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  1. Thank you Whychat. I filed both complaints today, and am mailing copies to EQ's Compliance Dept. I will let you know what develops... Thanks again.
  2. Whychat, I just wanted to update, and to ask what steps I should take next with regards to these erroneous medical collections. On 5/27, I filed a response with the CFPB to my complaint against EQ, and EQ's subsequent bogus reinvestigation. I also filed a CFPB complaint against Puget Sound Collections, to which they have not responded. It's been 30+ days since both. So far, I have gotten no movement from either EQ, the CA, or the CFPB. The collections remain on my EQ report as of today. (FYI, we are trying to buy a house soon, and have spent the last year working to get our scores up
  3. Yes, EQ deleted one of the accounts, but not the other two. I will file the response with the CFPB, thank you again.
  4. Bump. Any advice as to how I should respond? I think I have 10 days to respond to the CFPB before they close the case. Thanks in advance.
  5. Yes, I checked through the back door. Acct #245 is off the report. The other two are all still there.
  6. Hi Whychat, Okay, so the CFPB emailed me today regarding my complaint that Equifax completed their "investigation" and responded to my complaint. The following is a quote from Equifax in response to my CFPB complaint, "Company responded...Equifax said: Explanation of closure: Please be advised the following accounts verified your name, address, birthdate, and social security number: PUGET SOUND COLLECTIONS IN 2576275 and PUGET SOUND COLLECTIONS IN 2476181. PUGET SOUND COLLECTIONS IN 245 is not reporting on the file. Written confirmation was mailed to the address on file." Say What?
  7. Just a quick update: TU deleted all three bogus collections on my wife's report with the pre-hippa letter. Hooray! With these deletions & paying down some cards, her TU FICO soared to 763! I can't thank you enough. Now we are just waiting on Equifax to complete their "investigation". Fingers crossed...
  8. Just an update: Equifax provided a partial response to my CFPB complaint against them. Their response was "Equifax reviewed the complaint, its records and initiated a reinvestigation. Equifax will mail the results of the reinvestigation within 30 days." Of course, I know this is ridiculous, as they've had two valid disputes from me prior to this one. But maybe the CFPB complaint will be enough to get them to move on this. I also mailed the pre-hippa letters to TU last week for my wife's report. If they don't delete, do I re-follow the same dv letter procedures outlined in your hippa pl
  9. Wonderful, thank you for your explanation. I will file the complaints this afternoon. I can't thank you enough for your advice.
  10. To clarify, the collections are only reporting on my EQ report. They have never reported to my TU or EX reports. They are also reporting on my wife's EQ report, and just this month (4/2014), Puget Sound Collections reported all three to her TU report (but not mine, strange). I just drafted pre-hippa letters for her TU collections a few days ago. Should I wait to see what TU does before I file the CFPB complaints against EQ & the CA? Also, would you please expand on what I would include in the CFPB complaints & follow up letters to the CA (sorry to be so slow here, but I want t
  11. Yes, I've followed all the steps in your program. I sent the follow up disputes to the CRAs on 3/14 (see my above post from April 10). EQ just completed their investigation to the follow up disputes and "verified" that the accounts belong to me. I still have had no response from the CAs documenting a relationship between the CA & the hospital, and the EOBs don't match up with the dollar amounts or dates. I'm at a loss as to what to do now. Advice?
  12. Thanks Whychat. I have an update on my disputes. EQ finished their "investigation", & they have "verified" that 2 Puget Sound Collections accounts & the Merchant Credit Accounts belong to me. I have received no response to the Medical DV letters I sent to the CAs. So, I have no documented proof of a current relationship between the reporting CAs & the hospital. My EOBs do not match the original amounts on the collections, so I can't tell what services the bills are for. But yet they remain on my credit report. What do I do now? I also sent pre-hippa disputes to TU for my
  13. Thanks Whychat, I will wait until EQ completes all the disputes before proceeding with the next steps. In the meantime, I had my insurance pull all EOBs for 2008. I can only find one EOB that matches the original $1731 balance owed (this was from a trip to the ER when I blew my knee out -- insurance refused to pay any of the claim because they thought it was an auto accident. It wasn't, & I eventually got them to pay the claim. I think the balance remaining on the collection account is the CAs fees & interest). For the other three accounts, there are no EOBs that even come
  14. Whychat, The letter I received from Eq is the completion of their investigation with the three Puget Sound Collections accounts. There is still one more medical dispute for a Merchant Credit account that I am waiting on. Do I need to wait for the Merchant Credit dispute to complete before proceeding with anything else?
  15. Thanks Whychat. Just to clarify, I've already done the steps outlined in the program. Here's what I've done: opted out, deleted addresses, pre-hippa disputes to CRA (CRAs verified, but no response from CAs), sent medical DVs to CAs on 3/14 (certified proof of delivery 3/18), sent follow up disputes to CA on 3/25. The response on 4/9 was Equifax's reply to my follow up disputes. Equifax responded to the follow up disputes by deleting one account, & "verifying" two. I still have had no communication from the CA. What do I do now?
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