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  1. Couldn't believe my eyes! This was impossible 4 years ago. There was no way I could get this. Miss Breeze. Hope she's doing well in the Heavens.
  2. Kat Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  3. Hi Ya'll! Been about 8 months since I last posted in this thread - a lot has changed. OP got a new job! Good one! Total credit line has gone up to $150K. Can't believe, what a few years can do. Just three years ago, in April 2016, it was $24K with over 90% utilization. Today the utilization is less than 10%. Equifax says 802 - Experian 786, TransUnion 792, so... almost there. Plus OP is mercilessly cutting down the debt. Wants to be debt free in less than a year and it seems doable now. Preparing to buying a home or maybe will move to a bigger apartment - this one is ridiculously small - will be reading a lot about mortgages, renting vs buying, property taxes et al. in the next months. Any suggestion(s) on what to read will be highly appreciated. Present job and left-over work from previous job hardly give time to research much about home-buying. Also want to start a small business. Don't have much idea but will figure. That it - great to see this board doing awesome service. Heart still feels heavy for Breeze, but I'm sure she'd be at a much better place.
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  5. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-09-11/u-s-small-business-optimism-at-record-high-on-hiring-spending I'm a newbie at business economics. But it was enlightening to come across a metric of optimism.
  6. Munch Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  7. Thank you! Also thanks for setting up the fundraiser for Breeze. 👍
  8. 🙂 thank you. For showing the way.
  9. Yet another CLI -> AMEX. Raised from 4.5K to 12K With that, my cumulative credit line crosses $100K!!! Also, In a few minutes I will be on my way to pay down a car loan and remove bank as lien.
  10. I don't have works, but I just checked, the file opens in MS Excel (windows) and LibreOffice (linux) successfully.
  11. Perhaps due to website update, links to some attachments were lost. Please find the attachment here. Make sure to download it on your computer to ensure full functionality.
  12. Ever since Winn Dixie made changes to their business in my city (one store closed, leaving only one open), getting a $500 visa GC got increasingly difficult. Apparently they even made some changes to their checkout software. New employees have joined this lone store in my city that sells $500 gcs which worked great for RS as I was using them so far. Now they ask for cash or debit for payment. Former employees stay aloof while someone makes visa Gc purchases... Seems I'll have to widen my territory. Sent from my Moto G (4) using Tapatalk
  13. Haha! Baby steps to '850^3' pornstar'tude... giving credit where due.
  14. Such a tremendous change... only effective mentorship can bring. Once enemy, now thinks me as friend. Magical of you, and how stupid of them.
  15. Meanwhile, Chase gave me an auto CLI on my Freedom Unilimited. From $11099 to $13600, that is an increase of $2501. Same Chase, the one company that stabbed my life about 12 years ago. And others followed suit. Now a history. Thanks CB.
  16. I have about $1800 remaining as part of an auto loan (4.19% interest). My target was to pay it off in about year. Is it advisable to move that to a credit card balance transfer? Of course that might sag down scores, but I'm not worried about score for now (over 770). PS: At this point I will easily get a 0% rate for $0 fees BOA card - they have stormed my email as well as snail mail for the offer, but I do not want to apply for too many cards - already have 4 cards in past 1 year (none chase). There is 3% fees on each BT that my CC's are proposing. PPS: I am on a 'paydown debt' spree currently, so not worried about scores. PPPS: Addition of this amount to revolving balance ramps UT by 3%. Will appreciate your comments. Thanks.
  17. Yeah! I learned the hard way too - after making mistakes and being cornered by the big people here.

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