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  1. Are the double points at Sephora worth more than say 2% back? Trying to find the cut-off point to justify a store card for DW. All my store cards earn 5% or more. That's my cut-off line. Target 5% BBRZ 6% Lowes 5% Amazon 5% Macy's ~10% If you're an Amazon Prime Member, you can now use that Amazon 5% at Whole Foods. Changed my life.
  2. I think it depends on your situation. Store cards can be alright if you have zero AAOA already anyway. I have 14 store cards that I opened when I was 19. Those 14 cards are all 20 years old now giving me a very solid anchor for churning sign up bonuses. They hardly ever get used, but the benefit of having them anchoring my AAOA is huge.
  3. Immediately with a Portfolio Lender or Hard Money Lender. 2 Years FHA or VA 4 Years Conventional
  4. Due to the Texas heat, it is not uncommon for a battery to fail after 1 year. 110 degree weather will kill a battery quick.
  5. Is that true of both Chapter 13 and Chapter 7?
  6. These are all standard things we ask for. Additionally, we usually require potential tenants to pay for their own background check. I use My Smart Move for background Checks and Rent Collection. I have yet to have a potential tenant refuse to pay the $35 fee to preform a background check.
  7. Tax liens definitely show up on your credit report. They can also end up as judgements if the amount the house sells for doesn't completely cover the amount of tax owed.
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