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  1. Uhhh... I just got results back from Equifax and I found out the $30 ones are owned by the company that has the biggie account. I apparently paid them when I set up the payment arrangement for the biggie last year. Here's what it says for each one: The information you disputed has been verified as accurate, however, information unrelated to your dispute has been updated. Account # - 332* The results are: We verified that this item belongs to you. This account has been updated. THE FOLLOWING FIELDS HAVE BEEN MODIFIED: *STATUS DATE *BALANCE DATE *ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. If you have
  2. Thank you. I am still awaiting responses from Equifax and Transunion on the initial HIPAA.
  3. Update: the dispute through Experian came back “Updated” - I really don’t know what they updated. My score didn’t seem to drop. Equifax has not sent any results and Transunion never sent me a paper copy of the report.
  4. I have not sent a dispute to the data furnished yet. Based on what I’ve read, this should be my next step. Do you agree?
  5. The CA was definitely BSing. They never sued me, I checked the county records before I called them back. Thats how I knew to call the on their bluff about the wage garnishment. They never contacted me after this call. In fact i don't recall ever receiving a letter from them. They are only showing on my Experian Report which i have a paper copy of. I submitted the dispute directly to Experian using Why's Special Letter SOL program . Here are the details OC: LoanMe Status: Closed, $29xx written off Comment: Purchased by another lender The date
  6. Oh... Lewis McDonnell and Associates. I am pulling out my report and will post the details below.
  7. I was referring to the CA. The default happened early 2017.
  8. I really want to stick it to this CA since it is now out of SOL. Backstory : in 2018 this CA called my job and spoke to the security guard and told them that I needed to call them back so they can serve me paperwork. I was scared and called them back and I was so pissed. The lady said they were getting ready to garnish my wages and I told her she was lying because SC is a non garnishment state. They never attempted to call me after that but they are on my credit report, reporting every month as a factoring company. Only on Experian. I just disputed with the special letter and it ca
  9. Yes the amounts that match is the patient responsibility on the EOMB and the original amount on the credit report.
  10. Thank you. I did find the EOMBs. The amounts seem to match. I will wait to see what happens with my disputes.
  11. I have another related question: I received my experian report via mail a few days after requested, Equifax came 2 weeks later, I am still waiting on Transunion. I submitted my disputes to Experian and Equifax for the accounts mentioned above. The $163 one came back as deleted from Experian, the other $4717 has the dispute open. In the mist of all of this, the card that I used to autopay the $4717 CA was cancelled because i had fraudulent charges on my card. It is now time to pay for the month. Do I call the CA and set the payment plan back up? I don't want them
  12. Thank you for your response! Yes the CA is reporting a declining balance. No I didn’t sign anything when I begin the payment plan. Im pretty sure I have my EOBs I will begin to gather them.
  13. I’m working on buying my second home. I have some medical bills that I’m working to delete that are less than 2 years old from the birth of my child. My goal is to apply for a VA Loan in 3-4 months. I am following the Whychat guide and I’m currently waiting on a hard copy of my reports. The information discussed below was gathered from the online credit reports I have viewed. I have one account that I am paying a collection agency monthly for. It currently has a balance of $4717. I don’t have the funds to pay in full right now but I could work hard to pay it in 4 or 5 mont
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