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  1. I pulled a 3-in-1 credit report provided by Experian. I can't believe it! Citi Auto keeps moving back the dates on my loan so it will never fall off my credit! The truck I bought was charged off and repossessed. My best guess is that I stopped paying around 2005, it was charged off in 2006, and was repossessed in 2009. I *think* that the history is based on the last payment I made in 2005 or the charge-off in 2006. I don't have any of the paperwork on the truck or a payment register. As far as I can tell, Citi Auto and CitiFinancial Auto are the same company. Whatever the name, they went out of business in 2010. The phone number and address on my credit report are no longer valid/working. Is the date I should be concerned with the last payment, the charge-off, or the repossession? Is there a legal record or something else I can pull to dispute the dates that the creditor is providing to Experian/Equifax/TransUnion? Any advice you can provide will be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Hello, I'm new to the CreditBoards forums, but I've been reading and learning alot. Thanks to all who make it such a great resource. I'm trying to rebuild my credit. I have a 2006 Ford Mustang convertable which was purchased in my parents name. I've made all the payments on time with auto-pay through Bank of America. Unfortunately, that since it's not on my credit, it doesn't help me much. Here's my situation, Per Bank of America Privacy Assist, my credit scores are as follows: - Equifax 546 - Transunion 556 - Experian 565 My payments are currently $282 per month, and I'd like to purchase a previously owned, 3 year old dodge pickup truck. I've worked for my employer for 3 years in corporate finance as an analyst. I make $60,000 salary and I received and additional $10,000 bonus today. The worst think on my credit is a judgement on a student loan from 6 or 7 years ago. Ideally, I want to get my credit in line to buy a house within the next couple of years. And that means paying that baddie off. So, I'd prefer to put the minimum down on the truck so I can use the rest to pay off the judgement. Of the 10K bonus, I only get $7,000. The rest is held in taxes. The judgement is for $7K. I'm hoping that I can get a loan for $10,000 to $15,000 on my own. I had a repo on my credit, but it has fallen off in the last few months. Also, I went to my credit union, Austin Telco, about the a program to get back on track. They were less than helpful. They had no desire to speak with me without pulling my credit and told me that they were very conservative lenders. Any help that can be offered on a kind lender, what kind of down payment I will need, or a program to get back on track would be wonderful. I'm open to all advice and suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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