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  1. Luv button on both Cap1 Quicksilver cards produced $750 -> $1250 $500 -> $1500 Both also had high balances carried this month. I feel like there’s a pattern here.
  2. US Bank Cash+ finally did an auto CLI after close to a year, $1k -> $1500. This was also the first time I didn’t pay the balance and let it carry past the statement date. Is that what you have to do to get CLIs?? Carry high balances? All my cards are less around a year, or less. I think oldest is about 15months. Seems soooooo slooooowwww to build any decent limits.
  3. Every lender I have talked to, said they 100% will include AU accounts in DTI calculation. From my experience, the AU account will stay on the report for at least a month after being terminated, and will show as “terminated”. So they would have to exclude that from DTI calculation but for a while at least, you won’t lose the account age.
  4. Soooo, Chase Ink for business pulled the approve then close account thing 🙄 However, got a US Bank Business Platinum and a City National Bank business credit card.
  5. While we’re getting high and mighty, let’s talk about how many people here lie to clean up their credit and take advantage of financial benefits they wouldn’t otherwise get. Please send their chickens home.
  6. Isn’t that for government backed loans? I’m looking to do a conventional.
  7. Yes, I searched. Didn’t find the information. I have old defaulted student loans from almost 20 years ago. They haven’t been on my credit reports in YEARS. Want to do a conventional mortgage (home loan in Nevada). What are the chances of the student loans stopping me? Will this show up on a “fraud check” report? Yes yes, I know this will need to be rehabbed and paid. I would rather do that AFTER getting the mortgage and not before, if possible.
  8. Question: do CONVENTIONAL mortgage lenders look at this? If old defaulted student loans fell off credit reports years ago, and you are going for a conventional loan, does that disqualify you? Does a defaulted student loan show up on a “Fraud Check” report?
  9. Las vegas
  10. I’m pretty excited about this approval. I’ve been working on both business and personal credit. My LLC just went over 1year old and my personal credit has taken a huge jump from where I started in late 2017. I couldn’t get any credit from anywhere at that time, orher than crappy secured stuff. Feel like I’m finally making some actual headway 👍👍 Also it’s funny, CapOne denied me for their business card but I got Chase Ink, which I think is better. Ha
  11. Few weeks ago I applied for a Chase business card, cannot remember which. LOL! I think it was Chase Amazon business. They sent me a letter requesting verification of my personal address so I fired back a copy of my DL. This week got another letter from them saying that wasn’t acceptable. I’m glad I found the “backdoor numbers” thread today because I used that to call in and ask what they wanted me to provide. Few questions and a short hold later, I got an approval for $4500 limit. Not a fabulous business limit but this is definitely my best credit line to date. When I asked about reconsidering for a higher limit, she said I should wait until I get the card and call customer service. Is this correct?? I thought the idea was to request the higher limit before you get the card? Would you call back again? > Edit: It’s Chase Ink not amazon.
  12. Same story when calling the Cap1 Account Specialist line. “All credit limit increase requests must go through the self service (automated) system. No manual review available.” Is this what’s been happening with others lately? No more reconsidering??

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