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  1. Last I checked her scores on Credit Karma (only service we have her under) they were over 700.
  2. I have been considering attempting to get a HELOC on my home. Current balance is about 136k. "zestimate" (obviously not a great estimate of value) is about 314k. My FICO is 741, my wife and I have a combined income of 65k per year. No balances on anything but the house and one vehicle. Trying to see what my odds are?
  3. I havent heard hide nor hair since implementing the HIPAA process dispute...its been about 2 months i believe...how long does it usually take?
  4. DCU did right by me. Refinanced my SUV from 25% interests down to 8%. And to boot offered me my 2nd highest card based on the credit report from the truck loan app.
  5. I had same issue. I bought a tablet from Daily Steals that was supposedly "factory refurbished". It showed up, in a plain brown box, no manual, beat to ****. I emailed daily steals, they didnt want to help. So I disputed with Barclays. They had me send in pictures, then I had to pay a local computer shop to write a letter stating the condition of the item, whether they thought it was refurbished or not, ect. In the end, I won the dispute.
  6. Your better off going with debt condolidation of some kind if your credit is that bad. As previously mentioned the only lender likely to offer you credit is going to be a sub prime vulture with rediculous interests rates that will get you into even more trouble.
  7. Marv, I may have overlooked it, is it longer/shorter?
  8. Sol in floridas 7 years, its still got about 6 months to go..
  9. I have a 6+ year old auto reposession from SAFCO (Southern Auto Finance Company). It is slated to supposedly come off between September and October of this year. Being that close to them being beyond the SOL, would it make sense to even dispute it with the Whychat Defeciency dispute process or just leave it alone at this point? Im worried Ill be "stirring the hornets nest" on something that will go away soon, but Im in the process of buying a house and that not being there would signifigantly help...
  10. Oh. Is there a way to get an accurate soft count?
  11. I finally got TU to let me back in through the backdoor dispute process. I posted my list of "softs into the tu counter and it came back with this... Total Permissible Purpose softs found: 119 WTH? I thought only 60 were needed?
  12. Sorry, yeah i meant creditkarma not SmartCredit. I didnt realize smartcredit even changed...
  13. No, Im rpetty sure it was a result of the trade in. I was pretty young at the time, I dont even think I had my first credit card at that time.
  14. I just refinanced an autoloan I have today. Since they new bank will be paying off the old bank, should I see a jump in credit score? I remember this happening a long time ago on my first loan (I financed a car, traded it in a year or so later, and my score shot through the roof since the original loan was "paid" off.).
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