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  1. Its been down since around 5am EST when I tried to sign in. No idea why.
  2. As is SOP with most credit unions, once they take a loss on a member....they subsequently revoke membership and IIRC Navy does this, however it's probably worth at least making a call to Navy, but they will surely require payment in full to even consider membership again. So I burned Navy in 2014 for about $3,000 with a credit card during my BK. They locked me out of my account and all the normal stuff. I kept getting statements in the mail from them so I figure why not try and see if I can re-open or activate my account. I called them and said that I couldnt log in online and wanted to know what I need to do. They said that it was because I hadnt logged in and that my account was inactive. They reset my account and I was able to sign in online. Shocked is not the word. Any who I went to open a checking account and test the waters and got an error message. I was very sad and figured I was really out. I called them about the error message and they said that when an account has been included in a BK that they need to review it and see if it can be re-opened. I left it alone and figured it was a dead end. I logged in for the heck of it a couple of days later and there was a brand new checking account opened! I dont know if this means Im back in but I did make a mobile deposit and Im laying low for now. Im going to apply for a credit card once all of my balances have updated to zero and see what happens. Just figured I would post my experience.
  3. Thanks for the advice. I will post there as well.
  4. I've had an auto loan open for a little over a year. I have never paid late. I have the money to pay the car off and want to know if I should. Common sense says to pay it off and save the money every month, but I figure I would see what you guys think. This is the only open installment loan on my credit report.
  5. My highest score is 642 transunion (i think). My equifax is around 630. Those are the only 2 i have unlocked.

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