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  1. Yeah, I didn't mean to misrepresent in the title. Thanks, looks like this is the route I will have to try.
  2. My wife has been working the past few years pulling her credit score up from the 500s to around 760-770. I track all of cards in Mint and we check credit scores monthly. Last night we realized that her TransUnion score had dropped 130+ points. After some research, we figured out why. She has a Comenity store card that has been opened for a number of years (from Loft, I think). At some point within the past year, she was offered an upgrade to the card, and she said sure, whatever. She made a purchase for less than $100 and figured she was fine because the account was set up for autopay. The account took on many of the old settings from the previous account, such as paperless billing, however autopay was not one of them. And of course, she never checked her emails, which would have let her know that there was a balance on the card. I couldn't see it in Mint because the number on the card had changed and all I could see was the old card, which looked fine. We paid it off this morning, but the credit score hit has really deflated her. I realize that this is all technically our fault, but I still feel that Comenity is a little shady in this whole situation. Maybe I'm just pissed. My question: Is there anything I can do about this? We've both worked quite hard to fix our credit and improve our scores and this is quite the setback. Any advice is appreciated. Thank you!

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