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  1. Thanks, I'm glad to be here. I had my reports great until I lost my job due to becoming disabled. It hurts to look at it now.
  2. I did think about it, seriously. I do want to start on repairing the ones that are out of SOL -- I disputed addresses, and then did a 1-2 punch for the ones out of SOL (they are actually incorrect and were paid for by insurance in 2008, one has reaged it to 2010, so I have leverage to get it gone.) I'm preparing 1-2 punch letters for when that dispute returns to the OCs that have sold the debts -- they can't sue me and have no interest in doing so, since the debt isn't theirs -- but they might fail to mark it as disputed, and that might give me leverage there. However, the lawyer said since the majority of my medical debts are past SOL, and my SOL runs out for the rest in just over a year, that I'd actually damage my credit in the long run by filing bankruptcy right now. It'd stay on my reports for 10 years, whereas if I waited out the SOL my reports will be clean sooner. I know it's possible that in, say, 10 years I might have assets. The sleeping sharks aren't giants, fortunately. While I couldn't settle for a PFD, I know I could get them to violate for leverage.
  3. Yeah, but it is causing me problems having the negative tradelines on my report. I will deal with the OCs that own the debt, but junk debt buyers are another beast. None of the debts that they owe are above $1000. If they violate, I might be able to settle violations for them paying the debt. And given the nature of my disability, I have a feeling I'll be judgement proof for a long time. I'm not too afraid of being sued, I was able to defend one pro-se. I just don't want to get an OC on me, the JDBs aren't nearly as hard to win a suit against.
  4. I'd like to clean my reports, prefereably. I don't want new credit, I'm on a fixed income, but at some point in, say, 3-4 years I'd like to be able to buy a house.
  5. The SOL runs out in a little more than a year. The JDBs might not have the chain of custody paperwork, and are more likely to violate and let me get them under the FDCPA. The debts aren't high enough for them to do a JAMS suit anyway, and i'd demand arbitration if they sued. I've already had to defend myself against one JDB suing me, and because tehy weren't licensed to collect in Arkansas I got the case dismissed.
  6. I had some really bad things happen over the last two years, and now I am on Social Security Disability. It's my only income and is given to me on the card so I don't have any assets to seize. I have no home, my state doesn't allow liens on cars, and I'll never have more than two months worth of savings at a time. (I used all my savings when I couldn't work but before disability was approved). I'd rather not poke the OCs that still own the debts, but many of them sold them to JDBs. A few have contacted me, most haven't and have just reported. I deleted addresses and 1/2 punched the collections that were beyond SOL, but the JDBs own ones that are in the five-year SOL for credit card debts in Arkansas (though they aren't filing with the account agreement attached to the lawsuits so they're violating LVNV v. Rae Nardi -- if they sue, I know I can get it dismissed). I talked to a lawyer about bankrupcy but they said there was no point since I'm judgment-proof -- they can't take anything, and the baddies will fall off of my credit faster than a BK would. So my question -- is it worth kicking a sleeping shark?
  7. Yeah, but this next visitation that's going to be very difficult because without a registered car I can't drive many places, and my boyfriend has to study for tests that weekend, and write lab reports.... BF was not happy. he just learned about the two tests, because he'd hoped to reduce that worry.
  8. Sorry guys. I went ahead and went inpatient Sunday night. When I asked a friend. if I could possibly stay the night, since the Crisis Line I contacted said not to be alone but my roommate already had plans made a month ago to be gone that night, she couldn't, but having been there knew that meant I really ought to go inpatient. Admitted Sunday afternoon, discharged Thursday evening, just now got enough energy to use the computer. They've changed my medications, though one is over $1000 to fill (fortunately they gave me 14 days of samples of it -- 2mg of Abilify to amplify the new antidepressant). I'm trying to apply for the patient assistance program. Because of the admission they're able to escalate therapy, but not necessarily medication maintenance. I'm searching everywhere for a shrink that has an opening that's cheaper. I'm so looking forward to the ACA. I've had a pretty tough time finding a psychiatrist even when I had insurance, but it'll be easier since my state signed up for the Medicaid expansion. They're also filling out a Medicaid application for me to try to get the hospital stay paid for at least, even if it won't give me full Medicaid.
  9. Thanks, I took your advice, and also found a linkie for my old cat that had broken before.
  10. Thanks. I've checked out the options that I've found so far, though I'm continuing to look. The issue is that the mental health services system is very very overstressed right now, and I'm outside of the main Central Arkansas "catchment area" for block grants. I posted an ad on Craigslist asking if there were any private psychiatrists who would work with a sliding scale, maybe someone might see it. If I lived in Little Rock, I know I could get the help... but I don't, and now a new stressor has come up as my roommate's ex is giving him grief over not wanting him to let me live here. He only has the girls every other weekend, and they seem to like me (we're not dating). This is the best rent deal I've been able to find, though, and I don't know if I'll be able to find another this good.
