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  1. Just a brief update. I got a voice message on my phone from them. I did not hear the phone ring so I missed the call. They said to call about a pending debt. This is after I told them to never call me again. A big law firm that advertises heavily here on Personal Injury stuff has just started advertising for clients who are getting these calls on old expired debt. They say you may be entitled to $1500 under federal law if you get one of these calls. I really don't want to do that but I am so sick of this.
  2. I never did anything since the last post. But they just called back and the guy just kept demanding money. He had no idea who the original creditor was. This has been over 15 years since chargeoff. And there had been no payments for at least six months before then. Time to get off my butt and do something. Would it do any good to record the call? My experience in the past is that they always lie about everything. Might be good to have a recording. I am in Tennessee but not sure if they allow recording calls. This guy actually told me to file a police report if I was having a pr
  3. I was forced to retire way to early. Was in a really bad car accident caused by another driver. He lied and said it was my fault but there was a police officer behind me who backed me up.. I collected the maximum insurance but it was not nearly enough to cover even medical bills. My auto insurance was also maxxed out and My medical insurance from work covered a lot. We sued and found the guy had about $100 in assets. He was over 80. Bottom line is that we lost everything and had to start over. I could never work again. M y wife kept working and we get by but have had to rent since the
  4. Update: Thanks for the reply. I got another call two days ago that went to voicemail. Nice sounding lady who said she wanted to make payment arrangements with me on my outstanding debt. She said she was from Dominion collections and it had to be taken care of immediately. Obviously I will not call her back. Not sure it is the same debt, but I cannot imagine anyone else calling me on debt this old. No one ever sued me because these companies went through a number of quick mergers before I defaulted. I don't think anyone has any information other than a printout claiming I owe the mon
  5. I have done two FOAD letters in the last two years. Each was sent CMRRR. They don't help.
  6. The three credit card debts charged off in 1999 or 2000 I never paid on the account again and they went to collections in approximately 2000. . These debts were from credit card companies that sold out and over the first two years of default they bounced around three or four credit card companies (lots of quick mergers in those days). Ended up with Chase a couple years after my last payments. Went through a lot of collection agencies and I never paid anyone on these after default. By 2008, the SOL had expired. Still got some calls but I just told them the SOL had expired. About 15 mo
  7. UPDATE I sent in my FOAD letters (one for each account) 15 months ago. They were sent CMRRR. Yesterday I received two new letters (one for each account). Each one stated "you did not reply to our original letter".. So do I send them another FOAD? I cannot find the proof of mailing the previous ones. We moved and I am sure I have them, but cannot put my hands on them.
  8. I was picked for a jury trial where the defendant was charged with failing to pay a cover charge of $2.50 at a bar. I could not believe this went to a jury trial. They had two prosecutors and two defense attorneys trying the case. We could not understand why such a insignificant crime would result in a jury trial. It took a whole day to try. Our initial vote was 5-1 in favor of acquittal. I was the only one voting to convict. The other jurors told me they thought the defendant was justified in his actions because a cover charge was just wrong. They said they would have done the same th
  9. In early February I got a letter from them trying to collect on a debt that was not identifiable. It had gone through numerous owners and may originally have been mine, but I don't think so. They said the original creditor was FirstUSA and I owed over $7500. I never had a FirstUSA credit card, but they may have purchased my account from another creditor at some time more than ten years ago. From what I could find out, the last payment was over ten years ago. My state has a six year SOL. But the creditor name did not match anything I had previously. So I sent them a FOAD letter about ten
  10. This is a follow up to a post from a couple weeks ago. I requested my free credit reports from each of the credit reporting agencies through annualcreditreports.com. Equifax asked me about a mortgage in 2008. Since I did not get a mortgage then, I was not able to answer their question (none of their answers were correct and they did not give me the choice of "none of the above"). So I wrote them a short letter explaining the problem and requesting my free annual credit report. It was sent certified mail, return receipt requested. I just got their reply. It basically said here is the
  11. I made a mistake. I meant to say annualcreditreports.com. None of the choices was "none of the above". They were all specific dates. I did go ahead and request it by mail. I am just worried there will be a big surprise on it consisting of some accounts I know nothing about.
  12. I went to the website to get copies of my free credit reports. No problem with Experian or TU. Then I tried Equifax and I failed all three of their test questions. The first one said I got a mortgage in 2008 and asked me to pick which lender I got it from. I had not gotten a mortgage so was not able to answer the question. Then it said I got a car loan in 2010 and asked me to pick the lender from their list. I had not gotten a car loan since 2005 so I was not able to answer that question. The third question had another specific loan that I had not taken out so I was not able to answer
  13. I thought all my problems were behind me. My report was clean after a ten year battle. No creditors bothering me. Now I get a collection letter from Dynamic Recovery Solutions which apparently part of Asset Acceptance saying I owe $7,000+ on a FirstUSA credit card. They sold out to BankOne ten years ago and then BankOne was sold and then the debt just kept getting sold. I have no idea who it ended up with. I don't think I have heard from anyone on this account in at least a couple years. The SOL in my state has long passed. I really thought all of this credit repair stuff was behind
  14. Thanks. That puts my mind at ease. They definitely sold these to collection agencies. I pretty much gave up on credit. We kept our BOA Visa and only use it when a credit card is required. Then it is paid off immediately. I learned my lesson. I was lucky I never got sued. I must have had about $80,000 in chargeoffs. I think that is why no one sued me. They thought it was hopeless.
  15. About nine or ten years ago I got three cards from either BankOne or FirstUSA. I am not sure which. I charged a lot and got into a very deep hole. Through a series of mergers, the cards went from one bank to another and eventually all ended up at Chase. By that time I had stopped paying and they were in default. Chase never sued but sent them to collection agencies who to tried to collect and eventually Chase sold all three cards to collection agencies. I was never able to pay these cards off. They eventually dropped off my credit reports. They have not been with Chase for at least fo
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