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  1. Bethesda
  2. When you uploaded the screenshots what did you upload? Did they show anything regarding the judgments?
  3. If it is not there then take a screen shot of your screen as an image and save it. Then go to Equifax and file a dispute online. Do you have a recent report from them available? If not then use the back door approach and then file your dispute and upload your documents in the dispute. Hope this helps...
  4. Mine is from bergen county. It does NOT show up here: http://bergensearch.co.bergen.nj.us/countyweb/disclaimer.do But it does show up here http://njcourts.judiciary.state.nj.us/web15z/ACMSPA/ What does this mean? I can't follow the first link, but it is not the second. Did you find that first one by googling "your county name recorded instruments"? If so, it is probably the right place. It will be the same site with the land records. Yes that how i found the first one. Its not there. So now what do i do? The site was bergensearch.co.bergen.nj.us samgreen123, Try this site for NJ: http://publicrecords.onlinesearches.com/NewJersey.htm and see if its there.
  5. Whatever you do, don't look up the online judiciary records. That was where I made my mistake at first. Why Chat gave me another website to go that were in my jurisdiction.
  6. I believe FIX'IN "CREDIT" may be on to something. I had three judgments being reported to all three bureaus. EX and TU of course had no problems getting the judgments removed (using Why Chat's method). With EQ I had tried just about everything from Why Chat's initial disputes to filing complaints with the CFPB and with no success, I did however reach out to Why Chat (via PM) and explained my issues. He gave me a couple of websites to see if your judgments are recorded. They are http://publicrecords.../view/lid/25769 and http://publicrecords..._Montgomery.htm (if you live in Maryland). I researched my name and did not see any recorded judgments so I took a couple of screen shots and sent them over to EQ in an online dispute and uploaded my results (just like FIX'IN "CREDIT"). In about six days later they are now deleted. I think the FIX'IN "CREDIT" way is the only way to deal with EQ right now. Thanks FIX'IN "CREDIT"!!!
  7. Could you PM me what letter you had sent and the contact info for the executive offices. Thank you...
  8. creditzzz


    I am the friend that sent the original question to cinnamngrl. I used your recommendations and here is what had happened... A letter was written to Equifax (actually the CEO) see below… I had recently disputed the above referenced account on my Equifax credit file recently and asked specifically what was the method of verification (letter enclosed). The response from your company was the payments were verified electronically from the furnisher. The information I had supplied along with the letter of the method of verification was documentation that Advanta Bank was closed down by the FDIC back in March of 2010. If in fact that is the case then the alleged furnisher supplying the information on my credit file is providing the information to you illegally. I request that the information that is provided to you on this account be removed from my credit file as I am sure Equifax would be diligent in making sure that the information being reported on credit files are being reported legally. Thank you in advance to your immediate attention to this matter, Their response was this… The method of investigation used to verify account information is Automated Consumer Dispute Verification (ACDV), via e-Oscar®. This method is approved by the FTC for all CRA’s to verify and update consumer credit report data. This automated system meets all regulatory requirements stipulated in Section 611(a)(5)(D) of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Contact information, were reasonable available, for each creditor/reporting entity is provided on your credit report. Verification of a debt must be provided to you by the creditor or collection agency. Should you obtain documentation directly from the reporting entity that support any inaccuracies, please forward same to my attention for review and action. For your convenience you may fax the document to 404-885-8346. Thank you for contacting our office and brining this matter to our attention. Sincerely, Office of Executive Consumer Services Equifax Credit Information, LLC The actual company that is servicing the business credit card account is CardWorks Servicing. Their information is nowhere listed on the credit file. This account was initiated under a different address. The request to remove old addresses was not done first. Should that be done next and if so, when should this letter be sent out to the CRA’s?

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