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  1. Apologies in advance to any agents out there, but you don't need them for much at all in a market like this. The commission they earn for selling a house in a weekend's worth of work (take pics Wed, list to MLS on Thurs, do open house Sat & Sun, take offers on Mon) is just way too much. I live in the Bay Area, and agents here are pulling an average of around 40k ea for buying and selling agents on 3 and 4 bedroom houses. It's insane. Even on the low end, they're pulling in 25k+. Like many careers losing out to AI and automation, there are numerous resources available to the average home buyer which makes much of what they do (or used to do) obsolete. Check out Redfin, OpenListings, Trulia, and Zillow in your area to find houses listed on the MLS and houses coming soon to the MLS, as well as FSBO properties. You can use OpenListings or Redfin agents to get half of your commission fees back at closing. I've been trying to buy a house in the bay area for a few months now. I tried using the seller's agent or the "dual agent" strategy (which almost worked - I'd do it again if there was a property I really didn't want to miss out on and if I felt like I could trust the agent), and I also have a few realtor friends who kept telling me I needed their help, but none were willing to split their commission with me (although one friend wanted to give me all of their commission, but I didn't want to take advantage of them and they refused to accept any money). Long story short, I ended up going with an OpenListings agent and am now in contract to buy a house that I found on the MLS and visited on my own during an open house. I've never met my agent, but he's been awesome to deal with over the phone and via email. They've provided everything I needed and in a timely manner, have been super responsive and were very knowledgeable - oh, and did I mention I'm getting half my commission back?! I highly recommend considering discount agents like Redfin and OpenListings if they're in your area. I'm sure there are others out there as well. If you get an agent that you don't find helpful, just ask for another one. There are good agents and bad agents at every company, but it's 2017, and if you're still paying full commission to ANY agent for ANY service, you're WAY overpaying in my opinion. They'll tell you all the reasons you need them and need their help, but I say it's nonsense. I am biased though. I hate sales people in general... so take it with a grain of salt obviously.
  2. I just wanted to send out a big thank you to everyone that helped me along the way in my credit repair journey. It's been a while since I've been active on here (I'm working full time and finishing up grad school), but I always check in from time to time for various credit questions I run into. About 3 years ago, I decided to repair my credit and joined Creditboards looking for answers. I had a 626 credit score at the time with a slew of negative TLs and one BS collection. My negs were all over the map; some belonged to my ex (auto repo), short sale, late payments, charge-offs gallore, you name it. I wrote letter after letter, Jack-Attacking the enemies left and right, slapping OCs with WhyChat's Repo letters, validation requests, "not mine" disputes, and even wrote letters to the Attorney General, and BBB. I was able to get about half of the damage removed through persistence, and the other half just rolled off as time expired. I finally made it into the 700 club about 6-8 months ago, building new lines of credit along the way and just this month I purchased a new car and couldn't believe it when they pulled my credit and said I had an 839 on Experian. I also just got approved for the Discover it card, and TransUnion gave me a 792. I'm pretty stoked. I figured I'd just pass on another success story and say thank you to everyone who participates.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply. I haven't tried to get C1 to put it in writing yet. What would you ask them to include in the letter if this were your TL? The rep at C1 did tell me that I could send them a letter along with a copy of that page from my CR and explain the situation to them and that they would try to get it cleared up for me, buuuttt it is C1, and I just don't trust them at all. If they're the ones with the screwed up records, it's possible that by sending them my info and letter that this erroneous account could find its way back onto EX and EQ as well. So for now, I'm thinking I should avoid the OC, but maybe I'm just over thinking it. I'll look into the CFPB dispute. Oh, I just found a few of my old CR's from 2012 and 2013. In 2012, TU correctly reported this account with accurate dates. Then, I disputed the account and it came back as verified but they changed the dates. It's borderline hilarious what happened when I compare the 2012 report with the 2013 ones. It's literally the EXACT same info, but they just changed 2005 to 2008, 2006 to 2009, and 2007 to 2010 on my payment history. I can't believe how many times they've falsely validated this account. I really wish I could sue the chocolate out of them right now... ugg.
  4. I have a CC tradeline from CapitalOne on my TU report that simply will not come off. I'm starting to get pissed off now and I'm hoping someone here can help me out. Here is the relevant info: This tradeline was closed by C1 at the end of 2006. I paid the balance in full in Feb, 2007 and haven't used it since because the TL was closed. It is now 8 1/2 years old and is still being reported on my TU CR. EQ and EX both correctly deleted this TL a year and a half ago. I have disputed it now at least 5 times. I have disputed it 2 or 3 times via handwritten letters, jack attacks, certified mail, written in cursive, the whole 9 yards. They did not delete it. I disputed it 2 times online, and I even disputed it over the phone with a rep from TU. They absolutely REFUSE to delete it. I even called CapitalOne to ask why they are reporting it, and they told me that they are not reporting it and furthermore that they do not even have record of that account in their system. I'm absolutely certain that I have justification for a lawsuit on my hands, but that's just not an option for me. I don't have the time to deal with this. I work full time and am also in grad school full time. I don't even have time to write this post, but I'm so pissed off and feel like I am running out of options. TU is reporting this account as having been closed in Feb 2010 which is erroneous. The account was closed at the end of 2006. However, they do accurately report the date of last payment made as being Feb 2007. The rep I spoke with over the phone said that they go by the "date of last activity" which he said can be either the date of last payment OR the date the account was closed. I told him that was BS and that the FCRA clearly states that they have to go by the date of last payment (am I wrong here?). Regardless, the reported date they have for when it was closed is incorrect. I don't understand what's going on here. How is Capital One validating this TL if they no longer even have a record of it in their system? Surely they're not. I think TU just keeps ignoring my disputes and isn't even validating with C1 at all. Oh, and each time I dispute, I never get a response stating "previously validated". I always get something back stating that the TL has been "updated" as if they actually sent for validation. This last dispute came back to me as "updated" within two weeks of my online dispute, which seems too fast for C1 to have validated this account. Thank you for your help!
