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  1. Thank you! Some people are pushing me to request for $30,000 cli @61 days but that's too much and I don't need that right now. I could have been approved for $30,000 though if I request for it. I have everything to back up my application income. I will request for $30,000 by 6 month mark. More work to do but no Apps till January 2013... Garden time!! Lol
  2. Lol...Thanks y'all. Amex is amazing and I was backdated to 1990. What a great boost. You can't get that anywhere, I will apply for another card from Amex in January to fully benefit the AOAA. Special thanks to all you guys in this forum, if not for you guys I wouldn't have known about 3x credit limit increase @61 days. If anyone wants a Stella credit report this is the forum to come to. Creditboard forum helped me a lot. I will call chase to increase my Freedom card to $20,000 or $25,000 after 90 days. I was initially approved for $10,000. I will make chase to match my Amex BCE or come close to it. My goal is to reach 800 score all across the board by January 2013.....What do you think guys? Do you think all this is do able??
  3. Today is 61 days of my Amex BCE. Initial credit limit of $10,000....I requested for $25,000 and it was approved within 3 second. Am very glad with that. I was hoping for counter offer but my full request was granted. I almost tempted to request for $30,000 but dediced not to. I don't need that much anyways. With $0 balance reporting and 3% of overall credit utilization reporting. Amex soft pull my Experian on June 28 and July 3. Experian Fico: 789, Equifax Fico: 784, Transunon Fico: 785

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