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  1. Paid NY state tax lien fell off TU. No change in score. Was due to fall off in 2 months. Husband's judgment fell off Experian. He doesnt' know if his score changed.
  2. Congratulations! I remember the feeling of relief when something finally was approved. Great work in the past year, by the way. Keep it up!
  3. As far as insurance goes, they were an absolute nightmare with our claim after Hurricane Sandy. Took over 2 months to get payment for our drowned car. Geico on the other hand, cut us a check 2 days after the storm. We would never use them again for anything after our experience. Just throwing this out there.
  4. Congrats. It's a great feeling to see an IRS lien gone, isn't it?
  5. Thanks so much all. A positive unintended consequence of credit repair is that I have learned to be patient!
  6. I don't post much and I'm still reading and rereading the Newbie topics - I'm still very much a work in progress. But I really just wanted to say thank you SO much to all the regular posters for all the invaluable information found here. My husband and I had a family business which tanked and subsequently ruined both of our credit. I still have a lot to learn, but in the last year, CB has helped me: Remove a $50,000 paid IRS tax lien Get several medical collections removed Apply successfully for Citibank, Chase, and Amex (all low level, but at least my foot in the door with respectable cards) Get the Amex backdated 6 years Go from $550 secured credit limit overall to $25,000 unsecured Bump my FICOs by over 100 points each Now just waiting patiently for my state tax lien to fall off EQ and TU in 2 months (it fell off EX 2 months early) and that's it - no more negatives. Well except for all the inquiries, but I'm working on them. So anyway, again, thank you to CB and all the posters who put so much time and effort into helping us Newbs. I can actually see a mortgage in my future. Never thought I'd say that.
  7. I got instant approvals for Amex Delta Gold and Chase Freedom (you can see my scores aren't that great) but they did both pull Experian.
  8. I'm dealing with Melissa (very pleasant woman) and she told me it's b/c I'm out of state.
  9. myfico is not your real score Confused. I thought myfico is the only place to get your real FICO score?
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