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  1. Ok thanks and as far as dealing with Midland what do you suggest? They are collecting for two accounts that no longer appear on my credit report because 7 years has passed.
  2. Thank you, so I should call and say that the DOFL is not appearing on my report for the following accounts and they're obsolete and see what they say? I don't have the DOFL and no way to verify if the date they are using is correct.
  3. Over 6 months ago, I was able to get several accounts off my Equifax and TransUnion report since the DOFL was almost 7 years old. I disputed online for early removal and I got lucky and it worked. I never disputed with Experian because the online dispute system wasn't the same so all of these trade lines are still showing and only two of them say "This item is expected to appear until....". None of the other accounts have a DOFL or a date for removal. How should I go about disputing them? The accounts were verified as mine over a year ago but I would like to dispute because I think the 7 year mark either has passed or is almost up. My other question is that Midland is popping up on only my Transunion and Experian reports for two accounts that only appear on my Experian report and not on Transunion. Is there anything I can do about this? Transunion already removed the accounts Midland is trying to collect for because the 7 year mark had passed.
  4. sorry if i wasn't clear...the collection accounts are the ones that were opened in 2010 and 2011 related to tradelines opened much earlier. how do you advise i deal with these accounts? the accounts i did dispute as obsolete were due to fall off my transunion report this year and so they were removed. for some reason, the same accounts don't fall off for another year and a half on experian and equifax. i do plan on disputing them as obsolete in a few months, but if they doesn't work what do i do? am i able to dispute as obsolete again? do i send goodwill letters to the OC? thanks
  5. I only disputed Transunion online because after spending much time reviewing the boards it seemed that disputing with them online would most likely give me the same results as disputing via mail. I didn't dispute Experian and Equifax yet because online didn't seem like the way and because of the date issue I mentioned earlier I didn't want my dispute via mail to be turned down. Considering the issue with dates I mentioned what do you advise I do to dispute with Equifax and Experian?
  6. I believe so one account was opened in 2010 and the other in 2011. I'm pretty sure both accounts were sold from one CA to another because these dates are way more recent than the DOFD for the original accounts.
  7. They are both credit card collections. One for $1,000 and another for $5,000. On my Transunion report, the original trade line for these accounts have been removed so the two collections are the only negative things. On my Experian and Equifax report, the trade line plus the two collections are the negatives and are keeping my score at 643 and 663.
  8. A few months ago, I disputed several accts with Transunion that were due to fall off my credit report this fall. They were all removed and my score jumped to 693. I have two collections on my report still that I am trying to do a pay for delete but if that doesn't work I'm unsure how to get them off. Any advice? The debt was already verified. On my Equifax and Experian reports, the accts I disputed as obsolete have different dates than they did on Transunion and aren't due to fall off until early 2015. If I go ahead and dispute as obsolete like I did Transunion, what do I do if they don't agree to remove them? The debt was verified a few years ago so do I just try and goodwill the original creditors? I am planning on applying for a mortgage in 8 months and want to do as much as possible to get my scores to 700 by then. For the past 3 years I have paid my bills on time and have a $30,000 school loan, a $2,000 balance on one CC that will be paid off in December, a $500 balance on another that will be paid off next month and a $1,000 balance that will also be paid off before the end of the year. I think paying off the CC's will help but I need to get rid of these negatives as well.
  9. *in one sentence I ask how to become a better mortgage candidate but I meant refi candidate
  10. My boyfriend and I just closed on an apt in NY for $585k. We have a private lender that is holding the note at 0% interest and we will be making monthly "mortgage" payments to him. In 6-8 months we are going to pay him back by refinancing the apartment. This is where we are taking a risk because we don't know how the refi situation is going to play out. The worst case scenario is we sell the apartment and make a profit because we bought it at around $65k under market. However, we'd like to stay there and I'm worried my finances may complicate things. Back in '07 I was making six figures in finance and got laid off. I couldn't pay my credit cards, studen loan and had to move and things spiraled out of control and I ruined my credit. A little less than a year ago my scores were below 600 and now they are 692, 643 and 663. The highest being Transunion where I was able to remove almost all negative accounts from that time. The lowest score being Experian which has the most negative accounts. I'd like to bring my scores up to above 700 and refi with my boyfriend. His scores are in the 760 range, all accounts in good standing. Our combined income is $150k, we have savings and also gift money from our parents. Besides my '07-'08 all my other accounts are in excellent standing. My student loan payment is $220 a month, I'm an authorized user on my mom's card and have two other credit cards with a low balance where I make payments on time. Besides hoping I can get the negative accounts off with Experian and Equifax (it worked with Transunion), how can I make myself a better mortgage candidate? If I do have unpaid negatives on my account, will the bank make me pay them? I would pay everything now if it made a difference but it's not changing my score. Any advice would be appreciated as I really would like to stay in this apartment and don't want to be the reason why we weren't approved for a refi.
  11. thanks for the advice! going to cancel the other scores i get and just use myfico.com
  12. No, I'm not sure what score they require. I was just getting confused about the range of my scores since I was looking at them on each bureau's website and getting alerts via e-mail. I hadn't looked at my fico score for awhile and today noticed the big discrepancy and wanted to track the scores lenders actually look at and care about.
  13. Thanks for the quick response. So do you suggest I stop paying Equifax, Transunion and Experian separately getting scores from their website each month and just get my scores from myfico.com since those are the ones the lenders will pull?
  14. About a year ago, I started to aggressively clean up my credit reports and I signed up to monitor my credit score each month. Now my boyfriend and I are looking into buying an apt and my credit scores are all over the place. Due to a personal connection, Citi private bank is looking into holding our mortgage so our application won't be so scrutinized on the credit score front but we still need to provide all the necessary paperwork. What credit scores do lenders (specifically banks for a mortgage loan) look at. Right now there is a 63 point difference between my Experian Fico score on myfico.com and what Experian.com provides me each month, the Fico score being higher.
  15. to give some more info, he's providing a 0% interest loan until we can refinance which we've agreed should try to be within the first 6 months. what we're concerned with is that my highest credit score is 680 and my boyfriend was going to purchase and refinance on his own. his credit is above 700 and his salary is at 95k but we're not sure if he will get approved to refinance approx $458k. Our combined income would help but I don't want my low credit score to interfere.

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