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  1. I have the NAV business credit reporting and it says I had a recent late payment, but I have not paid any bills late. How can I figure out who reported this and how can I dispute it?
  2. Looking forward to seeing your update. Also, did you repair your personal credit yourself? I read this entire thread. I have enjoyed reading your story. So I was not focused on my biz credit. I have a business that started Jan 2020. Now that business in growing rapidly, I am now interested. What I have so far is below. Any suggestions on what next and how to improve Experian and Equifax What I have so far: (Prob not in order) Can't figure out which accounts are reporting these are the ones I know. Quill Uline FleetCor (Secured) Sprint Wireless Ally Financial (PG on this one - needed a new company van) - reporting to all DNB & Experian NAV - just signed up yesterday - not reporting 80 PAYDEX - 5 tradelines reporting 51 Experian - 2 accounts 388 - 1 account (sprint)
  3. When i go to whychat's website the letter mentions cease and desist if beyond SOL, what do I do if the SOL has not expired? Also I pulled my equifax and found some more Equifax TransUnion Experian Reported Not Reported Not Reported Collector: MEDICAL Account Number: 146XXXX Date Opened: 12/2012 Balance Date: 08/2014 Balance Amount: $200 Date of Status: 08/2014 Status: Closed Equifax TransUnion Experian Reported Not Reported Not Reported Collector: MEDICAL Account Number: 147XXXX Date Opened: 01/2013 Balance Date: 08/2014 Balance Amount: $350 Date of Status: 08/2014 Status: Closed Equifax TransUnion Experian Reported Not Reported Not Reported Collector: MEDICAL Account Number: 1507XXXX Date Opened: 01/2010 Balance Date: 06/2014 Balance Amount: $133 Date of Status: 06/2014 Status: Closed These were all disputed as well, but came back verfied
  4. I sent the initial disputes and they all came back verfied. They are not beyond the statue of limitations. MEDICAL DATA SYSTEMS INC Opened 6/2013 Balance $1061 Spoke with OC and they will only remove from collections if I pay Balance in Full OPTIMUM OUTCOMES INC Opened 11/2012 Balance $278 Both accounts came back verified, but no information was sent to me from credit bureaus it said it was verfied in a prior dispute, cannot reopen dispute.
  5. Hey Everyone, I could really use your help on my DH's report. He finally realized that avoidance doesn't solve problems. So we are tying to get things in order and fortunately, it's not as bad as I thought. I've sent in and called to get all the old addresses removed. Because he was in the Navy, it was a LOT! I got a copy of the reports and this is what is listed. I also diputed them after getting address removed and they were verified, so what's next? I've read through the info and i'm thinking I should send a verification letter to the CA, but I wanted to get some thoughts on what I should do before I proceed. Experian: 2 collections less than 300 from about 3 years ago. (old Comcast utilitlies before we got married) 1 apartment collection almost 5000 from about 3 years ago - He says this is inacurrate because he had finished the lease, so there's no way he owes them that much for repairs (no pets and very clean) Equifax - most intense 1 Auto Charge Off $6000 1st delinquency is 03/09 which is inaccurate, he said he never paid after the first month because the motor blew after the first month (some buy here pay here place) 3 Ga Power Collections each less than 200 2 apartment collections - 1 Is on Experian, the other is from 2 years ago right before we moved together, someone broke into the apt and the landlord told him he could move if he'd like 2 Comcast Utitlities 1 Medical Collection - going to attempt Why Chat's method TransUnion 2 Comcast collections 1 medical collection $300 (same as Equifax) 1 apartment that's on the other 2
  6. Whychat, what should I enclose with the handwritten dispute letter? My id, bank statement?
  7. Congratulations on the 700 club, I can't wait until I get there!!!
  8. How did you make such a quick jump. Any advice?
  9. dwhit316

    No Credit

    I love happy endings! Thanks for the advice. I have known him for most of my life and we have been dating for several years, but I am just not ready for marriage, I want to get a few career and credit goals first. We are planning for our future and have recently moved in with one another. I plan to wait about 2 years before we take the next step into marriage, although he is ready now. He doesn't actually use credit, but I want to build and establish his the right way to prepare for our future. I messed mine up when I was young and foolish, but those years are over now, so It's time to get on track. Most of my things are about to fall off and I have been working to fix the ones that are not. Hopefully we can have a fairytale ending like you.
  10. Hi all, I have recently began my journey to fixing my credit, and in doing some research, I found CB, which is a great resource. I'm hoping to get some advice on how I'm going about my journey and what to do, and not to do moving forward. I'm disputing the following items below and they have been verified by creditors Allied Collection Service Alchemy Worldwide Food Placed in Collection 8/15/12 CapOne Date opened - 12/1/06 Date reported - 2/25/08 Date of first delinquency - 7/07 Charge-Off Amount: purchased by another lender Comenity Bank Date opened - 11/10/06 Date reported - 6/10/10 last payment made 5/2/12 Date of first delinquency - says 8/12 on Equifax, but the history aging 7/10 Charge-off Amount: $369 First Premier Bank Date opened - 9/20/09 Date reported - 4/14/14 Date of major delinquency - says n/a but shows 30 day on Equifax 2/13 shows 8/10 on tu Balance - 168 first premier bank Date opened - 9/15/08 Date reported - 1/16/2014 Date of major delinquency - 03/11 Balance - $10 Sallie Mae Date opened - 6/12/11 Date reported - 4/2014 Date of major delinquency - 10/12 Balance - $2036 60 day late There are a few other collection accounts listed, one from a lease from 2007/8, and some medical bills. Each have been verified. I also followed WHy Chat's plan on the medical hipaa letters, waiting on a response on those. 2 sallie mae accounts lates removed, but this one still won't remove. I also sent a good will letter to sallie mae, but no luck there for this one. Wells Fargo Student Loan 60 day late payment removed I also have 100k plus in student loans on my credit report, a positive cap one auto loan account 14k balance pays on time, no lates, opened in 09/2013, discover card 500 cl no lates (handled with goodwill letter & phone call) opened in 2006, 2 summit cred union accounts closed paid as agreed open approx. 10 months 1500 installment loans, sears account pays as agreed is status, but I am no longer on account it was opened in 1999 last report date 2/2011, no lates. I have sent one letter disputing all the items to each CRA. EQ, TU and EX came back with everything verified and deleted the wells fargo student loan and 2 sallie mae lates. I have sent a letter of verification method to EQ for the verified accounts. Should I continue to send one dispute letters to CRAs or should I do one letter for each account I'm disputing? Are there any SOLs regarding any of these accounts by looking at the dates that have been provided? I am a Georgia resident. Do I need to add any secured cards? Should I try and settle in exchange for removing from credit report? How do student loans affect my score? Thanks for the help
  11. dwhit316

    No Credit

    I forgot to mention, I have had the discover card since 2006. if I do secure the capital one, how much should we start with? Since I'm trying to repair mine as well, should I make myself an au on that one so that it will report to both of ours?
  12. dwhit316

    No Credit

    I am still in the process of fixing mine, but I did put him on my card, but my TL is only 500. I don't have any late payments and I PIF, so that should hopefully help. Any other non secured cards that would be good to start with? How long after being on mine should I have him apply?

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