  11. Thank you hon, I appreciate it. Sorry, I finally was exhausted enough yesterday that I got to sleep, and just now woke up to check this. Because my regular doctor does not feel comfortable prescribing psych meds, I have been taking SJW, but it's not really doing a lot for the really bad brain chemicals that are making me feel things I know rationally aren't true. It may be that I need a bigger whomp on the serotonin receptors, or it might be the only thing keeping me reminded that someday, somehow, it *will* get better.
  12. UAMS is the teaching hospital near me, and they're affiliated with the Community Mental Health Center for that area. Sadly, I'm out of their "catchment area" for the community mental health block grants. They have enough funding and would be able to get me in faster (they do have a crisis intervention group that will try to work with you on outpatient basis), but since their money comes only for their residents.... I don't qualify to go there.
  13. Thank you, I am continuing to look, but one thing that I am afraid of is that because of the severity of the depression, the only way they may be able to get me treatment at all IS inpatient, if that's the only way to escalate the case. I am not giving up looking, but if I go inpatient I know I will not have access to a computer on unit, I won't even be able to do the small amount of work I've been able to do (search engine rating). That may cost me this job, and it took me this long to find it... without that, I'm even worse off. And it's possible that's where I need to be. I'll put it like this. I'm absolutely, positively determined that I will not end my life. I've seen what it's done to others, even if the bad brain chemicals are telling me the people around me would be better off in the end. I've helped put a friend involuntarily inpatient when he expressed intent and proved that intent by attempting to purchase a firearm. But that's how I feel now, and while I've never made an attempt it's because I'm not into making others worry about me -- one thing I've used to talk myself out of those kind of thoughts is that most attempts never actually work anyway, and all they do is make the people around you feel guilty when it's nothing at all that's their fault. That's not what I want.
  14. It's hard to talk about, but I have both mental and physical health problems that have made my doctors recommend that I apply for Social Security Disability (three hospitalizations in a year). I am working a small amount from home, but barely enough to keep paying on my car and pay my rent (I have a very generous roommate who is barely charging me anything). (Edit to add: My job had no choice but to let me go after the second hospitalization last August, and my emergency fund is gone after a year of expenses and medical bills.) While I have been able to be seen for my physical problems, the mental health care services in my community are strapped. I'm extremely depressed, and pretty much unless things get bad enough that I have no choice but to go inpatient, there are more people in more need ahead of me -- they can see me about the time the Affordable Care Act will kick in -- and I really want to avoid having to go inpatient. I'd rather get it addressed before it gets to that point.... and I have to admit, it's getting close. My physical doctor doesn't feel comfortable addressing mood disorders, and I understand that. I've posted an ad on Craigslist to see if there are any docs reading who will take a pro-bono case. The only doctors that have openings soon all charge a great deal of money. I've also got issues with getting my car re-registered this year. I have bad enough anxiety driving without risking a misdemeanor if I get pulled over for expired tags, and I have to get to the doctor. Does anyone else have any suggestions for a way to get treatment before inpatient treatment is necessary? I'm in Arkansas, and I've called all the clinics that receive community mental health block grants to do sliding-scale... they're all booked solid.
  15. I just had to sign my father into hospice. He's in North Carolina and I'm still in Arkansas, so trying to make arrangements has been a bit difficult. He is not competent at the moment to make decisions for himself -- I am trying to figure out how much unpaid time I'm going to have to take from work to be with him and advocate for him since he cannot advocate for himself. (I am absolutely determined to make sure that he suffers as little pain as is humanly possible, and if it takes me being physically present the entire time to make sure he is treated adequately I will do it somehow.) Since the paperwork has been signed, the next thing the social worker is asking about is funeral arrangements. Dad had been trying to find some kind of life insurance that would cover burial costs for the last five years but all excluded him -- even the $1000 policy he tried to get -- because of his condition. He's been on SSI and gets about $400 a month when he is living on his own. There won't be any more checks coming because he will be living at the hospice care center. I'm not his spouse or his dependent so not even the $255.00 social security death benefit will be coming. My savings was pretty much wiped out by the dissolution of a relationship, medical bills, and moving costs. I'm pretty close to maxed out right now. I am trying to find some way to get cremation paid for, or at least get some assistance to do it. The hospice said if he was not HIV+ he would qualify for a program the local mortuary school has, but that they don't have insurance on the students if they are to catch the disease. Donating his body to science is right out -- even though they will do the cremation for free, they really don't want a cadaver that has that particular biohazard. And yes, I've checked every program I can find for anatomical gifting. North Carolina has no state funds to cover indigent burials, his county said the only way they will do anything is if he is processed as an unclaimed body so I would never be able to get his ashes and scatter them where he wishes them scattered. The local Ryan White Act funded agency has no burial assistance funds. The only burial assistance programs I have found in NC only cover the Charlotte and Asheville metropolitan areas, and he is closer to Wilmington. Does anyone have any other ideas?

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