  5. Hi CBers, I currently have a secured card and I'm wanting to know if I should cancel it now or if I should wait... Here is the info which I believe may be relevant: I currently have: 680 credit score with EX (which is the CRA my CU uses) 1 CapitalOne CC with a $1000 LOC 1 CapitalOne Secured Card with a $500 limit 1 Amazon store card with an $800 LOC I'm paying these cards off in full every month. I have a credit union account and an auto loan through them and am wanting to open a new CC through my local CU. I'm wondering if I should cancel my secured card now and apply for the new CC afterwards, or if I should hold onto that secured card until AFTER I've been approved for my new CC through my CU. I'm concerned that if I cancel my secured card then I'll have a lower available credit limit on my reports and I'll only have 1 CC instead of 2 CCs. However, there's a tradeoff here in keeping my secured card open since having a secured card on my profile is bad for my score too... My goal is to qualify for the best card I can and for the highest amount they'll give me. I'm wanting to know if cancelling my secured card before or after I apply will give me the best chance. Thanks!!
  6. Yes, this is the key. He didn't have a SSN when he became an AU. That's why it's not reporting for him yet. He only recently acquired his SSN about 8 months ago and is wanting to get his history to report retroactively.
  7. Hi everyone, I'm trying to help out a coworker with building his credit. He currently is an authorized user on a BOA CC that has a 6 year credit history. Previously, it wasn't reporting as he did not have a SSN at the time (only his parents did). He just aquired his SSN earlier this year (he's from China), but now that he has it, I'm wondering if it is possible to get that account to report on his CRs, ideally to report retroactively back to 2007 when it was opened. Any advice you can give is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  8. I just got the results back from the follow-up repo letter. They put a fraud detection on all 3 bureaus, and so far TU has already come back to me as VERIFIED (it was only 5 days after they got the letter too!). What do I do next?
  9. I got some results back in the mail from my Jack Attack letter. I disputed 5 tradelines, 4 of them were Deleted, including one that I didn't want removed. One stuck and is still misreporting late payment dates from Capital One. I got a deletion from 3 different HSBC accounts I got a deletion from a Capital One CC that I don't want deleted. There were no lates on the card, but the limit was for 10k. It was still reporting a balance owing of 10k though even though it was paid off and closed. It only had about an 18 month history though, so I'm not sure how I feel about this one being removed. I asked them to correct the balance owing field, but I didn't want them to delete the tradeline. Maybe it's not that big of a deal though? Do you think I should write them back and try to get it put back on if it reports correctly? Oh and the one that stuck is also from Craphole One. They are misreporting payments as having been made in 2009 then showing late payments in 2010 for an account whose last payment was 02/2007. The strange part is that they are even reporting the date of last payment as 02/2007, so I don't know why this one was verified. It's still reporting incorrectly. Advice on this one?
  10. That's ok with me. I'm not in a hurry with these. I have 6 months to clean these up enough to refi my auto loan. I'm just trying to throw the kitchen sink at all my tradelines right now. But thanks for the info. I'll definitely keep that for future reference.Its not about your patience....what he means is the ca's and creditors have an extra 15 days to get you accounts verified. Where as if its only 30 days, you have a better chance of the accounts not getting verified, and ttherefore forcing the ca's to remove the items. Oh, I see. Thanks for the info. I'll definitely remember to wait for a dispute to finish in the future before I file another one.
  11. That's ok with me. I'm not in a hurry with these. I have 6 months to clean these up enough to refi my auto loan. I'm just trying to throw the kitchen sink at all my tradelines right now. But thanks for the info. I'll definitely keep that for future reference.
  12. I got my report through the backdoor. It doesn't show any updates or disputes. But I took the phone number off the report and spoke with a guy inside. He told me that my 5 disputes from my Jack Attack letter are still waiting for the OCs to validate/verify and that they have until the 14th to respond. Hopefully my CR on the 15th will have about 5 fewer accounts than it has now... we shall see. I also disputed another tradeline on my CR with him over the phone. I also have another repo dispute letter I sent them last week. So I have a lot of wheels in motion with TU... I'm expecting some progress...
  13. They received it 28 days ago now. Yes, I did dispute from the free one. Thanks for the info. I wasn't aware of that timeline. I will look into this. I've read about people doing it but wasn't sure how to do it myself. I'll try to find how to it on the forums.
  14. I sent a Jack Attack to TU 27 days ago. They have not yet responded and there are no changes to any of the 5 accounts I addressed on my CR yet. I'm trying to be proactive, so I'm hoping to write a follow up letter now so that if they don't respond within 30 days, I can mail it out. However, I'm not sure what to do next. What letter should I follow up with? Are they required to respond within 30 days? Thanks

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