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  1. So I did bankruptcy 10 years ago. I know most people looking here to fix there credit rating but I actually didn't want to use credit again. Then I went into the local credit union(canada) and she looked at my credit report and said it's all messed up, no information, like even current address. Which is strange because before the end of the 9 years, I looked at my credit report and it was sent here to this address. So she didn't open an account for me. Bank account. Any account. So on one hand I would like to be open another bank account, on the other hand I don't want to fix my credit information, after all it wasn't me who messed it up! It is also not me who is selling that information as current and correct. So it my choice or obligation to make sure the file is correct?! Btw: I have a business account at TD for the last 1 1/2. I don't think they did credit check. I also have a Zoom card that I use for purchases. I think that is like a secure credit card, so where are they reporting?! Thanks for all the comments.
  2. Nice Canadian picture
  3. Actually I would not believe NCO as they are also not suppose to call before writing first and yet I got the call the same day they wrote the letter, which I received a week later. I never understand why they think we need to fix "our" credit report?!
  4. Maybe ask or fill out a complaint form. http://consumerprotectionbc.ca/images/content/inquiries/debt%20collection%20complaint%20form%202011.pdf

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