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  1. Thanks. This is the most it will be. Just looking to save a couple hundred bucks on interest.
  2. You guys are making me scared like I did something wrong here. All I did was balance transfer about $2K to save some interest money and take advantage of a 0% APR offer that will offer me some flexibility over the next year. Again, this offer was made to me. Did I do something wrong? Is there something I need to be concerned about? I'm on time with my payments, I have 2 Chase cards, totaling about $6.5K in limits, and before this balance transfer there's nothing on either card.
  3. Its roughly half of the credit limit, about $2k. The credit limit is just over $4K. The card balance was 0 when I made the transfer. This is a card Ive had for almost 3 years. This is my first balance transfer, so Im curious....why would it make them nervous? Why would they (and other banks/credit card issuers) promote a 0% APR on balance transfers for a given time period and then be nervous about how a customer uses it?
  4. Hi guys- Probably a really silly question that I probably already know the answer to, but would just like verification. I have a Chase card that Ive received a really good 0% promotional offer for balance transfers for the next year that I would like to take advantage of by transferring a balance from another credit card of mine. Since I already have the Chase card in hand, going through with this balance transfer from another card will not result in a hard credit pull, correct? Thanks in advance.
  5. I would just do the CFPB complaint. Filed it today. I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks
  6. Would it still be wise for me to send a DV letter at the same time as filing the complaint to the CFPB?
  7. Thanks for the advice. I've never dealt with them before but am somewhat familiar with their complaint process; it is reasonable to expect positive results in a timely matter?
  8. No. I mean, I've been attacked by JDB before for zombie debt from well over a decade ago, but I honestly don't know what this would be for. The letter I received that I referenced above didn't even list a creditor...just the amount. It's ridiculous and I personally hate it when an effort is made to intimidate or scare me. But at the same time while I'd like to tell them to FOAD, I also want to protect myself the best I can by not doing anything "wrong", per se. And while I get where the previous poster is coming from with regards to baiting them and playing dumb, I also have no desi
  9. Hello fellow CBers- Im not sure how to post a picture here, because I wanted to show a shot of it, so I'll just type this out...I received a whale of a collection letter today. Its been a long time since I laughed as hard as I did. Basically, after listing my name and address, this collector, under the name of "United Legal Partners" of Irvine, CA, posts this: RE: United Legal Partners vs. me Case number: xxxxxxxxxxx Amount Due: xxxxxxx LITIGATION NOTICE You have chosen to ignore our previous attempts to resolve this matter. You are hereby notified that a recommendation
  10. And you won't if you have not walked in some of our shoes.This. Since being in credit hell about 10 years ago, I now own my own home, car, and well over $10k in credit lines. It all started with Cap One approving me for a $500 credit card to begin my rebuilding journey.
  11. Ive never understood why people would want to pay interest on a credit card - especially at the levels for a cash advance - and not pay it off the second they have the ability to. You have $10K just sitting there...even after paying it off you'll still have $7K left. How long it took you to build that fund up is irrelevant. Im not a huge Dave Ramsay follower, but Ive listened to his shows where he tells people that doing dumb things with money is what he calls a "stupid tax". This is one of those times. You made a foolish mistake by running up a large cash advance on a CC despite the
  12. Apped for the Discover It card based on a pre-qualifier mailer I received - $1500. Meh, but not exactly upset either, especially with all of the recent news of their CLIs. Undeterred, I apped for the Quicksilver Rewards based on the Cap 1 pre-qualifier site - approved instantly for $5k. My highest starting limit ever. First credit card apps Ive done in about a year. Scores last I checked in the 675-700 ballpark, one card with some high UTIL, but no lates and baddies from long ago have dropped off. Five years ago I couldnt have dreamed to be approved for credit like this, with my
  13. I was going to post about stuff like this as well. I use CK for the credit monitoring, but just how "accurate" are these Vantage Scores that they post? Are they actually trustworthy numbers to go by, or are they numbers that just shift in the wind on a daily basis?
  14. Tried it today and got a +500 bump. From $1750 to $2250. Ive been successful now both times Ive hit the button for a CLI, which is big for someone like me who struggled with nothing but denial after denial for credit as I rebuilt. Its not a ton, but getting a free 500 in credit for nothing but a SP is fine with me. I know there's a lot of hate around these parts for Cap One, and some justified, but Ive had no problems with them. This was the first card to approve me as I worked my way out of credit hell for $500 about 2 1/2 years ago. And Cap One fraud protection also saved me from so
  15. Hey guys- Ive been periodically receivng calls at work over the past few weeks wanting me or my "legal counsel" to call a number, Its always been a pre-recorded message, never a live person. Im assuming its a CA after some sort of zombie debt (I had credit problems years ago that I was able to clean up). Well today, I get a phone call from a guy who rattles off that I owe an old bank debt of over $1000, and asks me if "I want to proceed with making arrangements to take care of this". I tell him that I will respond to anything he sends me in the mail...the original person I talk to t
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