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  1. Just that single card. I've thought about asking Chase to match my 45k NFCU as my income has increased by about 25k over the last year.
  2. I have a 38k Chase Sapphire card. Used to be a platinum card back in 2000, then it was changed to a Freedom, now a Sapphire. I kept asking for CLIs every 6 months until I hit my max exposure. Never once did I have to provide paystubs, etc.
  3. And forgot to add that I have a 22k auto loan
  4. Also have 15k on navcheck, and 45k on their platinum card. Max on that card is 50k. Might aim for it in October
  5. Looking for suggestions on a new wallet that is under $40. I currently have a tri-fold with just a few slots. I'm looking for black, leather, and has more than 4 slots plus window for drivers license. I'm open to usign a bifold too. It will house my NFCU debit card, NFCU platinum, Amex BCE, Chase Sapphire, Lowes, and Best Buy store card.
  6. I think anything over 25k requires a manual review from the board at NFCU. I know thats been the fact for me after 25k. I went from 25k -> 27.5k -> 30k -> 33k -> 40k. Each of those were 3-5 day messages, usually taking less than a day to get approved. The last one from 33k -> 40k did not involve a hard pull for some odd reason.
  7. My 61 day recently passed and I decided to try a large CLI with my Amex BCE. My original starting limit was $20,900. So I aimed to go to 35k for the increase. I am fully aware of the 4506t they might ask for or paycheck info, etc. I'm up for the process if it happens. Nothing to hide. Amex instantly counter-offered for $22,300. Only a $1400 increase. I went ahead and accepted it. I only ran about $200 through the card since getting it. As for NFCU - It had been about 4-5 months since my last CLI on my Platinum card. I just got done paying down a $7000 balance to around $200. I t
  8. Nice going! I'm waiting for "CaptainOver" to say its a Photoshop job
  9. Where's that "CaptainOver" guy now? Hiding I bet...
  10. http://www.forbes.com/sites/greatspeculations/2013/01/11/samsungs-bendable-phone-could-break-apples-innovation-hegemony/?partner=yahootix This "Hegemony" guy just wrangles his way into Forbes.com. Kinda like the guy that shows up at the night club and is not on the invite list, but cool enough to get past the bouncers. Nice job Hegemony!
  11. I'll be the guinea pig in March and ask to go from 16k to 25k.
  12. I'll post a screen shot of mine too if it helps de-bunk CaptainOver. I'll make sure to post when I go above 16k.
  13. Maybe myself? I asked back in late November. How soon should I try the UW again?
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