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  1. janine510

    Sears Report Code 25

    I just applied about 8:00 pm this evening and got same message and at the top of the message it said "unable to process your application" and to call the number, he just verified my address and verified my phone number then sent me a text and asked me to give him the code that he text and then he put me on hold and approved for $2300. I have been trying to get a Sears card since 18 years old and never never been able to get one and today at 41 years old I said I got nothing to loose and BOOM!! Still can't believe it!! Have to go into the store to use account before my card comes, excited about tomorrow:-)
  2. janine510

    Closed on my mortgage yesterday and now questions

    When I left my closing (on a Tuesday) I had "keys in hand" and I went directly to Home Depot and started shopping and while shopping I was on the phone with Chase getting my cards increased, then when I got home I went on an app spree (approved for several cards) and by Saturday purchased a car. So I would agree, have keys in hand. I have been in my home 2 years now. Hope this helps.
  3. janine510

    Mortgage Process & Self employment income Questions

    They will go by the total income on Tax Return (adjusted gross income). Then if I remember correctly they did an average. Purchased a home 2 years ago and my income was a combination of W2 and self employment. No issues. Good Luck!
  4. janine510

    *BETA* Automatic INQ Counter for EQ and TU

    ok thanks Shifter, will do!! Happy Friday!
  5. janine510


  6. janine510

    *BETA* Automatic INQ Counter for EQ and TU

    @ Shifter how will I know when B will occur since TU counter telling me I have almost 200? Any ideas...
  7. janine510


    No luck for me first time I tried was about and hour ago, then I tried a before this post and got same message. "Already pulled blah blah blah" Went to Quizzle pulled fine for me.
  8. janine510

    *BETA* Automatic INQ Counter for EQ and TU

    What am I doing wrong? I put my TU softs in the counter and it's telling me I have like 154. I have tried deleting some of the verbiage and it still tells me I have over 100...someone please tell me what I am missing. Thanks
  9. janine510

    EQ not updating Credit Limit or Balance Paid

    EQ does not report for me either (almost 1 year) and I would have to dispute for things to update. The last dispute I did for update DELETED one of my auto loans. So now I am gardening so I won't worry about for now.
  10. janine510

    Mortgagee HELOC ?

    Nevermind found it!
  11. janine510

    Mortgagee HELOC ?

    When you apply for a HELOC do they check all 3 bureaus as if you where applying for a new home loan? or are they willing to check only your best one if requested? Thanks
  12. janine510

    Inquiry Pull

    Anyone know why when I pull report for EQ it is showing on separate lines? I has not done this before, could this be something new? QUIFAXBLK 03/26/13, 12/17/12 Equifax Consumer Services 01/17/14 ND-Equifax Consumer Services 03/20/14 ND-Equifax Consumer Services 03/19/14 ND-Equifax Consumer Services 04/07/13
  13. janine510

    Total Rewards Visa by Comenity

    Hope not, my EQ score is 731 according to AMX and USAA. I only have 2 other inquiries and low balances on 3 store cards, and no balances on my Major cards. We will see what happens...
  14. janine510

    Total Rewards Visa by Comenity

    I applied yesterday for Total Rewards and they pulled EQ for me. I got the 7-10 day message, so I called just a few minutes ago and the guy said it normally takes 7-10 days and I will be notified via mail.

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