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  1. wwanderer

    I have 2 credit files

    Ok thanks. I’m not trying to merge it yet as I still want to get rid of the 1 remaining collection first, if possible.
  2. wwanderer

    I have 2 credit files

    I now have a 2nd file on EQ, according to my 3B report pulled today. TU, EX, EQ all have split files, one with my old name and one with new name. Only current creditors reporting on new file. DOB correct on TU and EQ, wrong on EX. Not sure what to do about the DOB on Experian. I assume that might make it more difficult to get them to merge if I want to go that route? I read a bunch of other threads about split files and note that they are ALL years old with no recent activity. Is that because this is less common now?? Or because of less activity on this forum? Anyway, all the old threads seem to talk about how it was difficult to get split files merged. I am wondering if that is still the case.
  3. wwanderer

    The Master Split File Files Thread

    Old thread. Interesting that all the threads I find on this topic are years old with no recent activity. I did a legal name change on my full name a few months ago, and have been updating my name with creditors. In the past month or so I noticed my EX credit monitoring hasn’t shown any updates for the CCs where they had enough time to report under my new name. New name not showing up either. Then my Discover showed a credit file update which didn’t match. Pulled 3B via EX and still didn’t match. I never heard of split files and had no idea it was possible. Everything I read before, said the CBs will update your file as you update your name with creditors. Ha. Signed up for TU credit monitoring with new name and lo and behold, there is a completely new file with only current creditors reporting - the ones who have updated my name. Pulled 3B and found same with EX, but EQ blank. Now I just pulled another 3B thru TU and there is a new file with EQ too. All show only current creditors, no old, so my file age is about 1 year. No old name, only current legal name. DOB is correct on EQ and TU, but wrong on EX. I would like to keep my old history as that is 10+ years positive, but 1 derog reports to TU and EX so I’m not asking for a merge at this time. I’m still sending letters to request that 1 paid collection be removed. If/when that goes away, I will want my files merged for the credit age. It seems totally nonsensical, that we use SSN as the identifying number but they split files after only a name change. Especially in my case, where my current creditors are updating with same old account numbers, etc. Not that I’m complaining. I finally got the CC I wanted thanks to no derogs on the new file.
  4. wwanderer

    Net 30 Vendor Account Updates

    I have these reported: Quill - DnB Uline - DnB + EXbiz Gempler’s - DnB Grainger - DnB Global Voice Direct - EXbiz, reports as a financial contract
  5. wwanderer

    Net-30 Accounts Question

    I had the same experience. The woman first gave me a hard time about my rented physical office, saying they couldn’t ship to a virtual office. Wanted my home address. Gave her that. Then wanted proof of my home address. Gave her that. Then she said they would get back to me. They didn’t get back to me so I called back a couple weeks later. She kept coming up with excuses (they had to be able to see my office building on google, which anyone can, and some other swill). She finally said they could not approve my application because my physical (not virtual) office happens to be located in a building where they also provide virtual office services. The whole conversation was her looking for every possible excuse to deny. She was very crabby and acted like it was her mission in life to never approve a credit line 🙄🙄
  6. wwanderer

    Anyone Ever Used Credit Suite?

    The “unsecured credit line” they are offering is just helping you apply for business credit cards using personal guarantee. You must have good credit and no one can guarantee you’ll get a certain amount of credit. I haven’t used that service.
  7. wwanderer

    Discover uses new pull or last pull for CLI ?

    Per my comment, I just did it yesterday and a month ago and got a yes both times. I don’t know if they have a limit. Eta: I would think though, that once a month after they do the monthly soft pull, would be about as often as one could expect.
  8. wwanderer

    I have 2 credit files

    That’s interesting because my addresses are the same, both home and mailing. Also the account numbers with my creditors remained the same, so when they reported, they were reporting same account #s, just with different name. The only thing that changed is my name. Do you think it’s better to just wait and see if the CBs figure it out, or send them a letter? Frankly, I don’t mind having a new file. I’ve seen how much easier it is for bf to get credit with his new file we’ve been building, than for me with only 1 paid collection and a much longer positive history. (And his new file meaning he just had zero credit before - started from scratch.)
  9. wwanderer

    Discover uses new pull or last pull for CLI ?

    I feel like this is true too. I just got another CLI yesterday, after getting one last month around same time. This time was more than last and score was a little better. Both these times, I requested in the app, in between payment due date and statement date. By the way, I’ve had the card <7 months and this is the 3rd CLI. First one they did automatically at 3 months. Still pretty low limit but this card is climbing much faster than all my others. From $800 in July to $2300 now. CapOne cards are both older and only gave their standard 5 month increase and that’s it. Stingy AF. USBank, no increase yet.
  10. wwanderer

    Why Discover Tops the Credit Card Ranking

    I’m so sorry, I can’t sit around acting like a measly $30k credit limit is an insult to my fabulousness just yet. I aspire to be such a douche one day 🙄
  11. wwanderer

    I have 2 credit files

    My searches for 2 credit files, 2nd credit file etc, pulled up nothing. I was looking for something related to that, not just account review in general. I don’t know what that means. There are 5 levels more important than SSN?? If so, what are these 5 more important levels? The responses in my other thread (name change) were all saying it’s tied to social as if it wouldn’t be possible for someone to end up with a 2nd file after a name change. Everything I read before said that if you update your name with creditors it will get reported and updated on your credit file without you doing anything else. Clearly, that isn’t always the case. Lol
  12. wwanderer

    I have 2 credit files

    And yes, I get the point about merged files. Obviously I did read and understand. Good grief.
  13. wwanderer

    I have 2 credit files

    What about trying to get actual answers on an information sharing forum, hurts yall’s feelings?? CV at least bothered to answer. You just keep posting useless crap.
  14. wwanderer

    I have 2 credit files

    Obviously I did read and said thanks for the answer, in the very first sentence. And then I went on to explain that I couldn’t find any info relating to my situation and that’s why I, god forbid, asked a question and requested an actual answer. Other folks helped you all before. Giving actual answers in a thread like this doesn’t just help me, but anyone else who might come here with a similar problem. It may be unusual, but I’m sure I’m not the first person to have this happen and not know what to do about it.
  15. wwanderer

    Why Discover Tops the Credit Card Ranking

    I like my Discover card. Cashback, no annual fee, good reporting, and so far they have been the most generous with CLIs. Doubled my limit in 6 months. Discover is a card issuer.

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