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  1. I'm still trying to get a definitive explanation as to if I can achieve TU B* by daily pulling both USAA and SmartCredit? Please explain why or why not. Thanks.
  2. I know I've done it before.. Why can't I now? Is it because I was also using CK back when it was also a daily puller, or has something at TU changed?
  3. Can I still achieve TU B* with SmartCredit and USAA with unlimited daily pulling? I'm paying $9.95 and $11.47/mo respectively, but I'll just drop SmartCredit again if I can't achieve B*.
  4. When did this become a thing exactly? I assume you are referring to all the extra detail like balances? How did this all come about? The extra detail is amounts and date paid on each account. Balances have long been reported. The extra info enables creditors to make pretty good estimates as to the financial capabilities of a consumer and especially determine to a high degree of accuracy whether people are revolvers (carry a balance), transactors (PIF types). or somewhere in between. An example is that people that carry a balance but make payments well over minimums are at significant
  5. When did this become a thing exactly? I assume you are referring to all the extra detail like balances? How did this all come about?
  6. I'll take someone's unused offer code.
  7. bump Oh, ps.. I got Experian to delete all my old addresses.. one of which was associated with both of these paid TL's. The weird thing is, I got a new credit report number from the CSR too.. and instead of xxxxxx-09 or whatever it was up to, it was reset to xxxxxx-01. Best way to proceed to remove these last 2 baddies? Re-dispute somehow CMRR?
  8. Ok, well I have EX frozen and have not been able to pull EQ through MPM for the last few days. At first, I thought I was not waiting the full 24hrs +1.. but that is not the case. Who do I need to talk to, MPM or Equifax? Or just wait?
  9. So, it won't pull EQ if EX is frozen? That is the problem I am having right now.
  10. I feel like I've been quoted by a celebrity. This is my first attempt at EQ B*.. So just starting out with USAA, and we'll see how this goes for a few months. I suspect I'm already on the chop list because I've backdoord the EQ website more times than I can count. I managed to get rid of all my TU inqs with SCP alone.
  11. My first response: Dear ---, Thank you for contacting us. To answer your question, we have an Unlimited Premium membership for $22.94. If you would like for me to get you signed up on the Unlimited where you can get a fresh report every day, please reply back to this email and I will be happy to upgrade your membership for you. Thank you for choosing Credit Check Monitoring for USAA members. After my reply to that, their response: Dear ---, I do have a discounted rate of $16.46 for 6 months if you would be interested. If this is something you want me to put in place for y
  12. Success! This paid Charge off was deleted from Equifax a few days ago, and from Experian today. I expect TU to follow suit, if they haven't already. I sent GW to above address. Funny thing is, I received the same standard response stating that "it's accurate, so it remains" from the same North Carolina office (same rep, too) when I tried earlier. At any rate, it's gone! Thank you again gdale6..
  13. I paid the OC (Comcast, and returned the equipment to them) after it was sent to EAS.. then EAS reported the 2 TL's to EX.
  14. This letter came back.. written on the outside, was "Person not at this location". An email to Comcast Executive Care stated that Cathy Daly is not listed in the Comcast employee directory. So, another dead end. I'd still like to know if it's legal to report 2 negative tradelines (one for "Service" and one for "Equipment") for the same Comcast account? How can they split one account into 2.. why stop there?
  15. I signed up for this too.. but just to clarify.. can I achieve TU B* with JUST this one puller? It'll just take longer, right? Also, doesn't TU at SOME POINT do reinseration of bumped inquiries? Anybody know when this occurs? (Does this vary by region? I thought I read about this somewhere.. I'm in PA) Thanks.
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