuming it backdates)? Will it count at all? Are they going to require proof of payments, and if so how many?
  4. Yes, a foreclosure in 8/2011. We have about a year left in our ch 13 but once out of the ch 13 I'm afraid we won't qualify as then our ch 13 case will be dismissed not discharged because we filed ch 7 in 2009 (did a "ch 20" to strip liens) So we have to buy soon but the lack of re-established credit is a problem. We have a very complicated situation here and I just spent the past week and a half trying to get approved, submitted so much paperwork it's not funny. Found out today the lack of re-established credit it the reason we were turned down, everything else ok. LO thought our current mortgage and car payments would count as re-established credit but underwriter won't count them as they are part of our bankruptcy paid through the trustee.
  5. My husband is trying to qualify for a mortgage under the new FHA "back to work program". We applied and would have gotten an approval except we do not have 12 months if re-established credit as we are in a ch 13 bankruptcy. So now I am trying to figure out if there is anyway around this. I am a joint account holder on one of my mother's credit cards (perfect payment history) and from what I can tell it reports as such in my credit report. If my mom added my husband as a joint account holder it would backdate I believe, but would a lender be willing to use a joint account as evidence of credit re-establishment? I know an authorized user wouldn't work, but not sure on a joint account holder. Any advice, thanks!
  6. Okay, so the LO sent me over the credit report. I'm having a hard time understanding it. It's like a summary of all three but only shows a fico from equifax. Maybe it's just equifax info? I pulled his credit from annual credit report and I could see his trans union. Same stuff on it as eqiifax and I signed up to get his score, which apparently is just a vantage score. Anyway, his TU vantage score is 679. I don't know what the difference between a vantage and fico is. But seems to me if he has a vantage score he should have a fico of some sort. I couldn't get his experian right now. The data didn't match up or something. That report will be mailed I guess. Called LO back with this info and she said she'd contact the bureau or something. She's curious too. maybe there was some sort of error. I hope so.
  7. We can add him. LO said they wouldn't help that much and if it was a joint account we'd have to show proof of recent payments by him to prove that it actually is his account. We will get approval to buy/sell the house. I do not think we will need approval for a secured credit card since it is tied to a savings account. As far as an AU, I've been an AU in account all along through BK attorney never said it was an issue. I don't think we need approval for that as we won't be taking on any new debt. I'm not sure why either, but she said that's what she has seen before.
  8. The LO specifically mentioned that the rapid rescore won't help with getting a new CC to report sooner.I don't know if that's true, but that's what she said. She thinks we are looking at about four months before we can move forward. Maybe she just said that because she doesnt offer the serviceI don't believe that is the case. She mentioned rapid rescore before she pulled his credit. And then when asking her about what we can do to get him a score quickly she mentioned that the rapid rescore isn't able to help with this particular issue. And anyway, I would guess that she would like to get us approved on a loan ASAP, as that's her paycheck. She's been a very helpful and responsive LO so far, and I've dealt with many who are lazy or flaky (at best).
  9. The LO specifically mentioned that the rapid rescore won't help with getting a new CC to report sooner. I don't know if that's true, but that's what she said. She thinks we are looking at about four months before we can move forward.
  10. Okay I just requested that the LO send me a copy of his reports. If she can't send me a copy I'll pull them myself. Will report back once I have more info.
  11. The loan officer told me the other two aren't giving him a score. I do not know what's reporting on the other two(if anything). We have no new debt and everything we do have (mortgage and car loan) are currently being paid through our ch13 so they probably show "included in bk". I can ask the loan officer for more info if needed.
  12. My husband and I would like to buy a house. We are in a ch 13 and had a foreclosure. Despite all of that we would still be approved except for the fact that his trans union and experian arent giving him a score. His equifax reports a 657. Loan officer recommends opening a secured CC, which we will do as I'm a NFCU member. However, she told us that it will take about 4 months for the card to report/bureaus to reflect the positive change. That's too long. We need to get him a 640+ score on the other two (at least one) sooner than that. What can we do? Any ideas? BTW, there's no new derogatory, just nothing new. Thanks in advance!
  13. Obviously I haven't tried it yet, but it is my impression that as long as I deposit funds into the savings acct they will issue a secured cc upon request. I do not plan on asking our trustee, it's a secured card- basically prepaid, so I fail to see the need to pay our attorney yet again to handle something else. From what I've read online secured CC's are a sort of gray area anyway when it comes to trustee approval. And FWIW, I've read online accounts of people getting unsecured CC's while still in bk, not that I'm attempting that. Oh, and have you added your husband to any of your open CC's? I have been an authorized user on my mom's citi card since before our ch7 and she added me to her kohl's account while I was in ch13. I think those two accounts will help me to some degree.
  14. We are still in a ch 13, so I only want a secured card right now. I was thinking of putting $3,000 for the joint cc and $2,000 each for indiVidual. I want the joint card to set up bills for auto pay, and then we will each have our own card for our expenses. My husband spends a lot each month on gas (and personal expenses) and I don't want to be worried about the balance on the joint card that's for bills, KWIM. I would have liked to set this up sooner, but we never had the extra money. We ended up getting mney back on our taxes (big surprise, we were expecting to owe!) so I'd like to get it all set up now. Worried about raising red flags though, especially if I add my husband, but he needs the NFCU more than I do.
  15. I have a medical bill from 6/2011 that was charged off and I recently received a letter from a collection agency. There was a lot of confusion over the bill, due to my private insurance, and as it turns out I do owe the amount. I can pay the bill, it is about $800. Am I correct that I send the OC the HIPAA letter with 'insert a"? I can't believe I let this happen as my credit was starting to improve. I just want to pay the darn bill and get the charge-off OFF my report. Thanks!

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