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  1. Dave Ramsey always says he has a mortgage company on his preferred vendor list that can do this.....a mortgage with no file or score. It sounds bogus, I have always wondered if it is true. Look them up and have your friend contact them.
  2. I really wish everyone would go on there and complain about how inquiries pull your score down. This is one of the most anti-competitive, anti-American things I have seen our federal government sanction. If you are shopping for a major purchase (car loan, home loan, personal loan, etc) you can never really shop around because each time your credit is accessed by the lender it pulls your score down. Many websites report this is not the case, but if you subscribe to a tri-merge service that also reports scores you will see it is.
  3. I have sent them gobs of things in writing and they do not respond, but somehow respond to the CRA disputes. I need to get this balance either "settled" "paid" or "deleted". Looking at some investment properties, anything on your report like that has to be taken care of, even if the score is back up they will not let you have large collections and get the loan.
  4. In other news they pulled TU on the day that I first called, anyone think they denied the settlement because my reports are getting cleaned up and they are holding out for more money?
  5. Once I get all the stuff on my report cleared I am going to get a couple of mortgage pulls....then wait 60 days and see if anything crazy happens. I would rather find out if anyone is out there when I am not really buying a house, than when I really am. This is exactly what happened to my wife when we were buying (I am not on the loan) she paid off a bunch of collections had mortgage pulls and WHAM this medical bill for $4400 from 6 years ago gets inserted. I did the DV process and they had the docs. I tried to settle it for 1/2 and 2/3 and they will not budge from the full amount. We ended up closing with it unpaid, $600 under the threshold that would have required it to be paid by the lender, and we wrote an explanation letter and they let it slide. Now we are approved for an equity loan.......but only if its paid, Im not too keen on paying a $4400 debt, that they refused to settle, that falls off in Oct due to DOLA being 7 yrs.
  6. I have another check coming today or tomorrow. Going to give them another shot, they are one of two unpaid/unsettled derogatorys from 2008-2009 when everything went to crap. I do not really gain anything from doing this at the moment other than having that period behind me, they do not have any good phone #s for me, have given up sending letters, cant sue. I call them from my Google Voice number or my fax line (if at all) so they cant blow me up with the auto dialer or leave tons of messages.
  7. OC (Citi Financial) Charged off Balance ~$7222 Cavalary Reported Balance $8595 Sent written offer to settle via FAX and they did not respond. Yesterday I called to offer "settlement in full" for $3,000, the representative places me on hold, comes back and says its approved. Here is where it gets sticky... I ask for the settlement agreement to be sent to me, he says he can only send it after I pay....I was like "well then how do I have a settlement agreement". He says he will email it to me once some department gets out of a meeting....nothing comes across. I call a couple of more times today, supposedly he is "not in" all the reps I spoke with are telling me the same thing, the settlement is approved but they cant send any letters until it is paid. Anyone have any ideas how to proceed? I'm not sending them 3 grand without any documentation that will settle it. I really want to get this account cleared up however, its the last biggie on my report and I am in a good place to settle it at this moment in time. -- SOL in NC is 3 years, it has been over 3 years since DOFD & DOLA, so I don't think they can/will sue. I sent a DV letter a while back, but it was years after "30 days from when they first contacted me". They did not respond to that either, so they may not even have any docs to support the collection. I do not know what my rights are as far as using DV to get the acct cleared.

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