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  1. From Citi or overall? Edit: And by what criteria?
  2. Chase still seems to be into those blink cards, which I'm not particularly a fan of.
  3. Now I think Citi's screwing with me: they just sent an email that reiterated the categories the Forward gets 5x on.
  4. With the Forward now completely out of their catalog, I'd expect to see them get converted to its successor, namely this card. Speculation on my part, but they're trying to curb TYP earn rates, and the Forward is a big impediment to that. I'd love to be proven wrong, but I don't think I will be.
  5. No change on mine, but my old one's set to expire and I'm getting the activate new card notice. I've also had to change my password nearly every time I've logged in recently, which is really squeezing a lemon me off considering how strong they require the passwords to be and can't use the last five.
  6. Citi's always been good with reallocating limits to get you into a new card. If you want it, app it and if you get the call us message, just call and move things around. If you don't have a 2% card, this is a pretty good one so far as I can tell.
  7. With Citi going full tilt revamping the Thank You program and it's associated cards, I wouldn't expect the Forward to maintain its rewards structure for too much longer. So don't kick yourself too much for missing your chance. For now, if you know how to work TYP's, it's still the best overall card for its categories.
  8. Looks like they've discontinued Forward, all together. Looks like they've discontinued Forward.
  9. Using it with my Prestige nets around $600 a year.
  10. 5 points for dining out? The Forward is one of my favorite cards and has a solid limit of $30K Forward is one of the best cards in existence, unless yours isn't grandfathered.
  11. Even with different numbers, you can still use the old card and they merge the cards when the new one's activated. Last time I went from Visa to MC and it worked, though it took a few days for everything to consolidate properly.
  12. So they will send out the new card within 7-10 days like a new app? That was my last experience.
  13. Mine was immediate, with the ability to back out of it within 45 days.
  14. Call in, front line can take care of the PC so long as the old card is one year old. They did it with my HHonors card no problem at 53 weeks without a pull. Edit: It looks really good, and doesn't have any weasel language about points. I'd rather have a 2% Visa vs. a 2% Amex any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

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