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  1. Just to update, I still have split files with all 3 credit bureaus. This has caused me to be declined for a bank account at Bank of the West, and credit with Chase ("fraud risk"). Although I have been able to open several other credit accounts including business accounts with no problem. I had a recent attempt at identity theft a couple weeks ago, where someone called claiming to be from PNC Bank, asking to "verify" my personal information. I stupidly answered some of their questions before realizing this wasn't right, and stopped. So I managed to put a freeze on the "new" Experian
  2. NFCU Cash Rewards $500. Asked for review for better CL, pending. My file is thin, credit age is short, highest personal limit only $2400 so far, and opened several new accounts in the last year. Guess I might need to lay off the new apps for a bit. Lol
  3. Amex Business Cash $9000 Amex Blue Business Plus $9000
  4. I’m willing to bet he hasn’t gotten anything deleted but just has a split credit file after the legal name change. This happened to me several months ago, after I legally changed my name and updated it with the banks and creditors. I wound up with 2 completely separate credit files, one for each name. SSN and DOB are same, address same, credit accounts same. Only thing that changed was my name. It’s been several months and my files are still split. I did NOT ask for that or change my name for that purpose. I just wanted a better name. It took a couple months of watching for my cre
  5. Hi @kevinwill I found some info about this and posted it on my thread here: It looks like there actually is an incentive to rehab and pay those old student loans even if they have “vanished”. If they are rehabbed and reported as a positive tradeline with the original dates, that may add to your credit age and build longer term positive history to your credit reports. Could improve your credit reports and scores.
  6. I think I found the answer. According to this, defaulted DIRECT student loans that aged off the credit report and then get rehabbed, will be reported with original loan/consolidation dates and none of the previous negative history. So if that is correct, as long as you rehab the loans and pay on time, it can actually help the credit reports and scores. https://thestudentloanlawyer.com/968/student-loans-and-credit-reports/ In my case that would drastically help my credit reports because I have very thin files with a short history. For people rebuilding credit, this mak
  7. I too have an old defaulted student loan that age, not on credit reports for years, and not in CAIVRS.
  8. Hi all. I have searched this site (and others) for the answer I seek and do not find it. If there is already a thread about this, could someone please post a link? Instead of griping that I don’t deserve to be spoonfed answers? Pretty please? I have 20yo defaulted student loans which haven’t shown on my credit reports in years. Also notably, they don’t show on CAIVRS for whatever reason. I want to rehab the loans. The question is, if I do this now, will negative information (like the default) appear on my credit reports now? Obviously no payments have been made for a v
  9. Luv button on both Cap1 Quicksilver cards produced $750 -> $1250 $500 -> $1500 Both also had high balances carried this month. I feel like there’s a pattern here.
  10. US Bank Cash+ finally did an auto CLI after close to a year, $1k -> $1500. This was also the first time I didn’t pay the balance and let it carry past the statement date. Is that what you have to do to get CLIs?? Carry high balances? All my cards are less around a year, or less. I think oldest is about 15months. Seems soooooo slooooowwww to build any decent limits.
  11. Every lender I have talked to, said they 100% will include AU accounts in DTI calculation. From my experience, the AU account will stay on the report for at least a month after being terminated, and will show as “terminated”. So they would have to exclude that from DTI calculation but for a while at least, you won’t lose the account age.
  12. Soooo, Chase Ink for business pulled the approve then close account thing 🙄 However, got a US Bank Business Platinum and a City National Bank business credit card.
  13. While we’re getting high and mighty, let’s talk about how many people here lie to clean up their credit and take advantage of financial benefits they wouldn’t otherwise get. Please send their chickens home.
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