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  1. Congrats Op! I got the same offer in the mail, applied and was denied. I'm waiting for the 7-10 day letter to find out why. In the meantime, did anyone get their Discover or Discover More through recon? I'll give it a try if anyone thinks it's worth a shot.
  2. I agreed to that interview to pay it forward and say thanks to CB. I didn't know you guys were looking for me.
  3. I don't know how I could have forgotten to also thank the Mod's and Admin's, especially PRyan for his extra attention and care!
  4. Hey Mini, I just popped in to add my support (and to see the newest pic of the little guy!) Since the salary you declared was correct and the fact that you're complying should be points in your favor. You're also right to shop around, it never hurts to look. I hope it turns out for the best! ~ Shellee
  5. Hi Everybody, I just received the December 2007 issue in the mail. I agreed to do a reporter interview a few months ago for an article titled, In Search of the Perfect Credit Score. I still don't have a perfect score- the last time I pulled it my middle score was somewhere in the high 700's. I've come a long way considering I started with a zero score. While I may never reach that perfect 850, I plan to keep plugging away to get as close as I can and that will take some time. And I still have tons of questions from time to time. I attributed my success to persistence and the great support and help I received at Creditboards.com. I always try to remeber to say thank you to CB and to keep encouraging anyone that receives help here to pay it forward. Pick up an issue if you're curious or just tell one more person about CB. They'll probably thank you later. ~ Shellee
  6. I found CB after doing a search about some time tax problems I was having. I saw an article on bankrate.com and the rest is history. I lurked and then joined. It just so happened it was right before CB was celebrating a birthday and there were contest all day. One of the contests was for the member with the lowest credit score. Unfortunately, I won: My score was zero. Yes, Zero. Iwas told I was a "ghost" and at the time, I didn't even know what a ghost was. Now my mission is to help anyone I can educate themselves and I always send them here!
  7. Your persistence paid off! Congrats!
  8. Congrats! They're on my wish list also. Enjoy your own card!
  9. Ditto. I may cancel the credit monitoring services and pull FICO with discounts twice a year. These folks are turning into a real PITA. I can live without the *B for awhile.
  10. Even with perfectly clean reports!
  11. Congrats! Beware though...I asked for CLI at activation...took TWO hards and was declined. Maybe you'll fare better!
  12. No softs on EX. I'll have to check the other two.
  13. It looks like we'll have to police Chase policing us. I didn't think the CL they gave me was worth their bother. I'm off to check my EX backdoor to see if I'm getting the same snooping.
  14. Congrats! I just got my first Citi card last month so this is good information to know. Thanks for posting and enjoy your cards!
  15. I don't think so... employment pulls don't show on cr's. The applicant gets a letter from the cra that was pulled. my employment pull showed up both times as a hard. It is well known that employment pulls don't count as a hard. But your employer doesn't know the left hand from the right hand and didn't know how to code in inq. A private employer's employment verification and a government (or instument of the govenment) employee's background check are hugely different. Of course, it will vary by state.

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