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  1. OnlyAli

    Repossession Question

    I am incorrect in regards to the SOL, it runs from the date of the Sale, not the date of the last payment. Dug in some old, old threads and found the info. https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?/topic/175794-why-chats-auto-repossession-deficiency-letter/&tab=comments#comment-1481121
  2. OnlyAli

    Repossession Question

    I am starting this process this evening myself, and my understanding is that you send an initial dispute to the CRAs. I've done that, doubt it'll fall off; so I'm moving to send the information to the dealer and such; if I can' even remember who that was. I believe the SOL runs, based on everything that I've read on this site from the date of first 30-day delinquency before your charge off. So, if you had an account and your payments are as follows: April 20XX - 30 Day Del May 20XX - Paid June 20XX - Paid July 20XX - 30 Day Del August 20XX - 60 Day Del Sept 20XX - 90 Day Del Oct 20XX - Charged Off Your date of first delinquency before your chargeoff would be July of 20XX based on the example above. And that would be when the SOL clock would start to run, not in April of 20XX. I don't see how it would be legally possible for them to start the SOL for a lawsuit at the time the vehicle, after being repossessed, is sold because in essence that would invalidate the clock for the SOL under the statute and would have effectively made them do either of the following: 1) your repossession date and your first delinquency date would have to be the same day. That would then lend one to question when were you notified you were delinquent and they would repossess as a result said delinquency if they occurred concurrently or 2) repossess and sell the car as first option, instead of a final option, without giving you a chance to remediate. I also couldn't find my VIN, I called and asked them what email I used to sign up for insurance, as they usually send the cards to that email and I was able to find it in there. HTH! And someone please correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. OnlyAli

    Just Need A Bit of Encouragement

    LOL! Touche', I was scrolling through thinking I know there was one, but I guess I was just missing what was in plain sight!! Thank you!
  4. OnlyAli

    Just Need A Bit of Encouragement

    I want to buy used, not "new" per se, just new to me. I take care of a disabled parent which prevents me from moving forward in a lot of areas in my life, so buying a car that I like is one of the things I would like to just "do for me". I already know that if I don't have the adequate score to get myself a good interest rate on a car, then I will not be purchasing the car that I want. Period. Definitely not trying to the same mistakes of the past and turn over a new leaf with better financial habits. My cash flow is good, I have a little under $900 in credit card debt that I am paying all off this month. I paid the bulk of it off in December. My score took a dive because I'd lost my job in my industry for almost 2 years, ended up taking lower paying jobs and such. No sob story, just life and trying to make sure I'd earned some type of income. Finally was able to get back on my feet 2 years ago, with a great job in my industry, and was tackling credit repair. I have: 2 Car Chargeoffs I started researching last night WHYCHATS method for that; I'm on the SOL for one and the other I need to find the VIN of the car; for some reason, it's not readily available so searching through some old paperwork to find it 4-5 OC Accounts I'm a bit confused on how to deal with, so wanting to do a bit more research 2 Medical Accounts I haven't endeavored to do those yet as they are a bit daunting to me, but I am going to start those this weekend using WHYCHAT's guide) 3 CA Accounts Giving me grief (PRA, CACH, & LVNV). Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my original post! (edited to reformat so it wouldn't look like word vomit in book form)
  5. Hi All, I've been lurking around the boards for a while and endeavored in August to start to tackle my credit repair. Since the end of August, I've been able to raise my scores from the 580s to the 628-630. I began to feel encouraged, but I'm getting to the part of my journey where I feel a bit stuck; I want to get it a bit further by the middle of March as I would like to purchase a new car. Can you guys just share some of your success stories so I can keep plugging away? This board has been immensely helpful and honestly, just searching, searching, and then searching some more has helped answer a lot of questions. But a bit of sunshine would be appreciated!
  6. Thanks, everyone!! I figured it wouldn't have any impact but thought I'd get a few more voices to weigh-in!! Thanks, again!
  7. Sorry, that should be Creditor in the topic title.
  8. Hi All, I need a little bit of help or thought of a strategy that would help me get this removed from my account. So, I'm within the SOL on debt that I incurred when I totaled my car and was upside down. The amount is about $5K and its showing as an auto chargeoff up to 3 months ago, which I believe the company charge off the account in 2017, not 2018. Either way, the company that is reporting the charge-off is currently being sued for violation of the telephone consumer protection act. I was notified that I could possibly be a class action participant, do you guys think there is any way to leverage this lawsuit to my advantage to get this one removed? Thanks in advance for the help!

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