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  1. This was kinda wierd.... Joined Navy Fed over the phone....immediately applied for Cash Rewards...approved for $1k Immediately applied for CLOC...was scared to ask for the $15k....APPROVED for $10k!!! 740 score with thin file... Only accounts reporting were: Car loan: 7 months old Discover iT: $2600...2 months old Closed Kay Jewelers: $0 balance... 2 year history I'll get the cash rewards card to hopefully grow, but I was very surprised with the cloc aporov approval amount. After that I applied for Chase Freedom and was approved for...........$1k again 😐 Any ideas next???
  2. Ok thanks....yeah I was thinking maybe a year for chase...Discover tends to like thin files initially. Got the scores from CCT. Will see if I can work a cli on discover a few months from now also.
  3. So if I were to draw up an application play...try navy fed, amex, then maybe 1 of either chase freedom, citi, or barclay? You think my odds will be good? Which AMEX?...I know they have several Thanks
  4. I think navy fed is not too bad....my mom got immediate $25k approval last year with 720 TU score...she had maybe 3 credit cards with highest limit being $1200. I'll look into the other suggestions also....thanks
  5. Hi...does anyone know another prime cards to get with a thin file and young history? 743 EX 738 EQ 746 TU 1 auto loan...8 months old 1 installment loan....$1k....2 months old 1 credit card...Discover...$2,700....2 months old 2 inquiries Was thinking maybe another card or 2, then garden for a year. *can also join navy fed and was thinking of their card and products. Thanks in advance
  6. I've been building my business credit since last November....corp is 4 years old. I've got 10 trades reporting...good amount of net 30's and I've scored on some decent revolves. This is what I look so far: Gemplers Quill Supplyworks Strategic Network Lowes: $6,600 Home Depot: $2,500 Amazon net 55: $5,000 Amazon Rev: $5,500 Fuelman Fleet: $2,500 weekly Wex: $7,000 Office Depot: $2,000 Sprint Business Cell DnB: 9 reporting Business Experian: 10 reporting 80 score I have website and 411 listed My question is....can I move to getting bank cards yet without PG??? My personal score is only 630 across the board basically... no derogs just maxed out cards at $25k, which is killing my scores. Let me know your thoughts on this. Thanks in advance....
  7. Just curious....was that capital one you mentioned pg'd?
  8. I put in an application for Dell credit and was declined....they want PG. Is there a reconsideration # I can call??? 80 paydex 88 Experian score 4 year old Corp Only 7 trades reporting..waiting for others to hit reports Quill Supplyworks Uline Gemplers Grainger Strategic Network: $1,000 Sprint business cell Lowes net: $5,500 Home Depot net: $2,500 Office Depot: $2,500 Amazon store: $5,000 Amazon Rev: $5,500 Wex Fuel: $7,000 Wells Fargo Business Secured: $1,000 I applied for Best Buy and Sears over the weekend, so I'll see what happens. Thanks
  9. I pretty much googled supplyworks and called them to set up net account. I had to pg Fuelman...the rep did a lot of digging on that one...wanted to see bank statements. Pulled Experian on mine. Wells Fargo secured also ran my credit...I only have 1 or 2 inquiries on my reports within the last 2 years so I didnt mine. All the other accounts were done online without PG
  10. I was approved for the fuelman fleet card about 4 months ago for $2500 weekly. Maybe give them a try
  11. I forgot sprint also...they approved me for a few business cell phones a month ago
  12. Copr 4 years old and I started building 4 months ago: Website established 411 listed Annual Experian report purchsed Dnb file established Quill Supplyworks Grainger Uline Gemplers Fuelman fleet: $2,500 weekly Lowes: $5,000 Home Depot: $2,5000 Wells Fargo secured: $1,000 Office Depot: $2,500 Strategic Network: $1,000 Today: Amazon net55: $5,000 Amazon revolving: $5,500 Wex fuel: $7,000 Any ideas on other possibilities...or should I wait for the newer trades to hit reports? Only 7 accounts showing on duns and experian so far. Thanks

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