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  1. A lot of people have asked how to remove a state paid tax lien from your credit report since it still impacts negatively your credit score. Here in New York there is currently a bill that has yet to get voted on called S.2834 of 2015. This bill will make it possible to withdraw a paid tax lien. There was a similar bill introduced in the past called S2409-2013. Unfortunately it sat for too long and expired. If you are living in New York please contact your legislator and show support for this measure to get approved. I just spoke to mine (I live in Brooklyn, New York) and he was the one that me
  2. There seems to be a little more taxes that I owe for that year, what I thought of doing was sending a tax amendment and with the new balance have it somehow vacate the tax warrant based on erroneous amount on the tax warrant (since it's more). The lady said I cannot do that, the only way to vacate is if I did not owe anything at all. Any suggestions?
  3. The tax warrant was from taxes owed in 2009. What I don't understand is why it took them this long to process this information. It was filed this year and the only reason why I knew about this was because it showed up in my credit report. I paid the full amount right away. I am in the process of obtaining the court documents to look into any discrepancies since the fine gentlemen at the state office claim there is nothing they can do.
  4. I paid a tax warrant that was reporting on my CR. But now I want it removed, what are the steps necessary to do this?
  5. I was told that I needed a good / perfect score for a year before buying a home... Can my credit score from previous years be checked? and If so... if certain items were deleted recently... would they be listed in the past? Or once deleted now is deleted in all....
  6. I do not know the account information, I don't have it. I believe I specified that in the OP. They are asking for acct#, so what am I to do other than reply with " I don't have that information "
  7. All I am getting is "their" account number, not the OC's acct #
  8. I am requesting SST to provide me with DV on the debt they claim I owe them. So far they have not given me the name/ address of the original creditor or a bill statement from the OC or anything to validate that they own and have the right to pursue this debt. So far what they have given me is their own bill print out with their SST company letterhead as if they themselves are a credit card company. They claim this is enough DV, does anyone has had experience with them?
  9. they are allowed to ask why you are disputing if you were not specific. validity of what? The account in general. I have no knowledge of it and saw it on my credit report. I asked to be verified since HSBC is reporting it. They sent me a letter to ask for information like account number which I don't have because I don't have this account.
  10. credittrouble and rmiller0410 what did you two do when you received the letter from them?
  11. MonkeyBelly can I take a look at the letter you wrote?
  12. I am trying to have a 30 day late delete from my Capital One account that happened in 12/2007. I sent them a letter but they replied the same gift-wrapped crap (After looking into things we found that we did reported the accurate information, blah blah blah). I sent them a Goodwill letter to have this late payment amended not a verification letter... What would my next step be? Should I keep sending the same letter hoping a human reads it? Or are there other tactics? Has anyone had any luck with 30 day deletes?
  13. I just received a response to a DV letter I sent to a debt collector on a phone bill. The date on the bill is 12/2006. Can they still pursue this debt? Is it expired already and must be deleted? What's the verdict? I live in NY and the SOL is 6 years on everything...yay... (not really lol)
  14. If they cannot validate in the 30 day period that I disputed with Equifax, then they must delete right? Can they try to re-insert it again? I mean, if they had my information on file they it should've had been validated already without me putting my 2 cents in....
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