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  1. Wasn't it Juniper that people were applying for acouple cards within the 24 hour time period, get approved for both , combine the CL's and close one... and then after a a certain period of time, re-open the closed one? And the one that got reopened was at the same CL it was at when they closed it? I thought it was juni.... However, that was not the OP question... i think that answer is no, you can't switch to another product. I don't know that personally, just what I read here.
  2. perhaps the reason it needs to be deleted is for higher scores?
  3. Going and changing your SS# and then telling al the people you deal with what the new one is, is just putting you back in harms way... your SS# being "out there" and used by everybody is the reason ID theft happens. I think you should contact those places and tell them you changed you SS# and that they should assign you a number that is NOT your SS#... or hell, just keep the SS# the same and not say anything to them. But I, personally, am drather tired of everybody expecting your SS# for everything ... they have no business with it. There is a very short list of people9companmies0 who really need the SS#, and a few of those can be out maneuvered with a passport. Like openeing a checking accoutn. the patriot act BS says they must know for certain who you are. Last time I checked a passport worked just as well as a SS#, although the clerks at the window don't know any better, you just have to enlighten them. But I say don't give the number out any more. That's just my opinion... RedRock
  4. My persoanl opinion is that... first, to have the gov step in with changes would be to give merit to a system that i feel has no merit. I want to be allowed to opt out of the system and think that is much more beneficial to the masses than changing the reporting times. Second, Cramit is right... way too much money is made by longer reporting times and people with poor credit. People with great credit don't spend money to constantly see their reports and buy reports to make disputes... and feed the FICO monster... or pay higher APR;s... way too much money and power against us... and keep in mind this system was NOT created to help us but was created to make money. This is a business not a government entity. RedRock
  5. I get these types of emails all the time, but usually for banks I do not have an account with. I was doing my duty and forwarding them to the bank... but now I just delete them. For you, OP... I'm not sure they really know anything unusual about you. Soemwhere your real fiull name was used... and soemwhere your emial was used... and somewhere your addresses are saved... Liek friggin Experian.. and there are lots of places that put all this crap together and sell it... to salamanders who send out mass emails. I was getting a lot of BS emails from eBay and i was forwarding them in chunks... and then i finally gave up, cuz... it just took too much of my time... and now... i don't hardly get them anymore. Interesting. I think you did the right thing and thanks for sharing that it was "from" Juniper... but I don't think you are in any jeopardy. RedRock
  6. Didn't the credit cunseling place get soem sort of agreement from them beofre they just started sending them money? I just have to beleive in naivite that there is an agreement between WF and the credit counseling place. If not... then your family memeber, is they want to save what is left of their credit, needs to up the amount and bring them current and not have them part of the package deal with the credit counseling place. Because as the prevoius poster stated, they still have their agreement with th e family member when they opened the account andf it sounds like they are well within their rights to be total aholes. But that is just my thinking on this. Wait for vets to chime in.
  7. I'm curious as to how the sums of money were arrived at. She sued for millions.... and was awarded a few hundred thouasnd in "actual damages"... how did they get that number? And how did she arrive at the millions she was after? Personally, I think that the CRAs deserve way worse than this... I think they are the cause of identity theft. Theya re the ones that make it possible. And they are he ones that came up with this system... so they got less than they deserve in this matter. Good for her, yes... but we need a lot more people to fight back if things are tol change
  8. OP, just a quick opinion. I am strongly opposed to "joint" accounts. I think AU's are great, but try to never share joint reposnsibility. This is like a little insurance policy to me. If something happens, you might be able to save one partners credit. This is what I suggested for my brother and it worked. He took the brunt, and her creidt was saved, giving them options. I see no real benefit to havign joint accoutns when AUs are so easy. Good luck, RedRock
  9. Hey, last Novemeber my BIL's scores were right at 500. He hit 620 mid-score in like April ... i think. 120 points in about 6 months... That was me writing letters to get rid of baddies (Good Will letters), getting 2 PR's deleted, and making sure all payments were made on time since July of last year. There is HOPE for all of us!!! Congrats to you! RedRock
  10. I wonder if there are 2 different things to look at. I thought the OP was asking about FICO scores. And then i thought OP was asking about gettign approvals. So, i wonder if there are 2 different things. For example, CITI might have their own algorithim (How the heck is that spelled!) and might not just pull FICOS. Ficos might be rebounding after an ap spree right away. You may get a few points the first month a TL shows up. Maybe not. YMMV. And you may (it sounds like it, anyway) get a few points at 6 months and then a year. However, I wonder if soem of these compnaies are running your full report through their own model, and that is where "too new credit" gets in the way. So, without knowing who just pulls for a basic score, and who runs the report through their own interenal scoring model, I don't know if the question can be answered. My persoanl question is just for FICO. And I think Tee answered that one. You should see scores going up at 6 and 12 months. Yes? This is an idea for discussion, not a "this is how it is."
