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  1. I brought it up because I thought it was the only score I had for him. Turns out he does have a 760 FICO. Not concerned about terms, just the 80,000 points bonus, and 10,000 for me for referring him. I have enough miles for airfare and a couple nights in Italy, I was hoping to get more points from this card for him so we can extend our stay. We PIF before statement cut, save $2 on one card.
  2. Any advice whether it's been a long enough wait?
  3. It looks like he was only AU on one of my accounts, so he has 3 total. One Chase (AU), one Cap1, one Discover.
  4. My BF had no history of his own- only AU on my accounts- and was denied for lack of history for a Chase Marriott card in February. He now has 2 of his own cards (opened in February) and a 760+ FAKO (I know, I know), and Chase Marriott is offering 80,000 bonus points now. Has it been long enough for his to have a good chance of getting approved?
  5. I app'd for the Chase Marriott and was instantly approved at $17,700. My Chase Southwest has been at $15,000 for a while now and my highest card is Home Depot at $25,000 for a year.
  6. What happens when you need large amounts of money for repairs and maintenance for the house? I can't help but think that renting where the landlord covers the new roof would be beneficial when you're on a very low fixed income. Good work on cleaning your reports though!
  7. SnowdIn

    800 club!

    I made it! I was hovering in the 780 range for what seemed like an eternity. I started with a blank slate in May? 2012 at 23 years old when I got my first credit card. Thanks to the advice here I'm now sitting at 804 with only PIF cc's and a mortgage!
  8. My Citi AA annual fee posted, I called to close. They offered the no AF version of the card, I declined so I closed it. My Barclay AA Red card AF also posted and when I called to cancel they offered to refund the AF, 500 bonus AA miles plus extra miles in certain categories. I accepted. Both were extremely low spend after I met the bonus requirements a year ago.
  9. I do have a pets category, but a "things I forgot" category is a great idea for new users. It's easy to forget about a car registration that comes up every 10 years, or passport renewal, etc. The getting started videos and live classes (or recorded, if that doesn't fit your schedule) are all very helpful
  10. +1,000 for YNAB. It is true money management, not just a theoretical budget that you can't actually stick to. YNAB is a solid plan for the money you have on hand.
  11. At 1.9% APR? I totally would. Even if the question is tweaked slightly: if you owned your car outright, would you take out a $16,000 loan and put up your car as collateral so you could invest? Some people will still say yes, but the question is meant to have a person assess their risk tolerance and bring their actions in line with their values.
  12. I still don't have my Dividend Miles. I did get the $25 statement credit though, so first purchase + $99 annual fee - $25 paperless credit came out to me paying less than the annual fee to bring the card to a $0 balance. I'm wondering at this point if I will get the points...
  13. Just a different view point here... If you had no money in savings, would you take out a loan for $11,500, just to be able to keep that money in savings? If you would, then keeping the debt makes sense to you. If it sounds crazy to you, then maybe it would make more sense to pay the loans off.
  14. Same here. My typical 30 min commute was 2 hours this morning. The snow drifts on my porch walkway were so bad the mailman didn't even try delivering my mail... And this was just hours after I last shoveled!

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