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  1. I hope you checkout my question with regards to your post about where to start on your CR. I may have posted it in the wrong place. I am a newbie. Thanks.
  2. I am ready to begin the process of working on my CR's; the beginning stages..reading and learning before I even make an attempt to do anything. I do have a question which I really do not know; where do I find the following information that was stated to do about researching the businesses to see what is their track record is DVD, etc. where do I find this information out on the CB's site? this is what was recommend (Search CBs for info on the CAs and OCs to find out if they have a track record of folding with a debt validation (DVD) letter or have a history of doing pay for delete (PFD).)????
  3. Congratulations on your rebuilding! You have done a fantastic job. I wonder if you could share how you personally got you charge-offs and collections removed.; in general terms. Thanks and best to you! Get that house!
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