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  1. This application is for my cousin who is thinks her only option is a Buy Here Pay Here car lot. Do you think she can get a loan if she goes to a reputable dealership? If not, what do you suggest? She needs a car asap. Thanks for your advice. Credit Application: Her Age? 37 Equifax Credit Score? 610 Experian Credit Score? ? TransUnion Credit Score? ? How many years have you been on file with Equifax? At least 7-8 years not sure. How many years have you been on file with Experian? not sure How many years have you been on file with TransUnion? not sure YOUR PREVIOUS AUTO
  2. Maybe my wording wasn't correct but I know what I was told by USAA Mortgage Department. Below is excerpt of an email I received from my loan processor. Your loan will be serviced by our alliance partner that was carefully selected by USAA based upon their reputation, high service standards, and business expertise. Although they will service your loan, USAA will continue to monitor the level of service provided to you for the life of the loan. Our alliance partner is GMAC and that is where you will send your monthly mortgage payments. Please call USAA if you have any problems with the
  3. No they do not service their loans. I'm going through the refiancing process with them now & I was told that they use GMAC or PHH. I was told that they will always own the loan but they don't have the resources to service the loan so they use these companies. I was told if I ever have a problem to call USAA.
  4. DH & I have credit cards w/Patelco but just refinanced both vehicles w/USAA & was approved to refinance mortgage also. I've been very impressed w/the outstanding customer service I've received on every phone call. With that being said my vote is for USAA!
  5. Congratulations on your approvals!
  6. Dell also does financing. As stated before the interest rate is high. Also you may want to try Ebay & apply for Pay Pal Buyer Credit.
  7. I called to check the status of my application & was told that there are several applications in front of mine but I just applied Saturday 2/25/06.
  8. If approved: Who? HDMC How many reporting on DnB/Experian Biz? ?/5 Paydex - if available? ?/? Credit limit? $ 2000 PG? No Terms? Revolving Provide them additional information/financials? no Application? (online/in store/phone)? online I applied last night & called to check status today & was asked several questions. Was placed on hold & credit rep said he had to verify business with the State Secretary but everything looked good. Then he advised me I was approved for the requested amt of $2000. He said I should receive cards in 7-10 days.
  9. Breeze, I've been a member for over a year and I'm still a Newbie. Help. Thanks.
  10. You can work at re-establishing your personal credit and establishing new business credit @ the same time.
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