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  1. So the updated address appeared yesterday (when I did my daily pull), but today it's gone again. I don't think it's an issue with a 'split file', as all of my information/tradelines are still correct. Do they just add/remove it randomly? What's up?
  2. But what if you apply for credit using your current address, and Equifax can't find your file because they don't list it?
  3. Interesting. Does anyone else have any experience with this?
  4. I recently moved, and my address has updated at Experian and Transunion (couple days ago), but not Equifax. The Account that reported (to cause the address update) is showing the updated balance at Equifax, but the address update isn't showing on my report. Are they just slow to update this? Other accounts will be reporting the address soon.
  5. I'm opening a Time Warner Cable account this week. I talked with the CSR, and they said it's only a Soft Pull. I asked them to confirm, "It's definitely not a hard pull?". They say "No, it's a soft pull." Can anyone confirm this?
  6. Anyone seeing slow updating this month? Statement cut 11th, updated on Equifax, but not the other two.
  7. Pretty absurd. I just hope they didn't have a security breach or something...
  8. There's another post I started two down from here... we've been discussing this for several days.
  9. Yea, probably figuring out how to handle thousands of people asking for a refund for this month :-)
  10. Since it was returning a server error, I doubt this is related to third-parties. It seems specific to Amex.
  11. Yea, still down. I just hope they weren't hacked or something. The irony would not be lost on me...
  12. We should all call them up and ask for a month's refund.
  13. Pretty absurd they haven't sent an email to us, explaining what's up.
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