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  3. That makes sense! So I need to post at least once every 6 months? I’m assuming the creditpulls database counts towards that?
  4. Haha that’s awesome! I normally read them as a last resort. Like after the 5th failed attempt and hours spent.
  5. Thanks!! I guess I couldn’t ever figure out how to post, and that was maybe the reason. being a guy, I tend not to read instructions, lol.
  6. Definitely do the pre qual through cap 1. I work at a dealership in Texas, and this is sometimes what I use to see if a customer is able to get bought short of having to put a hard pull on their profile. Stay away from buy here pay here lots. They don’t help your credit, and their vehicles are garbage. They normally buy them for the amount they require you to put down, so it’s all profit after that. It actually is better for them if you repo bc they can turn around and sell it again and make another huge profit.
  7. Check out some of the mortgage brokers out there. I just bought a house 2 months ago, and shopped around 8 different lenders. Some of the local guys were hitting me at 5.625%, but I managed to find a couple out of town that were offering 4.25-4.5% going FHA. My score wasn’t great, my middle score was a 634. The brokers may be your best bet for a sub 620 score, but keep in mind there are so many other variables they consider. There are a number of mortgage lenders that do the rapid rescore like others have said, and that will help.
  8. I had a delinquent account through a Credit Union at my college years ago. This was one of many at that time (20+). The best advice I can give you is to make good with them. Out of all of those accounts, the credit union was the only charge off (out of 20+) that actually sent me a lawsuit certified mail. And they tracked me down years later after moving to a different state. I ended up settling all of the delinquent accounts prior to knowing that a settled collection/charge-off in no way helped my score. Do what you can to at least talk to them about your situation. Dodging calls never did me any good... if you talk to them, there are a bunch of ways they can help!
  9. It’s saying the link is invalid...
  10. I hear ya! I was in the same boat and didn’t think I needed credit. I had great credit up until my early 20s, then a series of bad decisions left me in a ton of debt and over 20 delinquent accounts. I managed to rebuild with a cap one card with a 300 and 500 limit, but managed to burn them a couple years ago by not paying for 5 months. I then thought, I may need to have credit one day... I paid the past due amount and fees, which was more than the limit on the small card, which brought them to just below maxed out. To my surprise, I received a cli from 300 to 1800 after just 5 months. From that point I was hooked on the credit game.
  11. Love it! It is fun to mess with these guys, but I typically screen my calls. It’s tough because I’m in sales and kind of need to answer.
  12. Congrats! Still trying to get there after being on this site for 6 years lol.
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