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  1. My son is 19 and trying to build new credit. I have him added as AU on 3 of my cards but he is still having a difficult time getting credit. What are the best banks for him to start with? He already tried with local credit unions and I think he would have better luck with large naional banks. His objective is to gain funding so that he can eventually lease a car. He has asolid steady income. Thanks!
  2. I can tell you that they did not for me and i am in eastern PA. I know because I moved and never paid my final balance and then 2 years later tried to open a cash account and they said that I had at one time owed some money that was never paid. later i checked my business credit report and despite the collection there was no report of it on my DNB. hope this helps. also sherwin williams owns Duron and i think possibly MAB.
  3. Does anyone know if UCC filings appear on you personal credit report. My question pertains to a property i own and am leasing but hold a deed for as well as a UCC filing. My credit shows a mortgage for the property but I believe that it would only be fair for not just my payment history to be reported from the mortgage company on my CR but also a UCC lien that I hold against the person leasing from me. In other words I want my Credit Report to reflect the fact that though I do hold a mortgage I also hold a lien and by filing a UCC I believe that it will reflect the fact that there is a renter paying the mortgage and that the money is not coming from my earnings, therefore affecting my borrowing power. Any one out there with experience on how to have my credit report show a UCC filing that I hold against someone.
  4. Hi, I must be missing something because I keep seeing people who offer companies with paydexes and letters of credit in the 6 figure range and they are all relatively new companies with no real purpose. Today I had a company offer me an established corp with $300k in funding. I have read enough here to know that I should only give a small deposit (just kidding!). My question is how is it that these false companies who conduct no business at all and have no employees are able to get funded at that level, but yet there are people here who operate real companies and have a hard time getting small lines?
  5. bizbuilder


    the idea was to try to aviod the AU approach because the credit gods no longer value that form of ownership due to all of the schemers out there. Joint/cosigner was the only option and just wanted to know if anyone knew wether signing as a cosigner would lower the limit on the existing account -- i.e. would they split the limits between the old one and allocate some over to the new one?
  6. Hi, hope someone might have an answer for this. If a company has a good rating and the listed director applies for a bank card, then the director gets de-listed and replaced with a new director can the new director then apply at the same bank with the same business? Will the first director's card still stay open?
  7. bizbuilder


    If my father cosigns for me to get a new CC at a bank he already has a CC with, will it affect his limit on his existing card and/or score?
  8. hey lady! im having a similar prob with BA. I only have 2 cards and my late was 30 bucks or something like that and I begged but they are stone cold. if you come u wtih any ideas let me know. good luck on with your battle. BA is ruining my cred and wont listen to reason.
  9. my score is close to 700 but the 30 day late with bank america and discover is the problem. I applied at several places and they said that they couldnt approve because i had lates. Anyone?
  10. what specifically is in the GW letter. would it help if the reason was military related or should I omit that fact?
  11. I know, but i have a boring life and would like to complicate it with more unnecessary cards.

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