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  1. Personally, I wouldn't advise a CA of anything regarding the FDCPA because it's the CA's responsibility to know what the Act allows and prohibits. Nor would I want the CA to know that I'm aware of the FDCPA. Let it violate because it thinks I'm naive, stupid, unaware, etc. maybe if you're planning to sue, this lady want's the harassment to stop. She is going to go for the Bankruptcy. CH7
  2. she made one payment, its a loan, take her to small claims court.
  3. She said there is a judgement on her credit report, she doesn't know from which collection agency
  4. She told me the $50.00 a month just covers the interest each month, none of it goes to the balance, so she just been paying them $50.00 for a year and the balance is still the same.
  5. just one CA owns ALL of her debts??? car loans and Medical debt? that's sorta unusual They are both local collection agencys
  6. The car was repod, shes paying 2 different collection agencys, the one with biggest balance the ten grand wants more money from her, they want her pay stubs from her job and they want to see her montly bills, rent electric ect ect. She does have a judgement showing on her credit report but she doesn't know which collection agency it is. my guess its the one trying to collect the ten grand.
  7. She owes around $15000.00 Shes a single mom, works at dicks sporting goods, so she doesn't make very much money.
  8. My friend has been paying a collection agency $50.00 a month for over a year now, the depts. they are collecting on are hers, car loan and medical bills, they keep calling her saying they are reviewing her account with them and they want to see her check stubbs from her work, they want more money from her, they keep telling her if she doesn't comply the will garnish her wages. can they really garnish here wages? even though she has an agreement with them to pay $50.00 a month.
  9. I just sent them a standered FOAD letter, saying this debt is past the SOL in my state for collections and not to contact me anymore. This debt has been sold many times, every collection agency that has tried to collect on it, I sent them a DV letter and never recived anything from any of them. Now CRS has it Whats a Texas FOAD letter? No i dont answer the phone when they call me, I let the answering maching get it, So i have allott of calls from them on my machine, Im saving them just incase I need proff When I send the complaint to the Texas attorny General should i send them a copy of the FOAD letter i sent to CRS?
  10. I sent them a FOAD letter abot 6 months ago, they still call me about 4 times a week, whats my next step? should i send a complaint to the FTC.
  11. Does anyone have a address for Commercial Recovery Systems Inc. I have never recived a letter from them, but there computer calls almost every day. The number on the caller Id is 1-800-214-5301 the Message says i need to contact Barbra Brown. The debt they are trying to collect on is past the SOL in my state. I just need an address so i can send them FOAD letter.
  12. Does the Texas finance code 392 only apply to people who live in Texas? I am on the west coast. I received a letter from a law office in Texas collecting for CACH, LLC. Can I use the Texas law in my favor, even when I am not a Texas resident?
  13. What did they send that was suppose to be validation, anything? Or was it just a piece of paper saying yup you owe us money, and then the slap a trade line on your credit reports. I have to check my credit reports again and see whats on them now.
  14. Hey folks I need a little help in this one concerning a charged off account back in 2005. My first contact from a CA on this charged off dep’t was from the CBE group back in 2005. I sent off a timely DV letter, there is no trade line from CBE group on my credit reports. I never herd from the CBE group again. Then in April 2007 I get a letter from pinnacle financial group saying the account has been assigned to them for collection, and at the bottom of this letter it says the creditor is now Resurgent Capital Services, so apparently the OC sold the account. So I sent pinnacle financial group a copy of my first DV request that I sent to the CBE group, and basically told them the are trying to collect on a frozen debt that I have not received any validation on and they are trying to collect again. There is no trade line on my reports from them, and I never herd from them again. Now today I get a letter from Frederick j. Hanna & Associates Now they’re trying to collect, they say the current creditor is LVNV funding. So im trying to figure what the hell is going on with this account. None of them will send validation of any kind and they probably never will because they don’t have it. So now what? Do I send Hanna and LVNV copies of my first two DV request for this dept, and tell them they can’t collect on this frozen dept until they provide validation??? Also isn’t LVNV funding, pinnacle financial group and resurgent capital services part of the same family Sherman ???

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