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  1. So with a 706 & 709 showing on credit karma right now and a “Pre-Qualified” offer from only discover what would you apply for? On credit karma it is showing the possibility of being approved for 1 of 3 different chase cards... I do have a heckling account with them but I had applied back in January I believe so does that matter much? Umm, ignore credit karma in general. Most of their pre-qualified offers are advertisements. You will likely get Cap 1 and maybe Discover will bite.
  2. Were you able to get some good SL on new primaries?
  3. I would like to bump this since my brother is in his repair process. Things may have changed from a few years back. Any updates? Hoping he can get a 15K Chase Freedom. I wonder if Synchrony Walmart will approve with just AUs as well.....
  4. loops77

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    A CFPB against Equifax or against the CC issuer? EQ wont delete a Discover charge off AU, but they deleted every other AU.
  5. Just wondering, was anyone able to still be an authorized user on most issuers? I hear that Amex wont even allow that. Any others?
  6. Hey yall, I havent been here for a while, but I'm repairing my brothers credit report, which should be clean by next month. I don't remember how issuers view just aged AUs on reports. Can you still get healthy limits? Brother has no primaries, but has very high income.
  7. Capital One still uses 04 Fico guys...
  8. Penfed has a 0 percent offer for 12 months. Not the greatest, but...does Penfed actually do a credit check for a balance transfer if you already have a card? I know its a credit union, but their little disclaimer makes me ask...
  9. Yes, last time i applied, it was 04
  10. I think so. I asked for a CLI on my Citi ard on Black Friday..from 8k to 25k. Got it within hours with no hard pull.
  11. A clean report with high limit AU cards can get you some good limits if you are auto-approved and the scores themselves are high enough. I applied for an Amex delta with a 20K BOA AU and some 9 year old accounts, got a 27K limit. The trick is to making sure the utilization on the card is low and that the score is high over all. I also got 10K from Cap1
  12. I noticed that my cash advance limit changed from 50K to 10K. Anyone else? They are still not charging interest. LOL
  13. Approved for 8K in October..In November, I asked for 25K online. Approved a few hours later without a hard pull. I've mostly been opening new cards and moving limits around at Citi lately. My new TY Premier is now my highest limit card as a result. It's a long story how that card, which isn't a keeper, ended up this way. Citi allows you to move limits now? Awesome..
  14. Aww, Discover closed the loophole? Rats Congrats though OP
  15. Use a bit of common sense here..15 accounts that are not even 3 months? Give it a little time...
  16. I'm no guru, but I am pretty proud of being able to secure about 20 accounts with a total credit line around 350K. I've reached all of my goals and yes, it is pretty easy to get complacent. I got a soft pull increase to 30K from Amex yesterday, and it barely made me smile. I try to check in at least once a month and look for ways I can improve...or I will tend to slip back into old habits.
  17. Congrats, but should have gone for 25K.
  18. Got another 1K increase..about 30 days after last one. Going to try again in 15 days since it seems like that is the pattern? Total is 5500 now..started me off with 3500 lol
  19. DCU did this to me years ago. I had to send them the check.

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