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  1. I dont see any use for Comenity cards at all. They dont even report unless you are using them. They grow much slower than say Sync. I think if you wanna get a store card or 2 even 3. I would go after cards that grow like Sync Amazon. PayPal. Lowes. If you shop there. I would limit to 3 initially. Then focus on major banks once you have some history
  2. Uber is great for cash back. I dont ride Uber at all.
  3. Best of luck you. Dont give anyone your home address. Use s ups store for everything. Read the book how to be invisible
  4. Looks like Freedom Unllimited Card for Business https://www.doctorofcredit.com/chase-to-release-new-chase-ink-business-unlimited-card-1-5-on-all-purchases-replaces-chase-ink-cash/ Thoughts?
  5. I would ask for CLI on all your Capital One cards and ask for 25k increase on your Synchrony Walmart & Amazon Cards. Then combine/move the Capital One Platinum cards to your Venture acount to create one card about 30k Credit line. Then go after the big banks that you are not blacklisted with.
  6. So to update this again. NFCU double pulled me for a CLI. They somehow pulled my locked Equifax and then also pulled my unlocked Experian. I was hoping not to get a single hard pull thus the locking of EQ and TU. Only to wind up with a double hard pull for a CLI. "Locking" your reports has no effect on your existing creditors. Most lenders these days can pull through a freeze if you have an established relationship with them. +1
  7. Your report was not locked. Bc they cant do a hard of it is locked.
  8. So in order to go above 50k is income verification a must? How do they verify? Returns? Paystubs? Anyone know ?
  9. none with bad credit will approve you
  10. I just use them organically based on best rewards and PIF every month and never pay any interest or fees

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