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  1. That is correct sir! I developed that spreadsheet. I just updated mine and we look the same. I am embarking on a bumping round for myself this month and was in here to update my table from Bob's data. Thanks Bob!
  2. How can I tell? pull your report at TU directly and look. Near the top of the report it will say so.
  3. yep I was being impatient. The TU hard dropped today. I guess the TU soft counter needs to be updated.
  4. cool! That's good to hear. Is your TU backdoor report "enhanced"? (mine is) Can't wait for my 10/22 to drop off. stubborn little bas@#rd that one. Maybe I am being impatient.
  5. well that's whacked b/c my Oct 22 TU from ELAN is still on my report even with 49 pulls with SCP and 11 qualifying "other softs" per the TU soft counter....wtf So nobody else is having B* issues on TU? Maybe it will happen once SCP hits 56
  6. Should still be working. There's the issue of "enhanced" TU reports showing B*'d hards, and whether creditors can also see them. Hey Bob, yeah know about "enhanced". In fact I am the lucky recipient of said "enhanced" report...lol Maybe the TU soft counter is in error. At least nobody else is seeing this with TU B* but me so far. I'll know for sure once SmartCredit hits 56 in 6 more days and my other bonus softs will be moot. I will report back then. Fingers crossed.
  7. Is B* still working on TU? The counter says 60 and nothing has come off. The hard is ELAN and they usually come off. I have about 49 pulls on SmartCredit right now.
  8. Is B* still working on TU? The counter says 60 and nothing has come off. The hard is ELAN and they usually come off. I have about 49 pulls on SmartCredit right now.
  9. Is B* still working on TU? The counter says 60 and nothing has come off. The hard is ELAN and they usually come off. I have about 49 pulls on SmartCredit right now.
  10. yikes I haven't been watching closely my TU B* but just did a TU BD today and also have the new and improved "enriched report". All previously B* hards are there. Not losing sleep over this though. This is speculation but I wonder if this "copy" is a running "archive" copy of your file that is only displayed to the account holder so you can review all your old data (even removed/disputed items) for YOUR sake only?! Wishful thinking of course, just throwing that out there. Fortunately, these do not appear on the reports made available to creditors....let's hope this is not a harbinger of thinks to come later....I doubt it. Keep B* bros! Full steam ahead!
  11. NJ C* on sched - the 18th. Only soft remaining is Oct 18th and Sept 30th on today's EQC report.
  12. thanks for the advice breeze...will be careful. The ones I had removed were in fact inaccurate and they went via legitimate methods nothing like you mentioned above but ts good to know that those types exist out there and to avoid them.
  13. I've had them removed in two weeks by a service and have done some myself. Just can't be bothered doing it myself anymore. I have bigger fish to fry.
  14. I am B* ing EQ and TU inquiries but looking for a reliable inquiry removal service for Experian. I need to speed this baby up. Time is money. Can anyone suggest one? You can PM me if you know of any.
  15. perhaps the counter needs an update? My Aug 10th hard hasn't fallen off and I am at >56 http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=469567&view=findpost&p=4751431
  16. no such thing as stickies on TU...right?! http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=469567&view=findpost&p=4751431
  17. This is odd...well over 56 and my hard from Aug 10th is still on my report...huh?! What am I missing?
  18. hrguy download and use my spreadsheet (you can do "what if" scenarios with it as well as keep track of your pulls) both hards and softs count towards jamming the queue up to 84/85, whatever. once you hit that both hards and softs start falling off, the oldest ones first. don't over think it. its FIFO. Like a push pop. just picture all your hards/softs lined up in date sorted order. the queue can only hold about 85 then they are removed (no room for them)
  19. why cancel USAA? Its only $12/mo? When you try to cancel they will offer you 50% off! Use 4 pullers starting Sept 21 and they'll all be gone 21 days later. Its that simple.
  20. keep pulling! 7*4=28 +52=80 short by 5 so only 18 hards fall off doesn't $uck... get em next month
  21. yeah no kidding...TU B* is boring. One puller only, no complex challenging deadlines to beat...etc. like you have with EQ B*. Not even sure why I even bothered putting a counter column for it in my spreadsheet.
  22. took over half an hour to cancel Equifax subscription. That place is a joke.

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