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  1. Awesome.. I've come up with a EQ & TU counters myself and posted a thread on it: ...maybe we can combine the efforts? Fine with me. I am not very active here these days, so not a bad idea to have redundancy since they have a habit of going down. Not sure what you had in mind. *EDIT* After testing yours out, looks like TU is broken? Using your sample data shows 45 softs?
  2. Counters back up again. Let me know if anything needs to be changed/added/whatever.
  3. Me too. 780 FICO. 25k BCE. Snail mail offers regularly. But nothing online. Ever. Always just tells me to login. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Depends on what your TYP's are worth. If you're redeeming at 1¢ per point, I'd probably switch to the Amazon card and still use the Forward for restaurants. If you're redeeming with a Premier or a Prestige, then the Forward. Yeah I'm getting 1c/point but I'd rather keep the activity at Citi. I think the long term relationship benefits have a higher potential. Not sure what GECRB really gets me... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Meh should I move spend over from my Citi Forward card...ugh. Probably better to keep activity with a major lender. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Ugh, new apartment pulled TU. Now I have an INQ on my otherwise gorgeous CR. Do I dare get back in the game? I was retired and doing so well...
  7. Damn, got the same ones...but only for $15k. #firstworldproblems Used boat? Christ, would not want to underwrite that. You know what boat stands for...
  8. Haven't been active here for a while. As a 24 year old with a 780 Walmart TU FICO, all I can say is thanks CB.
  9. Thanks to the_dude who sent me the Quizzle update. Note that QUIZZLE, LLC is counted but QUIZZLE, LLC. (difference being the period) is not counter per the_dude's advice.
  10. Just post examples of how they appear and I'll add. I'm not on here often anymore but a PM will cause an email alert, so that may be best.
  11. Not sure if people still use these or not (probably very out of date) but I'm consolidating servers. DNS should propagate shortly. @Michael D - Instead of hosting an iframe, I would just change your entries to a CNAME pointing to the .tk domains
  12. Nothing can prevent them in totality. That is a flaw of human emotion, dating all the way back to the Dutch tulip bubble. But they (professional traders) usually keep them more contained (though history has many examples of the opposite). However most people seek to become the very traders they despise. Short term volatility should be meaningless for most people. But even people in this thread are speculating in the market by trying to act quick to lock in a rate, or waiting for rates to fall. This is no different. And people usually blame traders when they themselves get beat at the game they have written off. Otherwise they would just take the prevailing rate if they can still afford it, and not think twice about it. Take the housing bust for instance. No amount of financial engineering could have created that. It was the long-only average Joe who was levered through the teeth because "property keeps going up" combined with politically driven from GSEs that created the sub-prime industry. Banks and traders made it easier to justify and in many cases misjudge the risk, but it was already there. Everyone played a role (banks/traders included). I know that opinion puts me in the minority here, but I think it's a pretty unbiased take. I blame lots of people. And I am also very critical of current markets, particularly the lack of regulation in HFT (it's criminal what goes on). For every buyer there must be a seller, and vice-versa. This is a fundamental law. Traders step in when others don't.
  13. As one of said traders (though not in financials) just want to add a couple of things. Day traders have no impact on mortgage rates. Rates have been artificially depressed, by the Fed AND the rest of the market. With the market spooked about tapering we are seeing some rotation into risk assets, so rates are trending up towards a less depressed level. The Fed is not the end all be all on the downside of rates (they are on the upside however). Speculation is always painted in poor context...people forget that speculators are NECESSARY so that hedgers can lock in prices (which makes goods cheaper for everyone). Mortgage rates today are NOT being driven by the Fed. So yes, while I understand that people have a tendency to blame traders when things go against them, they also never thank them when they go the other way (and to be honest neither angst nor gratitude are justified). A traders job is to know the minimum and maximum prices buyers and sellers will transact at. They then move the market there to allow said transactions, otherwise they wouldn't take place. Traders are wrong all the time. So if you strongly feel rates will dip again, I guess you could wait. But I would advise against it.
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