  11. We do AU's here all the time. I have every person in my family on almost all my cards. OUr neighbor added most of us to their old high limit cards... On my CR, it looks like I have had a SEARS card for many years and it has $12,000 limit and gives me points. (That card is actually the neighbors). My sister had nothing good on her credit reports. When i added her to a bunch of my cards (even though they had high util) her scores went up nicely. Her reports look just like mine in regards to those accounts. RedRock
  12. I always put down own. When I was actually buying a house, it was owner financed and didn't show up. Also, my sister is not on the house loan, just her hubby... so, she "owns"... but it won't be on her CR. RedRock
  13. I never get shots when i travel. I would check out the travel advisory and see if there is a higher than normal case of malaria or other issues. You might need to get shots of your insurance makes you. I never get insurance, and so am free to turn down useless shots. You may feel differently working in the "other side" of the medical field. There is another ezine, which I persoanlly hate, however it might be a good dorr for you, called "international Living", it is a sister org of The Sovereign Society," which is a much better run outfit. They advertise on the Escape Artist site. If you can write and take pictures, though, tyhere are a load of opther avenues to check out. National Geogrpahic has their "explorere" mag... and there are a ton of tradiotnal hard copy magazines for travel. Pick up a "writer's market" from the library, or you can buy it Amazon, you can get a 2005, for lots cheeper and the mags are mostly the same, in that field. Almost all of them have "writer's guidelines" online, and you can save them all to a file, so when you are "there" you know who might be interested in what you are doing. tehre are also loads of tricks to write an article and then change it various ways and sell it (with different pcitures from the same roll) to several different mags. I'll PM you on this, as this is way off-topic of credit. I lived in Tahiti (For about 3 months) for those of you talking (wishing) about the pacific, and I can say that the Tahitian beauties on the postcards are few and far between, and that the island is actually known for it's diabetic population... roughly 20% of the population is diabetic, and when you visit, you won't have to guess why. You see all the kids with a 2 liter bottle of soda and a long loaf of "French bread" which is not really a good Frecnh bread, but just pasty white and tastes good, but with absolutely no value whatsoever. And then they have their meats... not just seafood... If you visit the area, go to Moorea... a much more beautiful and quiet island than the main Tahiti/Papeete island. I LOVED living on Moorea. Yep, still off-topic... no credit to speak of at these places. It is very difficult to do business there, as an American. But having your fiancnes set up here is a great start. Also, thre are "maildrops" that you can get, that forward your mail to wherever you are, and you don't need a lawyer. Search for maildrops on google or yahoo, or the escape artist website. There are several that are scams, but there are reputable ones if you look and ask others who they are using. Also, one more idea, and there is an article on this at the escape articst, is caretaking, or housesitting. If you are "single" and moveable, you can really find a lots of places that need a body in it for a while. There is another magazine called the ":caretakers Gazette" and it is full of people looking for soemone to either housesit or or actually work there and live there... all over the US, but all over the world as well. If I didn't have horses... I'd be overseas. God i miss travel!
  14. Ok, I have 2 comments, i think. I do agree that payment protection is meant to be a rip-off, but I did actually have it work in my favor once. Last year, I opened a BUNCH of new accounts and quickly maxed them. I was always getting phone calls from CSR's trying to sell me the payment protection thing... and i always declined as as soon as they took a breath (and a break from the script). But I ended up haveing it on a few Chase accounts and didn't notice it till much later. So, Ic alled to cancel it, and was asked if I had had any major events happen, a move, a baby, job loss, etc. I said that I had moved several months ago, and they said that qualified me for the use of the plan. So, I had 4 months of them making the payment on an account. The way I figure it it, I had paid about 4 months or so of the plan on a $10,000 account, which was I think $83 a month. Plus I was paying the minimum payment due, and the accoutn was a 0% APR for a year. SO, when the payment protector started paying, i actually came out just a little ahead. And when the four months were up, Ic alled and canceled it again. Now, a comment on the reason why some creditors won't work with you on making payments and keeping you out of BK. I think it has been said before but we wer sort of dancing around the issue. I think that they sell that payment protector and make a killing off it, and make way more on that than they lose on BK's and other Charge-ofss. They can point to all those BK's and CO's and say, "see, if only they had lsitened to us and taken that payment protector plan... this would have never happened." But if they "work" with people... they have no sales pitch for the plan, which they make a lot of money on. And to the person who was asking Shawnee why CCCS can make deals when we can't... CCCS doesn't always get them to agree either.

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